Red white wedding dress Model 2015 photo

The wedding celebration is not far off? Do you want to choose an unusual outfit, which will emphasize the elegant beauty of the bride? Air model white to a wedding with bright red details of various shades will help the bride to create a mouthwatering image. Unusual elements are cut, rich finish, the fabric clinging to the body, will add elegance, emphasizing the advantages of your figure. Which model red white dresses offered by leading designers and fashion designers?

Model red white wedding dresses

Wedding Fashion - lady capricious. Every season change styles, cuts, colors outfits. At the peak of the popularity of this season are colored dresses of various styles, as well as the bride's white attire, accentuated with bright details. Popular and a habitual way of the bride in white lace perfectly refresh bright red belt-bow, emphasizes a slim waist.

Models dresses for the bride red white tones

The top positions are occupied by the same longsilk dresses A-line with a belt under the breast, and the air-light short dresses for beautiful women who want to show your loved delicious tanned legs and others. The abundance of red in a wedding dress perfectly emphasizes the delicate beauty of brunettes, giving the skin a matte noble shine.

The trend of the season 2015: Wedding decoration style Ombre

latest fashion season novelties will be redwhite clothes to the wedding style "Ombre". The collections of wedding dresses top designers are always present these outfits shown in the photo below. Prefer to organize celebrations in ethnic style? Gorgeous model taking into account national peculiarities and traditions emphasize the chosen direction of the festival.

National wedding dresses in red and white style

White dress with a red sash or bow

Noble will look white dress of the bride,decorated with a scarlet sash, tied bow on the front of the waist. Wide satin ribbon red rear decorate the chosen model, emphasizing the charm, romance bride with long ends of the ribbons. Expand the dignity of the figure, emphasizing the hips zone helps dark red draped belt style "mermaid".

Red belt-bow: a bright accent for the bride

Zador, elegance girl set off shortwedding dress with a fluffy skirt and corset, decorated with bright red sash with a flower at the waist. Supporters of elegant simplicity, concise manner will be delighted with the silk dresses models of strict forms, which will become a decoration wide satin bows at the waist, thin belts under the breast. Outline the curves of the body, to convey a fragile beauty of a young bride designers suggest using a belt-chiffon scarf.

Dress decorated with a floral applique

The white wedding dress playing with newpaints, when designers use elements floral decor. Bulk flowers gentle red hue, located on embroidered branches, give extraordinary lightness, refinement of the model. Bright red poppies attract large 3D eyes of others, and burgundy roses reminiscent of the hot blood of the southern peoples.

Floral decor red white wedding dresses

Natural silk, hand-painted brightred flowers, is the perfect material for a chic wedding dress young princess. Grace Japanese style underlined thin branches of cherry blossoms, embroidered lace on the dress of the bride. Coral tone is still in vogue. Finery, decorated with lilies of the unusual hue is brown-eyed brown-haired-to-face.

White dress with red trim on the skirt

To emphasize the refined silhouette: red edge on the skirt

Chic, elegant wedding at the same timeA-line dresses look delicious when designers use the red edging - from red to maroon - to emphasize the purity of the white dress. Satin ribbons or embroidered with gold pattern, decorating the top and bottom of the corset skirt, creating a unique ensemble. Lush red petticoats, a few centimeters longer than the dresses, are used as edging wedding attire.

Dress with red skirt and corset

The game of contrasts: white red wedding dress details

Dark cherry, burgundy corset underlinedhot nature of the bride, serving as a reminder of the passionate Spanish beauties in red outfits. Lacy scarlet top of some models harmonious looks combined with a transparent skirt of chiffon. White corset lace, decorated with vertical stripes in red, will help to "disappear" a couple of extra centimeters.

Dress decorated with lace

Lace embroidery red - how to decorate the bride

Lace fabric is rightfully occupies a leadingposition in the world of wedding dresses. The beauty of the white dresses of this material emphasizes red belt-bow. Scarlet lace, embroidered corset which impart the ephemeral beauty and fragility. Some models are decorated with openwork designers white with red accents, playing with contrasting combination of two colors.

Wedding dress embroidered with beads or sequins

Elegant white and red bridesmaid dresses - inlay rhinestones, embroidery

Adorable, play sunlight playcrystals, which are decorated with details of red white dresses for the bride. Folded whimsical patterns, they make garments shine with all the colors of the rainbow. Embroidery crystal beaded white, red, gold, silver tones provides the ability to compete with the bride-dress regal outfits persons of royal blood.

With a vertical red line in the passing plume

Long trail for a long time to decorate not onlywedding and festive clothes and beautiful half of humanity. What options offer modern model? A variety of proposals presented at our photos:

Red plume on a wedding dress: bright accent

Red plume on a wedding dress: bright accent

  • Silk bow-ends of the belt, which fades into the plume;
  • Vertical red inserts, fringed fancy embroidery and braid;
  • Wide-waist corsets which extended back to the bottom of a wedding dress and form a loop.

Shoes and accessories to the red and white dress

Shoes for wedding red and white tones

Complete the image of the bride, the comfort of the wholeday depends on well-chosen wedding shoes. The more red there is in the dress of the bride, the neutrality should be the tone of the shoe: nude shade perfectly decorate the image of the girl in red white. If you prefer white robe with bright accents - safely buy shoes, shades of the décor. Universal option for any outfit the model will be white shoes. The more additional components used in bridal gowns, the laconic should be "odezhka for legs."

Wedding bridal bouquet: white or red

The rule of attraction of opposites playsa crucial role in the selection of the traditional bride's bouquet. Dark cherry rose, soft red peony, scarlet poppies, the most important components of this accessory, perfect harmony with the decoration of the wedding dress. The combination of white roses and purple roses is a delightful composition for most red white dresses bride. As the motley garb choose a plain accessories.

Elegant accessories red white wedding

Elegant hats respective colors;veils and hair clips Flower scarlet tones will be unusual, but refined by replacing the traditional veil. Stick to the classics? Low-key diadem, stick a veil of white or red color, its charm, mystery of a young bride. Flowers in her hair bride, repeating the decoration of the wedding dress, emphasize the finished image. Wreath of living roses, peonies, green will be a godsend for a rustic wedding.

Photo of wedding dresses red white

Design patterns, unusual styles Whitered dresses for the wedding attracted worldwide attention. A well-chosen outfit, framed by elegant accessories, turn the ceremony into a delightful fairy tale for the bride and her beloved. See the latest wedding fashion trends, the trend of 2015, you can, look at our photos.

Wedding red white robes brides

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