Dress-transformer - the original idea for the wedding

Selection of dresses - it is a very important taskfor each bride. Trying on dozens of dresses, the bride should choose the one that perfectly accentuate her figure and beauty. That is why the bride to spend more than one day in search of their dream dresses. The list may be dozens of bridal salons to be sure to visit, because perhaps it is there waiting for you favorite outfit.

Dress transformer

The wedding dress the bride, especially, shouldfeel beautiful and feminine to favorite groom could not take his eyes of her lovers. Second, the dress should match the style that you prefer. Some want a magnificent bride ball gown, while others prefer the mermaid silhouette, and some are dreaming to get everything at once. Is it possible? Of course! Modern designers offer girls the opportunity to choose just two styles in one dress, thanks to the dress-transformer.

Wedding dress-transformer

What is the dress-transformer?

You've probably heard about the dresses,which can be upgraded in the course of the wedding on your own. The tendency for such models appeared not so long ago. These dresses allow the bride to visit several images at their wedding that especially attracts true fashionistas. Dress-transformer is a kind of designer. Most often, the main body-hugging dress, without a fluffy skirt and rings. Above the belt via Velcro or laces attached full skirt and a loop that makes the dress especially luxurious. Thus, at the wedding ceremony the bride is sent in a magnificent ball gown. At a party and a banquet it is one of the wrist removes full skirt and appears in front of her husband and the guests in the tender form-fitting dress. This outfit will be the highlight of the wedding party and will allow you to visit several images in a single day.

Stylish dress-transformer
Wedding dress-transformer

There are many stylesDresses, Transformers, which will offer you a bridal salon "Elsa". In addition, the salon you can buy wedding dresses of any style, suit for the groom, and the bridal accessories and shoes.

Beautiful convertible dress for brides
Wedding Dress-transformer ivory color

A few more ideas dresses

To the board of the Transformers series is attributedmodern youth models that hide beautiful bride's leg for a long skirt and allow to show all their beauty after marriage. Of course, if you intend to get married in church, this dress will be your ideal solution. In order not to bare legs and other parts of the body, the bride wears a dress with a long skirt and often sleeves. After the wedding, all these attributes are removed, and you stay in a short cocktail dress in which you will feel comfortable and beautiful!

Wedding dress-transformer

Disadvantages of dresses, Transformers

In addition to a large number of advantages, from the dress there are some drawbacks.

  • Firstly, it is the price of the dress, because actually you pay once for the two dresses.
  • Second, you can confuse the weight of the dress, because youI will have some time to go to the two boards at once. In summer, you will be very hot and uncomfortable, and in the winter you have to wear another coat, and everything is just much load the you. Every bride wants to feel ease and comfort. However, if the price and the weight of the dress you are not confused, you can safely go to the bridal salon for the dress of your dreams!

Fancy dress

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