Queen in admiration! And guests, too

Wedding dress for brides should choose wisely taught the wise friend. Buy rent liked the first is not the best move. Not always what attracted suitable fit.

So you need to be patient, to receivemaximum information and prepare for countless fitting! Only in this case, the bride's wedding dress will be a worthy cause and the Queen not only admiring whispers of guests, but also envious glances bystanders (or rather, the witnesses) celebrations.

Let us examine silhouettes

In fact, wedding dresses modelsa bride is not so much. One of the most common ¬- A-Line ( "year") - a narrow, figure-fitting top and a wide bottom. "Princess" - a flared, pleated skirt. Ball Gown very extensive and luxuriant. There are two types of the bodice - waistline real and understated. Empire style (or, as it is called, a la Natasha Rostova) characterizes the overestimated waist. Direct dress for the bride sits strictly on the figure. But there are no restrictions on length - you can pick up and a long and a short version.

So what are you to face?

Any color (and white is no exception) havemany shades. Therefore, when buying a wedding dress for the bride is important to consider the Queen complexion of the ball, and the choice to do only in good light, because the wedding for the girl - an event very exciting and thrilling, and we must make sure that it is remembered for a long time!

If you are blond with pale, almost transparent skin, prefer white flowers, golden-gray, apricot or gray-blue.

The choice of light-brown hair and gray-eyed girls should be dress for the bride in the milk-white, white-pink, white-green and purple-pink.

The beauty and irresistible peach skin red-haired and brown-eyed bride outfits accentuate cream shades.

A good choice for brunettes with fair skin - white, silver gray and pale pink color.

Dress for the bride emphasize the figure!

Become a prom queen? Easily! It is important to take into account the characteristics of its shape and growth. Well, a few little tricks when choosing a wedding dress for the bride will make your image irresistible!

The girls of average height and physique fit any style. For example, a wedding dress can accentuate the elegance and beauty of your shoulders or chest shapely legs.

Bride of medium height with a plump figure had better pay attention to the simple styles and cut with vertical lines. To complete the image can help in this case, elegant details and finishes.

Wedding dress for brides "A-line" - perfect for girls with broad shoulders. White gloves could not be better emphasize your unique style.

The frills and skirts are not for the full and high princesses. Flowing, long skirts, trains - that on which you can play, choosing a wedding dress for the bride of your dreams.

But the elegant suits and slinky dresses are perfect for lean and tall girls.

How not to upset the groom?

Although superstition and the modern world is no different,preparing for the most important event of his life - the wedding, many still prefer to observe traditions. For example, do not show up to the wedding ceremony the bride to the groom. Look through catalogs together and discuss styles of wedding dresses for brides in any beauty salon. And be sure to keep in mind when choosing the view betrothed.

Important details!

Wedding dress of the bride to be a lot oftests. So choose not shrinkable fabric - this time. And two (which, unfortunately, often overlooked) wedding dress should not hamper movement and stop walking!

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