The dress for bridesmaid

Usually the witness optit is on simple, elegant clothes, as if in contrast to the elegant romanticism bride's wedding dress. Therefore, the color gamut is much wider - from pastel to bright colors. Moderately decorated with bright accessories and rhinestones evening dress or formal suit favorably accentuate the splendor of the protagonist celebration. But making your choice, you must remember and comfort - It will have to move as much during a walk, and during the entertainment program after the official part of the ceremony. With the same calculation should be selected and shoes.

And, of course, do not forget about the cost. Do not just think about whether to spend money on rich evening dress, buy it, or is it better to rent it - good choice today given a huge wedding salons. If you do decide to buy, you will learn how to look and act, so to speak, to move forward.

Well if the choice of dress for the bridesmaids will be agreed with the culprit celebrations and preferably with the other guests. After all, the choice of each of the guests could be so unexpected that close to and spoiled the mood ... Well, someone tell me, like uniformity of colors, styles and even hair in the bargain? So do not hesitate to discuss everything in advance.

What's important is not overshadow the bride its luxury and originality. Remember: it is young - the prom queen. Your duty as a witness at this festival, though modest, but important - to enhance the beauty, grace, and in general all the advantages of the bride. Believe me, your clock will appreciate it.

Specializing in the Couturier wedding fashionThey claim: wedding dresses for bridesmaids are not obliged to follow the conservative canons. Here all your fantasies will, as they say, you and the cards. Choosing something great - it's an evening dress and pantsuit, and overalls, and even a combination of blouses and skirts! Do you want to earn the praise of fashion designers and stylists - Experiment!

Although it should be appropriate. Convert, say, a church, a church or other religious building, where the wedding ceremony, is not worthy of a fashion catwalk. It is not necessary to arrange Vanity Fair throughout the wedding ceremony.

And a few more nuances. Well, if the style of the bride and bridesmaids dresseswill be the same, although the witness outfit should still be possible to more modest. But the color and you can play. Bright dress bridesmaid profitable emphasize freshness and dazzling dress of the bride at any time of year - in summer and winter. The main thing was to dress to suit you, emphasizes the dignity of the figure and just like you. About color preferences is difficult to judge. It all depends on your type of face, hair and skin color and even the shape of the structure. Someone will suit a shade of white or pink (although these colors are best left to dress the little bridesmaids), someone scarlet, and someone and black (which, incidentally, is now in vogue - although this option may not like the bride so it is better to discuss with her, and this time). Just do not forget about jewelry and harmony in the proper combination of accessories.

Of course, It should take into account the nuances of the changeable weather - Rain, snow and sun. As a precaution captured with a parasols and wraps completely help you out in an emergency situation. From the same position, and the length should be chosen attire and heel height, and style footwear.

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