We are looking for a wedding dress for the winter

"Wedding boom" traditionally falls on the warmseason. Perhaps that is why wedding collections go once a year - in the spring - and consist mainly of light decollete gowns, drew back and chest, often sleeveless. Chiffon, satin, satin, lace - the most commonly used in wedding dresses fabric - very beautiful, look, certainly spectacular, but warm just a little incapable. What should I do if the court of the winter, and really want to get married? The most important thing - to identify the main difficulties associated with the season of the year, and outline a plan to overcome them. Immediately warn, to be the bride in winter is not so easy

The main problem associated with appearanceBride. How to get dressed so to look gentle and touching, as befits a bride, and at the same time do not catch cold? Remember, regularly drink alcohol - not an option: the drunken bride is, as told to the unforgettable donkey Eeyore, "Pathetic." Refusing professional photography on the background of his native city also did not want: it is very beautiful pictures obtained. Alas, not every outerwear combined with lush traditional wedding dress. Most of sheepskin and fur coats, even very expensive, turn the bride into tasteless dressed lady. It would be better if, instead of fur, you will gain or take off his coat rent he zastegnёtsya even dress with a very full skirt. That's only a cape of swan's down, offered in salons of wedding fashion in winter will warm as it should, so I have to spend money on a short light coat, even if the waste can not be called practical. Thus the choice of winter wedding dress is the whole problem.

There is no harm to choose a dress with sleevescollar small stands. If the above items are made of lace, consider that they are not. In any case, winter frosts and spiny winds, they just will not be a hindrance. Contrary to common arguments gained the most open dress? Look for a suitable cardigan or jacket, so as not to wear a fur coat on bare hands, believe me, not a pleasant feeling.

The best option for the bride, celebrating weddingwinter - "two-piece dress" - a set of wedding dresses and coats. Both parts of the kit are made of the same fabric, and then blends perfectly with each other. During a photo shoot on the nature of the coat is buttoned up tight, but in a cafe or restaurant, it is quite possible to effectively throw at the hands of the groom. The only thing to be taken care - perfect scarf or neckerchief surround.

Another mistake that often make the bridein autumn and winter - dark shoes. Of course, bright boots - certainly impractical purchase. After the wedding you put them a couple of times, not more. Alas, this purchase will have to allocate funds. Judge for yourself: and while walking, and during the festival you will have not just once or twice to lift the hem of her dress (do not raise our own peril - down will be hopelessly spoiled salt and mud) and show shoes. So it makes sense to ask the consultant salon where you ordered the dress, if they sell at the same time appropriate boots. As practice shows, sell or find help. Not the fact that the footwear would cost cheap, but the result will exceed all expectations: the boots with uppers made of shiny or translucent material will fit perfectly to your image.

A fundamental solution to the problem of a suitable attire: after the registrar Bride dresses up in a warm and traditional rides on a walk through the winter town, and again after prom dresses wedding dress. Perhaps, at the general picture young it will be difficult to distinguish from normal guest, but you will not spoil a holiday unexpected cold or banal cold. Believe me, even if we are talking about the wedding, the health - the most important thing. But imagine how unusual and touching the bride looks in the winter, in the snow and blizzards!

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