Wedding cabriolet

Every bride before the wedding draws itself suchpicture: elegant car flies through the city and out of it smiling passers-by waving happy and in love the bride and groom. Such action always adds solemnity of the feast, and enthralls not just honeymooners, but for all the people around them. Convertible to a wedding as a main machine honeymooners will look expensive, beautiful, stylish. What models of open cars are popular for wedding ceremony? Let's face it.

Which gig is better to choose for your wedding?

Convertible to a wedding - this is the most elegantthe solution of all the options, especially in the warmer months. the very nature of a summer to conduct all sorts of celebrations, open car so what you need on a hot day. Especially now that the rental of wedding gigs procedure is available for all newlyweds. There are different models of public machines: fast, maneuverable, compact, long limousines, vintage cars and the latest models of the most expensive cars without a roof.

Perfect weather for a ride in a convertible -windless and warm. Well, if the city will be very little dust to clothes to the wedding the newlyweds left unpleasant dusty raids. Strong wind may dishevel hairstyle of the bride, but other than these minor nuances choice Convertible will make the wedding procession creative and trendy.

Retro items

Retro car

Unique among all offered cars onthe wedding will be a retro convertible. Depending on the wedding budget, order any exclusive car, which drove the mods of the last century, is not a problem. It can be tuned podrihtovannaya white "Chaika" or a luxurious Hudson 1937 elegant red. Look at the video vivid example of wedding Retro Convertible, presented the domestic auto industry:

Convertible top at wedding retro carsdecorated artificial or natural flowers, and the driver is usually dressed in a tuxedo, to look harmoniously next to the newlyweds. Cars with cabriolet any old brand, whether Zaporozhets, a Mercedes or a three-meter British rarity Chelsea release in 1986, have one big advantage over similar cars - they are unique, so indispensable for retro wedding celebration or art-deco style.

Long limousines

Classic limousine

Limousine - a car built on the basis ofstandard models by lengthening the body. Limousine cabriolet on their wedding choose the couple, whose budget is not limited, because it is a solid, luxurious and expensive car so premium. If a limousine is also a rarity, such a wedding procession will not go unnoticed even in the biggest capitals of the world.

In addition to such luxurious cars everoffered ice, alcoholic and soft drinks-class on a walk. Long limousine without top capacity of more than 20 people, so the couple will not be bored in their wedding car, and begin a celebration with friends and loved ones in the most convenient convertible VIP-class - a special and unique pleasure.

machine design options

How to decorate a wedding gig

Making sure the gig. Traditionally, fastened on the hood of the car Wedding decorations following:

  1. The doll-bride.
  2. Balloons.
  3. A pair of wedding rings.
  4. Live or artificial flowers.

Of all these elements, if the decorI engaged in professional face amazing and exquisite compositions that look great. If the celebration is held in any stylistic direction, convertibles for a wedding decorate according to style. For example, doing extraordinary drawings special road marker or stylize using colored cardboard, and fabric one half of the cars under the bride's dress, and the second - under the groom's suit.

Bride and groom with car

Subject photoshoot with cabriolet

Cabriolet is not only beautiful toolmovement, but also a great place for a wedding photo shoot. Against the background of this car out spectacular shots, and if more experienced photographer will pick up an unusual pattern, the newlyweds decorate your photo album very interesting photos. Excellent shooting out on a busy avenue or on the roadway, and the brightness of the images will add:

  • colored signs;
  • lights of passing cars;
  • showcases fashion stores;
  • Special markings on the pavement.