My friend is getting married? Choosing a wedding dress in 2016 and think of a good gift!

The first wedding bridesmaids - a real test foryoung girls. This joy and sadness and the realization that here in friendly company maiden soon diminished "free birds." Responsibility increases with those girlfriends who are chosen to witness the ceremony of marriage registration. In addition, you need to look decent on their wedding day, the witness's girlfriend usually involved in the preparations for the celebration, as the closest people bride.

Who does not like a best friend knows what will happen to the personbride, a slim dress, what is the most fashionable in this season? So many brides go to the salon to choose wedding dresses 2011 with his girlfriend. What has been experienced with many secrets preserved in childhood memory depth, youth, and how much remains to be together! Of course, not everyone can boast of a strong friendship, present, without envy and betrayal. But such examples are indeed many. Choose a dress with her future husband - not so much bad luck as the inability to sweat, your wedding day truly marvel at the extraordinary beauty of the bride.

If the girl must help her friendchoose a dress, you need to trust not only their preferences but also to listen to what the consultants advised the cabin because of their great experience. And you must choose one of those models that have already offered. It is desirable that it was, if not a novelty of the season, such as wedding dresses 2012, at least outfits matching the new fashion trends, its main trends.

Many brides did not know what styleI prefer, because the dress - this is a special kind of clothing, but there is also a dress for the wedding ceremony. Then will "look the part" a friend who knows for sure what the bride will look best. Responsibility for the selection rests with large, so the final decision always takes the bride.

Girlfriends can also do gift choice. Period, when all my friends just gave envelopes with dollar bills, quietly came to an end. Now it is important for newlyweds to gifts presented closest, would remain as a memorable, useful gifts. Some appliance stores offering cards with a certain amount of purchases and gifts, such a long time a success.

The newlyweds chose their desired devices to the sameyet we had the opportunity to choose your favorite brand. But these gifts are useful, though, is still the effect of surprise, mystery, do not give. And unlikely to be remembered as a wedding present, and will be considered as the first joint purchase of a family, a simple purchase of household appliances. Although this type of gifts and reduced the likelihood of giving "the fifth of the kettle."

In preparing for the wedding of a friend, it is very important to assess thethe full extent of the value of the upcoming event, to forgive a loved one excessive nervousness, moodiness caused all understandable emotions. Try to always be provided next to his girlfriend and to help as much as possible a good, honest advice, providing real help.

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