Treasure of a pair of shoes to witness

Be witness to pleasure and an honor, because youchosen as the best friend herself queen of the celebration. The witness - one of the main ladies at the wedding. You need to shine all day: on the redemption of the bride, on a mural at the wedding photos during the competition at the banquet, etc. This means that the dress should be laid out in detail. An important role in creating the image of the witness plays shoes. Often, preference is given to shoes, so in this article we will offer you different options of shoes to witness.

Air and fabulousness

If the bride is planning the wedding as a fairycelebration and looks in a dress "Princess" style, you can fit the overall concept of the festival, choosing the right outfit. Pay attention to unusual and original shoes from leading designers. If the "podium" offers not please budget, take in mind the ideas, and then find similar models in local shoe stores. Elegant and fabulous shoes of the witness underlined the importance of its role in the wedding.

Shoes witness

Golden shoes

Gold - the color of luxury, happiness,this is one of the most favorable of flowers at the wedding, wedding portal reminds If modern brides prefer not to risk it and choose a traditional white dress and shoes for the ceremony, then the witness can afford to wear gold shoes, sandals or shoes. So it will emphasize its importance at the wedding, on the one hand, and the proximity to the bride, on the other.

The witness of the golden shoes

Bright accents

All stylists advise to choose a dress first, andonly then to go on the search for accessories, including shoes. However, the witness may make a start on the choice of shoes in the construction of a harmonious image. Note the bright and rich colors on shoes made in the "varnish" and perhaps decorated with original ornaments. According to them, try to trim more modest dresses, nail polish in the color and other accessories.

Bright shoes witness

Vintage shoes

Vintage remains a wedding trendin the general style of the event and in detail. Vintage shoes looks great on the witness, it will emphasize the elegance, taste and elegance of its owner.

Vintage shoes witness

The original model

Unusual heel shoes for comparing favorablybridesmaids. Pay attention to unusual heels, shiny and metallic, which differ from the style of the shoe. Moreover, modern designers offer a stylish model, the heel of which is decorated with sequins, stones and various ornate details.

Shoes with unusual heels

Great design

Cunning with shoes for the wedding. Optionally, go on a tour of boutiques, if you have appointed a witness. Take your favorite pair of evening shoes and decorate it yourself. Excellent solution - to choose a bracelet for your delicate feet, which is beautifully set off the shoes and will be combined with other decorations.

Shoes with bracelet

Classics of the genre

The role of the witness - a complex, responsible andeven tedious. You have to always be ready to come to the aid of the bride at the right time. You should feel comfortable and confident all day and all night. Are you ready to spend a day in high heels? If - no, website recommends to prefer classic shoes on a low, or at least steady heel.

Classic shoes for witness

Insulated model

For weddings in a cold season should bechoose warmer shoes. But do not forget about the elegance and beauty. Out of the situation - shoes. Pick elegant model decorated with ribbons and fur. To be assured of style just dress witness, grab the selected dress fitting shoes. Then you will not go wrong with the purchase of a treasured pair of shoes.

Elegant and stylish shoes will draw attention to the beauty of the witness. In addition, correctly selected the shoes can highlight your special status at the wedding!

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