In search of the best wedding dresses

The narrow top - lush bottom

It is necessary to cross the threshold of the girls weddingsalon, their ideas about the best wedding dress changed radically. Having decided, in that whatever the cost to buy a narrow white dress, the bride suddenly forget about it, seeing the diversity of the proposed models, and selecting, as a result, traditional wedding dress - a narrow top, lush bottom. Even a star, such as Fergie, was going to marry in either black or in the red, but could not resist the charm of a traditional wedding dress.

Different parts of the traditional wedding dress: shape and depth of the neckline, the presence of the notch, opening the back, lace, buttons or hooks, long sleeve, or its absence, and long gloves - all this makes each of these individual dresses. Invariably, only better shape silhouette wedding dress.


Despite the fact that the veil has lost itsoriginal purpose (to close the face of the bride, as was the church canons), during the wedding ceremony, she still is the main decoration of the bride. Fata attaches special festive appearance alongside the bride and immediately sets it apart from the crowd dressed up smartly public. In addition, lowering the veil on the face, the bride can hide ascended tear or slight blush of embarrassment. Designers insist that the color should match the color veil dress. Set - white veil, wearing a red dress - has a right to exist if the present pattern, detail, color unites these two subject.

When choosing the best wedding dress, trymodel made from different kinds of material. Chiffon and satin, solid color or texture patterns. There is an opinion that it is better to choose a single color dress with a bright detail, but it is not a rule.
What interesting things happened the past few years in the world of wedding fashion.


Many Couturier turned their attention towedding dresses of the past. Vintage lace, gold or silver shoes, the same accessories: hair clips, scarves, gloves, handbags - all this can turn an ordinary outfit into the best wedding dress.

Bride with a tummy

Fashion houses and bridal salons have paid specialattention and devote entire sections to brides who are already awaiting the addition. For example, Tiffany in their collections emphasizes the belly, not hiding, and emphasizing it. Dresses sewn in a way that can be easily adjusted in the waist area, based on rapidly changing its size. Therefore, choosing a dress for growth, not have to worry about what your options will vary by month. Now, some boutiques and online retailers specialize in wedding dresses for pregnant brides. But, in spite of some versatility this dress, do not buy it without trying. The best wedding dress for pregnant women, too, must sit perfectly. Keep in mind the fact that the volume adjustment exist only in the abdominal area. Careful selection on the shoulders and bodice, length and other parameters.

Short wedding dresses

Coco Chanel first introduced in short dresseswedding fashion, committing thereby a revolution in this direction. In the years 1920-30 there were the first short wedding dresses, as well as short length, they reached into the 60s. The main thing in this kind of wedding dress - the shape and simplicity of line, or anything superfluous, at least parts. Today, the permissible length of the best wedding dress of this kind, stopped somewhere just above the knee. Shorter dresses should be tight skirt, like a part of a business suit.

When choosing a wedding dress, do not rush to dismissoptions that you do not seem acceptable at first glance. Do not succumb to the pressure of friends and urges mothers, do not rush to buy and go around as many salons as possible. Wedding dress should be like you!

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