bridesmaid dress at the wedding

Being a witness at the wedding of a friend, it is notonly honor, but also not a small job. You have chosen a witness to the wedding? From now on you right hand young, but above all the bride. On the wedding day you have to work hard is not enough, because it rests on the witness a considerable amount of duties and responsibilities.

Be prepared for the fact that it lies on you a number of organizational wedding moments. In part, it is up to you, and will also depend on the success of the wedding party as a whole.

You as a witness have to patiently attendall wedding salons, fasten the zipper, tightening lacing corsets on, put sensible remarks, and, of course, encourage the bride. You will also be on the preparation for the wedding to forget about his plans, because it is at this moment the bride needs you the most.

The bride can give you a small commission. Do not be afraid that you will charge something very significant, what you can not handle. But on your shoulders vozlyazhet obligation to hold a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding, the bride and make a ransom scenario, helping almost all organizational issues.

The witness of the wedding day the first guest in the houseBride. Your task is to help the bride get dressed, will be transformed into the image of a fairy princess, calm, cheer up, if you want to cry and be happy with it for a couple. Home Your task in this day do not leave the bride did not for a moment, going to the registrar to take with him everything necessary (handkerchiefs, makeup, needle, thread). You are its main escort from the exit of the house to the registrar until the last moment of the festive evening - Suite send a well-deserved "rest."

Being always close to the bride, witness falls under the close attention of all the invited guests. So dress for the witness at the wedding should be carefully chosen.

Attire witness should not overshadow the dressbride, but also keep up with him. Often, evening dresses for witness chosen her own. The bride can only advise the color, and a certain style. The most optimal option is the choice of evening gowns for the witness, which can be used, and after the wedding. In addition to dresses for bridesmaid at the wedding of their own selected and hairstyle.

Now in vogue include European traditions,according to which the wedding was invited several bridesmaids. For each of these selected evening gowns, style and texture of fabric similar to the bride's wedding dress. The color chosen by the bride's request, depending on the style and features of the wedding.

Dress for the bridesmaid at the wedding

in no case to be white so as not todistracted glance present from the bride. Although if your wedding style allows the witness and cronies wear white dresses, they look good on the background of green grass and lush green trees. Otten or select dresses, you can use colored wide belts, and small bouquets.

Dress for the bridesmaid at the wedding should be like the texture of fabric as the bride's dress, they should be in harmony and consistent with the degree of formality of the event.

Even if a few groomsmen invited to the wedding,the witness must stand out among them. So dress for the witness at the wedding is often different from the groomsmen outfits. There are many variations of how to identify the witness, it is possible to make a single bouquet, which will differ from the groomsmen flowers, or the color of the dress will be on the lighter shade.

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