Fashion elements of the wedding dress 2014

Wedding fashion - is a cyclical process thatrepeated at regular intervals, returning us to the fashion trends of the past years, centuries, centuries. Thanks to this particular fashion, we can get acquainted with specific areas and design solutions that have been known and previously popular.

In the framework of modern wedding fashion meeta variety of trends that allow to experiment with styles, materials, styles and colors. The most striking expression of fashion trends are in their wedding clothes. Going for a wedding dress, please note that the majority of wedding dresses has a number of identical items. portal has prepared for you a list of the most fashionable items that are found in wedding dresses today.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses 2014
An expensive dress

Charming backless dress

Famous fashion designers are increasingly emphasizefocus is on the back wedding dress. Experiments with this region converted to dress different variations. Very popular wedding dress with a cut on the back. Cut may be deep and not very much. The back can be fully exposed or partially. Sometimes, in order to cover up the naked back, using decorative drapery.

There are dresses with different necklines at the back. It can be shaped, asymmetrical or classic cutout. The more unusual shape cutout on the back, the more spectacular looks dress. Semi-open back, especially when combined with guipure creates lightweight and seductive image. In such an outfit every bride will look extremely beautiful and elegant.

Beautiful open back dress
The dress with bare back
Elegant backless dress

Today, quite popular and in demandmodels of wedding dresses with cut-out illusion. In this cut-out (usually deep) covered with a thin lace or chiffon. This option is ideal for back lover sophisticated style.

The back of the dress for the bride can befull lace. This fashionable solution. Often lace backless dress complemented with pearls, beads, sequins, crystals. Latest models of dresses with lace back and a button. The most common buttons are fabric or pearl. The dress, the back of which is decorated with delicate lace makes the bride look slimmer and slimmer.

Lace fever

Inexhaustible popularity belongs lacewedding dresses. This trend in wedding fashion in demand over the last few seasons wedding. Leaving the search for new solutions for the realization of lace, designers offer a more traditional performance of lace dresses.

Fashionable deemed such types of lace, such as:

  • bryugskoe that crochet;
  • classic Chantilly - usually laid out in several layers;
  • Irish and others.

Lace can be called a universal material,which can be easily combined with chiffon, tulle, tyulmarinom, satin and other materials. This combination of lace with a different kind of fabric each time creates a new incredible way.

With a variety of silhouettes of every bride can choose a lace dress features its shape and appearance.

Lace bridal dress
delicate lace
Large lace

Very sexy and exciting look dressof translucent lace. However, this version of the wedding dress can wear only the most courageous and determined women, who have an excellent figure. In other cases, transparent lace better decorate a winning part of the body.

Bold prints

You strive for individuality and wantunique wedding dress, then you will like the idea of ​​a wedding dress with a bright unusual print. Dilute a traditional white dress can be subdued or bright pattern.

Wedding dress with patterns, no doubt, causeinterest in others. Dress with a print image of the bride adds a bit of charm, novelty and unpredictability. Among the abundance of patterns you probably will be able to find the most typical style of your drawing.

Ball Gown with a delicate print

There are original dresses with smallcolor highlights, as well as clothes, generously supplemented by prints. The wedding dress can be decorated with standard prints: polka dots, stripes, as well as more modern designs: herbal, floral, ethnic, animal prints, abstract.

looks very impressive contrasting background and dresstone prints. Another interesting and fresh way to stand out among the other brides - a wedding dress with a voluminous 3D pattern. This effect is created by applications of different materials, colors, fabrics, draperies, etc. Textured wedding dress look elegant and unusual!

Floral print
The print on the dress

Pleated elements

Artificial folds and creases - a new trend in wedding dresses 2014 collection of wedding dresses offer a wide range of long and short pleated dresses.

Typically, short embodiments weddingpleated dresses is the lower part, and the top is made of smooth material. The long dresses are cases of using a combination of large and small pleats. In this case, the top is pleated either horizontally or asymmetrically, and the bottom will have a vertical pleating, indicating wedding site.

For creative natures offered longmodels of wedding dresses with pleated tail-train. You can select the classic version of the dress, designed in Greek style with a high waist and a pleated bottom.

Pleating - it's the accent, which is able to add the image of the bride's tenderness, romance and originality.

Pleated corset
Pleated bottom
spectacular pleated

Pleated wedding dresses have a number of advantages:

  • Vertical Pleated lengthens the silhouette and makes the figure more elongated and slender.
  • Pleated bottom dress to hide the imperfections of the legs and shapes.
  • Pleated dress - one of the most versatile.

Extended Basque

Long Basque was a hit last season, but also inThis year, it still holds a leading position, although slightly modified form. Baska in modern dresses lengthened by lacy trim. Choosing a wedding dress with Basques, be careful. Baska - is deceptive and can visually spoil the shape.

Extended Basque
Lace Basque

Shining rhinestones, beads and Swarovski crystals

Particularly relevant in the current collectionswedding dresses was set bright accents in using glittering elements. Decorative highlights are the crystals, beads and Swarovski crystals known. These tiny, but incredibly beautiful and elegant elements can decorate belt dress, neckline, a frill or a skirt. It is tempting and looks spectacular deep cut on the back, decorated with sequins and beads. Choosing a dress decorated with a scattering of small stones, it is important not to overdo it with the other wedding accessories.

Corset with beads and sequins
Decor belt with rhinestones and beads
Decor just dress with beads and crystals

The wedding dress with either of the items you will be the most beautiful, stylish and feminine bride!

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