Lace Wedding Dress

The first classic lace wedding dressthere was quite a long time. According to legend, Anne of Brittany has introduced the fashion for wedding dress decorated with lace. It was she, wearing a white dress at her own wedding, hit all the high society. Several centuries later, Queen Victoria, marrying revived and popularized the tradition of wedding fashion for white wedding dresses lace. Since those ancient times, and to this day the lace is widely used in the manufacture of wedding dresses and accessories.

That lace According to the designer, anddesigners are easily modeled and adapted material. Lace can be easily applied both in classical and avant-garde style. In the classical model of a wedding dress from Badgley Mischka pronounced use of lace. The model represents a lace wedding dress with corset relief, cap sleeves of transparent lace and skirt with lace-year upper layers.

The avant-garde style lace wedding dress by Melissa Sweet is represented by a model Patchwork dresses, tailored of the seven kinds of lace.

The basic requirement for use in the manufacture of lace wedding dresses lace is not to overdo it, otherwise the dress of a bride will remind outfit grandmother or mother.

According to designers, the use of laceIt allows you to bring a touch of romance, femininity, lightness, sexuality, but to convey the atmosphere of modern, avant-garde and surprises in a wedding dress.

The second model from Melissa Sweet representslace wedding dress, where lace decorated with lots of shiny beads vidneyuscheysya from under the top layer of organza. According to the designer, lace long time hold on the crown of glory, because now there is a rush to use this material not only in wedding dresses, but also in the manufacture of other clothing.

Lace wedding dress is also represented incollection of fashion designer Amsale Aberra. Wedding dress resembles a ball with an open back, which gives it a grandeur, luxury and sexuality. Most often the designer in his work using lace in those places on which to focus (chest, waist, legs), combining traditional and modern elements.

According to many designers, includingDirector of the Museum of the National Institute of Fashion Technology wedding in Manhattan (Fashion Institute of Technology) Valerie Steele, lace from the XIX century, is an integral part of every wedding dress. In those days, people just shaleli from lace, it understood even one who was not a supporter of fashion trends.

The emergence of new technologies and increasethe popularity of lace weaving machine, led to a decline in its value at the turn of the twentieth century, according declined and the popularity of this material. Nor should we forget the passage of time, which always brings its own change, and above all in fashion. Therefore, the twentieth century hastened to get rid of the laces, replacing it with enticing nudity.

But be that as it may, this is all new for a long timeforgotten old, and time always, everything returns to normal. Lace, albeit not significantly, continued to attract his luxury and tenderness of women, and at the same time to seduce men. With the passage of time in the fashion back on the use of lace lingerie, evening gowns and, of course, on the wedding dresses.

Lace Wedding Dress - Ideal for wedding ceremonies during the warmer months.

According to Senior Vice President ofbusiness planning and product development company David "s Bridal, Jeff Moore recently very popular and demand is lace color ivory.

Wedding lace dresses are not cheap,because the lace at the present time, even weaving machine is an expensive material. But that just will not go to the bride to look truly queen of the ball on the wedding day? !

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