Luxury Wedding Dresses with sequins - the popular models, finishes and accessories, photo

Girl's Best Friend, and in particular brides -diamonds. This fact has an explanation. Stones may play a role in costume jewelry single or complement other, for example, beads, pearls and lace. With their help you will be able to focus on specific areas of the body. Luxury Wedding Dresses with sequins creates a fairy-tale image of the bride. The crystals are the best fit with guipure and lace elements.

Finishes magnificent wedding dress with rhinestones

Crystals may not only be decoratedcorset, skirt and lush dresses. They can perform the function of the belt or a brooch, to be freely scattered on the product or laid out in the form of abstract shapes, flower, heart. Rhinestones, skipping through itself the sun's rays, incredibly beautiful shine and shimmer. They are used even leading fashion designers to decorate the dresses celebrities elite. So, thanks to the work of Daniel Swarovski, faceted stones create a perfect, the bride's wedding look like a real queen.

Depending on the idea of ​​the designer, a magnificent weddingdress can have a different decor. Sometimes crystals emit a bright glow than dazzle the audience at the ceremony guests, and sometimes they are barely noticeable. The second option is usually used to create dresses in a minimalist style. Stones gently scattered on the skirt or bodice bride. This creates the effect that the wedding dress shimmers with crystals on it themselves invisible.

Wedding finery bride

Often entire rhinestones spread elementswedding dress: bust, waist, corset, skirt. This adds to the image of the bride's special glamor and magic. But do not choose a lavish dress, where decorative elements are in "dangerous" areas. Excessive attention to the body imperfect lines you do not need. For example, girls with full hips suitable outfit, decorated with sequins only at the top. Conversely, those who do not want to emphasize the breasts, curvy suit wedding dress with sequins on the skirt or belt.

Belt rhinestones

A good solution for slim girls -focus on the waist using the belt with shiny stones. It can be sewn using various material. Modern designers prefer to use for this purpose, silk, lace or satin with embroidery. waist size can be anything, but the owners of magnificent forms is recommended to select a wide accessories.

Lush dress with rhinestones at the waistsuitable for those brides, who love the sparkle and shine of stones. Originally look outfits, provides for contrast enhancement with respect to the dress. For example, unusual looks combination of white dresses and black or red belt, trimmed with sparkling crystals. Color belt of the type sometimes complement other accessories like shade, or a bride selects all the decorations to match the overall design of the celebration.

Wedding Belt rhinestones for the bride

Full inlay corset

Many brides prefer to choose an outfit,corset which is lavishly decorated with crystals. Air apparel with corset and rhinestones look luxurious and expensive. The stones may be placed randomly or create the present composition, which will play shine and to attract everyone's attention at the slightest contact with the world. To create such an effect does not necessarily dress decorated by a product of rhinestones - enough for a small butterfly or bow, decorated with crystals.

Encrusted with crystals corset bride

large sequins bodice

To divert attention from the hip and coolmove it to the chest, the girl should choose the fluffy dress with an open top, which bodice decorated with large rhinestones. Effectively look such models, which have to skirt horizontal white stripes. Leaf usually sewn with stiff organza or mesh that holds its shape well. Glitter stones at the top of the dress perfectly accentuates the beauty of the bride's eyes.

The bodice wedding dress with rhinestones

Hem dress in the form of ornament

In the new season, some designers have givenpreference for wedding dress, the hem of which is decorated with different variations of the ornament. This trend has used original Carolina Herrera, presenting to the public a beautiful white dress with a two-tier skirt. The entire perimeter of the skirt is decorated with floral designs. Another big-name designer Lazarro supported this idea and created a collection of vintage wedding dresses. Skirts dresses decorated with ornaments and hand-embroidery.

Ornament on hem skirt wedding

What kind of shoes and accessories to suit the dress with rhinestones?

The main rule when choosing accessories for lushwedding dress - is moderation. Many girls want to be the brighter stars in the solemn day, and often this leads to a bust with ornaments. If your dress has embroidered sequins, sequins or rhinestones, you should give up more jewelry. You'll look great wearing the classic silver or gold earrings droplets. Do not overload the rings hands, let the focus be only one - the wedding.

Any bride accessories like shoes, havepurchased, when it bought a wedding dress. And the shoes are made of the same or similar tissue, and wedding dress. Choosing classic boats made of satin, silk or guipure, you can decorate them with lace elements, bows or sequins same. To do this is to contact a specialized company.

Long fluffy wedding dress meansthe need for high-heeled shoes. However, when choosing, keep in mind that you will need a long time to be in these shoes. Therefore heel shoes should be strong and stable. In addition to a short sleeveless finery should choose open sandals beige or gold color. To dress in the Greek style ideal light white high heels.

Shoes and accessories for the wedding

Such popularity finishing lush weddingrhinestone dresses for several reasons. First of all, its crystals glitter and shimmer give the image of the fairy-tale that appeals to many brides. Among them it is very easy to form different composition, ornaments and patterns. Do not worry, that finish quickly loses its appearance as quality materials and work guarantee to preserve the beauty of your outfit.

Photos lush wedding dress with Swarovski crystals

Unusual composition of Swarovski rhinestones anyonedo not leave indifferent. These sparkling stones play a shimmering sparkle in the sun and create a shimmering effect all attire. The generous scattering of crystals can be located in any part of the costume: skirt, bodice or waist. With rhinestones easy to emphasize certain parts of garments: lace appliques or guipure detail. Thanks to the huge selection of Swarovski crystals, fashion designers create original exclusive wedding dresses, and a variety of shapes, colors to simulate real gems.

Magnificent wedding dresses for the bride

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