What to wear to a wedding guest

If the dress code was not specified in the invitation,then you can put on, guided by personal taste. But, even so, there are some rules that will help you decide what to wear to the wedding, and that - not worth it.

Attire for guests at the wedding shouldbe elegant and romantic. How could it look like? Ideally suited dress soothing pastel tones, light enough and feminine. For example, Cocktail with understated pattern, without sleeves and a collar, but it is better to exclude deep cleavage. Wedding - is the rare case when the "little black dress" did not rescue you, because, as you know, black dress at a wedding is not valid, as well as white.

On this day, nothing should distract attentionfrom the bride. Choosing what to wear to a wedding, go past the flowery patterns with trains and abundance of details. If the invitation is not specified style wedding, and, consequently, the dress code is not known, it is possible to navigate along for the bride. If the bride's magnificent and grandiose, it will elegant celebration, and you can choose a spectacular outfit. If the bride chose to dress modestly, your must also be simpler. It is not necessary to wear an extravagant wedding dress, if you are unfamiliar with the newlyweds. Trouser suit to wear is not accepted, since it belongs to business style. Although, it all depends on the model, fabric and cut. Just eliminate the "mini" option.

Wedding accessories should be in moderation, and theyThey should be chosen with taste. Decide what to wear to a wedding, do not forget to pick up a small handbag - clutch, which fit powder, lipstick and a scarf. Do not overdo it with the perfume, sharp strong smell of perfume, even expensive - mauvais ton.

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