Dresses for wedding guest - tips on choosing

Each girl was invited to the wedding of bestgirlfriend or close friend, to triumph utterly puzzled choice of his attire. Many of the fair sex have trouble knowing what dresses fit for a wedding guest - long, short, simple or ornate? It is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of attire for the solemn event, because it will often flickering on professional wedding photos. About that, what rules should adhere to, picking their way to a wedding favorite friends, it will be explained in detail below.

Wedding dress code for guests

Dress code for the invited girls who are going tothe wedding depends on many factors. These include the age of the fair sex, her position in society, the type of event, the place where the celebration will take place. The important role played by the presence or absence of support. If a woman does not come alone, as a young man, perfect if their costumes will be combined in color and style. Dress code is determined by the degree of formality of the event:

  • Informal. To this type belong the celebration of weddings, leading to nature in the woods, on the territory of the tent, in low-cost locations. As a rule, the registration and the beginning of the banquet is scheduled for the first half of the day. Guest can dress festive, but not too pretentious - it is not necessary to pile high hairstyles, and even more so - to put on dresses with lots of rhinestones, sequins, in daylight it will attract too much attention. As a dress suit light sundress, trouser suit or a suit with a skirt.

Option dresses for informal events
  • Semi-official. The event takes place in the evening, it is a festive, bright, but not too luxuriant. Guests can put on the costumes, elegant or simple dresses to choose for themselves an evening dress, but then again - neat and does not cause. In this case, as well as during informal celebration, should refrain from being too bright makeup, jewelry abundance.
  • Official. If you are invited to a special solemn expensive wedding invitation cards in certain specified dress code: men - dinner jackets, ties or butterflies, women - evening dress. Guests can indulge in the pleasure - to put their best ornaments, boasts a luxurious evening dress, embroidered with beads, pearls and sequins.

Official reception at the wedding

If the couple have decided in advance that the weddingis thematic, it will be explained in the invitation card. Do not be scared of anything unusual style - for example, pirate wedding, retro or eastern celebration. If you can not find a suitable dress in her wardrobe, just run to the store is not necessary, the more so that it can take considerable financial resources. Any image can "pull" accessories that are easy to pick up or make your own.

The original theme offers dress code

Especially careful Treat the choice of dressesguests who are invited to the wedding ceremony. The church would be inappropriate skirts above the knee, and open shoulders. To comply with all the rules of the church, we must be in possession of a scarf covering her head, or a long scarf that both hides naked back and arms. The color scheme of the dress should be appropriate, too - no bright, flashy colors (at the wedding they generally irrelevant), aggressive makeup, shining ornaments, the image must be modest and elegant.

What you can and can not wear?

If you go to a wedding, remember thatThis event is designed to focus on the love of young people, affixing their souls and hearts, the beauty of the bride, the groom elegant manner. It is clear that every guest wants to look original, sexy and attractive, but it should think twice before putting this or that dress - you do not want to overshadow the celebrations culprit or seem vulgar? Here are a few rules that will help to get dressed for the wedding:

White dress should be just the bride
  • White color - is taboo. Most brides choose white color dress or ivory, therefore, in any case, do not wear white dresses. Home celebration character has to stand out, attract the eye, and a guest appearance at a wedding in a dress of the same color will cause confusion.
  • From black is also preferablyrefuse, if the wedding is celebrated in the morning - in a black dress a guest will look too dark, but the dark cocktail dress for the evening - a suitable option.
  • Bright colors are acceptable, and sometimes even desirable inWhen the wedding is sustained in certain colors contrasting palette, but mostly offers better wear suits or dresses, pastel or dark muted tones.

Options bright cocktail dresses for weddings
  • Try to choose items attire perfectly. If you are used to wearing jeans and t-shirts in their daily life, consult with one of the bridesmaids, who is an expert in creating an image, otherwise there is a risk of being the outsider at the wedding, the wrong emphasis.
  • Makeup should be light, simple and neat. Avoid a large number of foundation, three-color shades, bright and colorful Summing eyebrows lips, if it does not include the dress code - it would look ridiculous, especially during wedding day.
  • Femininity - the main guide way of the wedding guest. Simple elegant dress much better than risky short dresses - it might look vulgar.
  • Gloves - a good part of the image, but you need to wear them correctly. Long accessories will look good with only a sleeveless dress, and during the banquet sure to remove them.

With what outfit to wear gloves correctly
  • If you are not sure about the degree of formality,doubts about the selected dress, do not hesitate to ask the bride what kind of wedding she definitely plans. She probably will tell you how to dress, will give some practical advice and will even be glad of such interest.
  • We should also be said about the witness outfit,which will be constantly close to the bride - dress should be in harmony with the decoration of the culprits celebrations. Well suited a long, elegant dress option.

