Route wedding walk in Moscow

After the official part of the marriage registrationnewlyweds go to the wedding walk. In Moscow, there are many beautiful places where you can spend a great photo shoot. Selection of newlyweds walking route depends on their preferences. Before the celebration walk on the selected travel destination for the holiday, consider the possible angles for the photo shoot. What are the routes for walking the bride and groom are popular in Moscow?

The classic route of the wedding walk

Many couples start to walk in weddingthe center of Moscow at the Manege Square. Symbolic for many people, the area became the site of frequent pilgrimages Molojen, there is never a few people, which opens up new horizons for the photoset in the urban style. At this point in the capital will spend a great photo shoot near the fountains, beautiful glass dome.

The next item on the holiday travelis the Alexander Garden. On the territory of ancient park are Italian Grotto, Kutafiya Kremlin tower, an obelisk erected to the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, the eternal flame and Alley hero-cities. In winter Alexander Garden make good shots among the birch trees in the snow. Summer time the park is dotted with a variety of flower beds, which can become the perfect backdrop for memorable photos of the wedding day. Be sure to take a picture at the openwork gate of the ancient garden. walk in the park takes up to 30 minutes.

Okhotny Ryad - a shopping mall,located under the Manege Square. It often becomes a reliable shelter for couples during sudden rain or warm the frozen newlyweds in severe frosts. The next stop of the route will appeal to all, because it is a business card of the Russian capital - Red Square. At this historic site contains many architectural monuments:

  • St. Basil's Cathedral,
  • Kremlin wall,
  • The Spasskaya Tower,
  • Historical Museum.

Photoshoot in Red Square may take manytime. If while walking on her suddenly the weather turned bad and it starts to rain, the perfect place to shelter may be the building of GUM. In its original interior has a place for interesting photos on the memory of the wedding day. And in one of the most popular Moscow stores always get a snack or a drink refreshing coffee after a difficult shot.

Coming from Red Square to the GreatMoscow River bridge, the couple will see stunning views of the Moskva River and the Kremlin. This place gets bright and beautiful picture. On Vasilevsky descent the bride and groom sit in the wedding procession and go to the Savior. On the way, do 5-10-minute stop at the Sofia Embankment for some beautiful shots. Walk and photo shoot near the building of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Patriarchal bridge - the final stage of a traditional honeymoon, after which the cortege will take the young to the restaurant.

Wedding route through Red Square

Wedding walk on quiet estates in Moscow

Wedding walk around the old manor -wonderful trip for the newlyweds after the official part of the wedding. Amazing scenery, podarnnye nature, will be an excellent backdrop for wedding photo shoots. Interesting video in the old style, you can shoot in Ostankino. Here, everything breathes history and romance of 18th century, has great architectural buildings and manicured avenues.

A quiet and mysterious atmosphere of the manorSerednikovo is perfect for creating a wedding video. Especially beautiful video will make in the summer when the building is nestled amidst lush greenery and colorful flower beds. Huge areas Arkhangelskoye well suited for a memorable recording newlyweds walking. Beautiful sculpture, beautiful scenery of nature inspire videographer to create this masterpiece of a happy young family beginning.

Kuzminki Park - a beautiful piece of nature forphoto shoots surrounded by beautiful species with ponds and bridges. Ancient Architecture reserved seats help make colorful and interesting pictures. Special joy deliver the couple meeting with forest proteins that can feed and capture this moment for the memories of the wedding day

newlyweds walking route includes Ostankino

Wedding walk in the style of antiquity

This route since time immemorialwalking newlyweds after registering a marriage. It began with a visit to the Sparrow Hills, which are located on the right bank of the Moskva River at the height of 70 meters above its level. Among the green spaces with huge old trees will turn out bright, juicy pictures. Good photos can be done with a view of the Church of the Trinity, or the building of Moscow State University.

On Sparrow coaster in honor of the young canorganize fireworks, performances, or to order a portrait of bride and groom from the artist. A walk around this beautiful place takes more than 2 hours. After the Sparrow hills next stop of this route is the Novodevichy Convent. Not far away on the picturesque pond young can be photographed with a pair of white swans. A final point of walking will be a photo shoot on Poklonnaya Hill in Victory Park. Fountains, an abundance of flower beds with flowers, Arc de Triomphe, monuments - all this opens up a lot of ideas for beautiful photos.

newlyweds walking route includes Sparrow Hills

Route wedding a walk on the reserved places

For the wedding walk is best to choose a placewith beautiful scenery. In Moscow, a great place for a photo shoot can be protected corners of nature. One such place is the museum-estate Kuskovo. It has everything you need for a nice walk and cool photo shoot. The combination of the beautiful views of nature and beautiful architecture will be a good backdrop for wedding photographs.

Another unique, beautiful, romanticreserved places in the capital is Kolomenskoye. It is located on one side of the Moscow River. Interesting perspectives wedding photographer will be able to find among the Russian huts of logs and beautiful places with lots of flowers and greenery. Winter in Kolomna young can take a ride in a troika of horses and capture the moment in memory. A summer boat trip sometimes takes young lot of pleasant moments.

The route includes a walk young Kuskovo