The harmonious image of the bride

Undoubtedly, the wedding feast of love, but the beautyloving couple - its visual incarnation. It can be a lifetime to improve both, but in this day everything has to be as beautiful and spotless, including the image of the bride and groom.

Log in to the image

We need to make a choice among a variety of images,before starting to prepare for the wedding. What will prompt your imagination: fatal beauty, lady, the ancient Greek goddess, snow queen, queen of the forest? Maybe think of their childhood dreams, and finally bring them to life. When creating your image, borrow colors from nature, because they are so diverse in every season of the year. Summer - bright and sunny in the winter - snow-azure autumn - warm, red, and in the spring - transparent pastel shades of freshness. The special glow make-up will give a cream foundation with light-reflecting particles. Healthy skin is velvety, natural eyebrows, rouge least - make-up, fashionable in any season and perfect image of the bride. Few shadows quiet, but saturated shades. Do not remain without attention and yellows, modified brown eyeliner - Makeup corresponding together, executed in golden-ocher tones. Especially harmoniously, this shining golden image, overcame autumn, competing, except that, with the sun itself.

Focus on hands

For the men, not just shoes - eloquentevidence of its accuracy, but also the hands. The desire to look perfect on the wedding, should, nevertheless, to induce a man to visit the salon. Male manicure is gaining in popularity.

If we talk about women's wedding manicure, thenThere are a number of specific features that you should consider when choosing the color and texture of the lacquer, suitable for the image of the bride. First of all, it is the skin color, nail length and shape. Bright, pink, white lacquer colors can visually wear out your hands, but in order to hide the irregularities of the nails or imperfect form such shades as time, welcome. Pearl tone, even, bright lacquer immediately underlined all grooves and roughness on the nail. better to choose a bright, but matte shades to successfully disguise. White lacquer colors, just visually increase the nail plate. If you are enough large nails, it is better to use a darker nail polish, for example, berry shades.

Dover professional hair

Choose a hairstyle to complete the image of the bride is notso simple. Such a responsible business takes time and a serious approach. Flip through catalogs: hairstyles for long hair and short, with decorations of artificial flowers and natural, with tiaras and crowns, crystals and pearls, light, chaotic and carefully adjusted - whatever your heart desires.

If you think in advance about how to master,which you have chosen, I went to your home, you may make a hairstyle for the wedding directly on your wedding day. Thus, you will find a professional assistant, who put the final point in the creation of the image of the bride. In addition, for certain, still wishing to inflate among family and guests, take advantage and professional services. Stylists are happy to serve such orders, at any time, even early in the morning or late at night, but it is necessary to stipulate this in advance.

When you first visit the salon, you need to know exactly what you will have on a wedding dress.

If you order custom tailoring, but itnot yet ready to bring a sketch and a piece of cloth. If you have bought ready-made clothes, it is better to show the stylist, for example, in the photo, then he can pick up and make-up and hairstyle, combined with your chosen image of the bride.

In turn, the stylist should say how much time it will take his job so that you can properly plan your wedding day.

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