How to dress for the wedding guests?

In addition to the general rules regarding attire,corresponding to good manners, take care of the least important part of the dress - it should be ideal for guests. Choosing festive costume will be based on tsvetotip (autumn, winter, summer, spring), and the outfit is obliged to hide figure flaws and highlight its main advantages. Not all women have the model parameters, so it is important to choose the right dress on the figure to look great on the wedding photos.

Apparel should emphasize the correct shape wedding guest

Tips for complete

Full beauties are often embarrassed by their lushforms, but in vain, because even with a rounded figure is not difficult to look interesting, original and elegant. A few tips about choosing beautiful dresses for full girls help future guests to find out what kind of dress will suit them for the better to emphasize and what to hide from the views of those present:

  • The material from which sewed a dress should be light, flowing, almost weightless and have a matte surface. Thick satin fabric capable of severely disfigured curvy figure.
  • Better to choose dark colors and deep - purple, blue, green. Good looks red, burgundy shades.
  • Owners of lush hips and skinny shoulders better to choose a dress with wide sleeves, A-shaped shaped - flowing fabric will hide the lack of figures.

Images full of girls during the wedding
  • If a guest has a slender legs, but a chubby belly, will look great short dresses with high waist, leg opening to mid-thigh.
  • Polnorukim guests the best to give up necklaces, lace or rhinestones at the neckline area - it will attract too much attention to the massive shoulders. Ideal sleeve three-quarters, or flared.
  • It is not necessary to resort to an abundance of details - earrings, rings, pendants, brooches, lace, rhinestones. Modest simple decorations are ideal to dress for a complete girl.

For pregnant

Caught in an interesting position before the weddinggirlfriend, guest certainly think long before choosing the dress, but not to worry - there are plenty of options for beautiful dresses, which only accentuate touching state guest. If stomach had not yet come for the wedding dresses will suit a variety of styles - comfortable dress A-silhouette with flowing fabrics, direct style, dress with a high waist. festive decorations skirt can be both short and long - see more photos:

Options dresses for pregnant women

Those girls who go to a wedding withalready round, big belly, you must choose outfit, first and foremost, ensuring comfort and does not hinder movement. Well look different variations of Greek dress - a classic dress for pregnant women, but the designers of the year working on collections, which provide elegant European outfits for girls in the state. See examples of cocktail and evening dresses for the wedding on video:

Choosing outfit depending on the time of year

In addition to the above factors, it is worthbe sure to take into account the weather conditions, accompanying a wedding. Those ornaments, decorations dresses, which have been out of place in the warmer months, can look great in the winter, and vice versa - the fabric, ideal for summer celebrations, look strange and out of place in the cold season. About how to choose the dress according to the weather, will be discussed below.

Which dress to wear in winter?

In the winter, preparing for the wedding, we have a hard time, because a significant variety of options is reduced.

  • Firstly, it has the value style: the dress should not be short of simply maintaining health reasons. Even if you arrive by car - leave this venture.
  • Secondly, the material should be dense. Good looks satin, brocade, interesting look cozy knitted outfits. Well look multi-layered images, which blends dress, vest, scarf elegant, proper shoes.

Possible winter evening dresses

In the Spring and Autumn Period

Spring or autumn weddingsadmits wearing short dresses, but to them it is necessary to choose the right shoes - boots look best, not tight shin. I'm sure the dress will be picked up tights - to give preference to the right accessories Flesh Tone, although some wedding guests can experiment with color options (not black!). Beautifully looks short sweater with long skirts from the waist and elegant evening dresses straight silhouette of the dense fabric.

Autumn dresses for wedding guests

In summer

In summer, the girls invited to the wedding, are rejoicing,in fact, there are countless options, how to dress to the celebration - with the exception of the most warm, winter clothes. Permissible to wear the dress of the lightest fabrics, tunics, linen color looks good, it looks like a long fitting, so the short version of the skirt, and may wear a chic evening gown. Summer dresses gentle, flowing, they are often decorated with elegant lace ligature, make beautiful translucent paste.

Summer image of a wedding guest

Photo selection of beautiful dresses for guests in 2016

Some guest posting celebratethe wedding of her best friend, want to look not only beautiful, but also fashionable. In the autumn of 2014 by famous designers set the tone for next season - a straight line, with flower prints, asymmetrical cuts, natural fabrics, calm tones. With regard to length, presented models for every taste - mini, midi, maxi. From lush luxury to Saint geometric simplicity - so different at home see famous images of girls in 2016.

The original model in 2016