The last "squeak" of your wedding

The wedding day want to make a memorable -fabulous day, but you need to allocate a lot of time and money for the organization of all celebrations, solve more than a dozen questions and arising in the process of preparing for the wedding issues.

The first and fundamental question thatyou need to decide is to choose a wedding dress. Among many delightful air-beautiful dresses, just need to choose one, and then that will be it, "sewn on the bride."

Fashion for wedding dresses by couturier

As practice shows, it is very rarecases when the bride comes in a bridal salon and the first time chooses a dress exactly what you want. Often, the girl has to get around is not a salon, to review dozens of magazines, listen to a lot of tips of their relatives and girlfriends. So do not despair if the first or even the third cabin was found that it was "very". Try to relax, come home, collapsing on the sofa and watch the fashion show, which is always in the final model demonstrated luxurious wedding gowns.

Fashion for wedding dresses from Cinderella

What a woman, being young, I dreamedturn into a fairy-tale character, go to the ball, and met her Prince Charming? Realize your dream every little princess can at her wedding. Chanel offers a modern Cinderella outfit, he looks like a straight cut dress of white translucent lace. Elegant draped bodice with gold ruffles, waterfall light gas pastel shades, beautifully flowing around the shape and exposing the knees down behind a long train. Dress complement lightweight trousers.

Fashion for wedding dresses from the Moulin Rouge

Tired of the traditional dress? Then why not try something daring, playful, extraordinary? For example, in the spirit of the Moulin Rouge. Of course, if you are ready to catch yourself goggles and your bridegroom ready for this to your door.

Then dress by Christian Lacroix is ​​exactly whatYou need. Corset, framed by small ruffles made of lace with a thrilling provocative cutouts, perfectly accentuate your shape and figure. Straight cut skirt of chiffon flounces transparent. At the end of the image, cape or tender, fluffy boa.

Want more sexy, and mysteriousfrank outfit? Then select the dress from Emanuel Ungaro. Toilet is a cloud of air frills closes the chest and almost all face; skirt with a high slit, structured flounced out of gas.

Fashion for the wedding dress of Queen

Christian Lacroix offers a truly royalWC. Elegant wedding dress is able to produce an unforgettable sensation. Toilet is a white dress, a cut of satin, trimmed with black mesh half of guipure with a large floral pattern. The edges of the neckline and the hem of the dress, gently wraps around the black ribbon of satin. The sleeves are cut in three quarters. Bright spark along attached red satin belt-bow with silver flower. Under a royal outfit well suited red high-heeled shoes with pointed toe.

Fashion for the wedding dress of Lady Business

White, classic wedding dress -traditional dress, how about something a business, strict, for example, in military style? Givenchy offers to break the tradition, creating a unique wedding dress, which is a pantsuit. The white fitted jacket cut with a plunging neckline, decorated with square pockets with flaps, epaulettes. The line emphasizes the waist thin belt. Jacket harmoniously complement flared trousers.

Fashion for the wedding dress of the Little Mermaid

Wedding dress made of lightlace, trimmed with flounces lush petticoat soft blue color naveivaet image of the Little Mermaid. Petticoat-trail is somewhat similar to the tail of the princess of the ocean. Collar in the form of racks, open back and arms, all succinctly, harmoniously and simply fabulous.

Fashion wedding dress from Miss Extraordinariness

So out of it, your groom will be difficult to resistin front of you in a wedding dress by Jean Paul Gaultier. This designer put his fiancée in the Swimsuit of brocade. Color of gold gives it a sophisticated look. Numerous accessories: long string of beads, transparent, long gloves, delicate golden sandals, and finally the main attribute of the bride - veil, which falls to the ground wave.

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