Mother of the bride


When choosing a wedding dress for the Bride's Mom youWe should build on how and where the wedding will take place. It goes without saying that the dress is not suitable for a beach party, as well as frivolous blouse and skirt will look awful in the classic restaurant.

The second point - the actual taste and preferencesMom. Do not cram mom in evening dresses, suits or skirts in numerous only because you're so fancy way of Mothers of the Bride. Indeed, evening dresses enchant and decorate emphasize elegance and adds to the mystery. But, believe me, your mother, accustomed, perhaps, to the democratically-free style, it only adds the discomfort and uncertainty. The more that any clothes you should be able to wear, and get used to the new style is not so easy.

Harmonious colors with clothes Pope Bridewill attract the eye no less young. In addition, guests who are poorly oriented guest who will match you as a couple - Dad and Mom of the Bride should be in harmony with each other.

Well, if my mother picking a dress or a suit, dress as you comply with the groom's mother. Same direction of style will only increase the effect of the wedding and give really "stylish" event.

Do not neglect the convenience cut dress: all day on their feet, in the unrest and turmoil - it is better to carry comfortably. The model is considered to be convenient, if nothing constrains movement - either by walking or dancing. Length below the floor level, the ability to step only on polstopy unlikely to Mother of the Bride relaxation. These dresses are designed only for photo session. Walk, actively pursue them is impossible.

An important requirement for comfortable clothes - dressed for the season. Shivering from the cold and wet from sweat Mother of the Bride risks at least catch a cold ...

Dress nicely according to age -often difficult task of those over 40. Open shoulders, back, wearing a transparent guipure things, deliberately emphasizing their sexuality, it is recommended only for those mothers who look great and will really show off your body. Laxity, folds of fat - it is better to hide for long.


Shoes should choose to medium or lowheels, leaning to the side again comfort. Distorted face in the photo is unlikely you will enjoy yourself. Needless to say that the shoes should be well on the size? !


Handbag - often disturbing but necessary attribute of any woman's outfit. Take care to bag Mom of the Bride was not too large, it is better a little, be sure to match the dress or suit.

Strict rules when choosing no decoration. Wear something that you liked, what really fits. Where possible and appropriate, you can get diamonds and other family values ​​- much to his daughter's wedding Mother of the Bride can afford such wedding accessories!

Makeup and hair

You will do well to make-up and hairstyle will make your mom the same master as you. In this case, firstly, the guaranteed uniformity hands; secondly, corny it saves time time.

Regardless of the season, do not overdo it,follow the rules of make-up: under the influence of temperature (summer or got excited by dance) cosmetics necessarily flow. When choosing a color scheme of makeup accounted for eye color, hair, skin tone and color of the dress itself.


In the wedding day, do not forget that nothinghidden from the watchful eyes of invited - the more well-groomed hands Mothers of the Bride. Therefore, pay special attention to this part of the body: hands should be soft, nails trimmed and processed. Nail color selected in the color of lipstick or make-up tone. Do not be mistaken, if you stop at the light shades of nail polish - for the day lipstick can eat, and then your manicure will unnecessarily "scream."

As you can see, fashion dress Mother of the Bride completelydemocratic - you can choose dresses or suits, in accordance with the taste, figure, age and financial situation. And only on you and your mother depends on how it will look on a holiday. But the way your mom looks, decide what will happen to you in 20-30 years. So in your best interest to Mother of the Bride looked amazing!

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