Wedding photoshoot in May

Modern Bride pay less attention toprejudices and superstitions. Before the month of May corresponds to the unsuccessful date for the wedding. There was a belief that marrying at this time, the girl had a lifetime "to suffer." Now this myth is gradually becoming obsolete and therefore the wedding photo shoot in May - a frequent phenomenon. Firstly, the "toil" from the word "drudgery", but not from the name of the month. Secondly, the month is named after the Roman queen Maya - the goddess of fertility and spring. Do not believe in superstitions, boldly mark the wedding day in the last month of spring.

Wedding in May - ideas for photo shoot

If you said goodbye to superstitions, did notlisten to the stories of grandmothers, aunts, neighbors about the possible negative consequences of the marriage, you did it correctly. Cchastlivaya life in marriage does not depend on the wedding date, but from the effort, love, newlyweds patience. A May - the perfect month to get married, it opens rich possibilities for the realization of the wedding photos and the choice of wedding locations. Advantages of the May wedding in late spring:

  1. Affectionate, gentle sun. This month is already warm, but there is no sweltering heat, which occurs in the summer, the sky is bright blue. Mayo bride will not be hot, even if it is a choice - a wedding princess. Guests will be delighted comfortable temperature, they do not have to watch the ceremony, zazhmurivayas from the burning sun.
  2. Appeared flowers. Prepare for a May wedding photo shoot - create an original, beautiful bouquet, which does not boast of any bride in any other month of the year. At this time, they begin to bloom tulips, grouse, hyacinths, daffodils, Dicentra, doronicum, lilies, pansies, daisies, lilac, jasmine. Whatever your wedding theme, with the help of such an abundance of plants really make a composition of any complexity and character.
  3. Superstitious other brides. Wedding Statistics Agency in May get less orders than in other months. For you it is a chance to save. To entice the customer, the firm offer promotions, discounts on many services, including the cost of the photo shoot.

Album of pictures that you make during thewedding day photo shoot, will remain with you for life. It is better if the staff on a beautiful background will prevail over the staged scenes. By hiring a professional wedding photographer, do not worry about it, you spend with him the perfect photo shoot on the May flower fields, in the gardens. What places and backgrounds will suit your couple?

The apple and cherry orchard

Stylish, vintage, May wedding photosare obtained when taking pictures against the background of apple or cherry orchards. The first flowers are revealed in the beginning of May to the second week, all the trees are covered with airy buds. Orchard suitable for gentle, sensual, sophisticated couples. The wedding colors main colors - white and light pink. Think about all the details - Diversify walk a little rendezvous under the apple trees. Draw a May wedding decorators, florists.

If you have your own cottage with bloomingtrees, shrubs and flowers, you can use it to take pictures. Set beautiful furniture - vintage sofa or a wooden bench. Complement it with a small table with fruits, candles, wine. If the weather is cool to give, grab a blanket. This detail always reflects the warm feelings between lovers.

Wedding photo session in the apple orchard

Photo shoot in the meadow with dandelions

Best background for wedding photo shoots - livenature. If the bride and her husband - a bright pair, May photo in the meadow with dandelions perfectly accentuate the individuality of the newlyweds. Yellow flowers begin the second week of May, but if the heat came early, maturing faster. Noting the wedding at the end of the month, you'll find me mature dandelions in the form of white balloons. Choosing a place for the May photo shoot, be guided by the main wedding of paint: green, yellow, white. Complete background themed accessories and original wedding photos will be provided to you!

Wedding photos on the meadow with dandelions

Captures the blossoming lilac

The flower of first love, confessions, eternal feelingsloyalty - all symbols of lilac. It flourished somewhere in the last week of May. For many lilac - a symbol of spring. As soon as she begins to bloom, you feel a pleasant smell, shades of purple, pink and white enchant the eyes of, the May heat comes into the house. On the wedding photo shoot on a background of colors, you will not regret it, because the bushes themselves look like a chic decoration. If you add a lilac in May bridal bouquet, boutonniere groom othe festive, the atmosphere at the ceremony will be fresh, fragrant.

Wedding photo shoot on a background of flowering lilac

Against the background of chestnuts

May photo session in the chestnut garden will allow you toget rare, unusual frames. Flowering of these trees is necessary just for the month of May. Any image of the bride will look excellent on the background chestnuts - whether you dress in the style of "Mermaid", "Princess", "A-Line", the Greek or direct. Wedding groom suit welcome in a bright color palette.

If you know where a few large increaseschestnut tree, arrange a wedding, visiting the May ceremony directly beneath them. Decorate them with lanterns, flowers and silk ribbons. Putting painting and saying "Yes" under the chestnut tree, you get the wedding photos momentous moment of your life in a beautiful location.

Wedding photo against a background of flowering chestnut trees

Photoshoot at the mall with tulips

If you want to make a bright, the May weddingbefore the summer, take a basis for floral compositions tulips. Scout immediate area, find out where and under what angles better to spend a photo session. If the alley only red tulips, let this color displays and other wedding accessories - a bouquet, boutonniere, candy boxes, compositions guests tables, decorating the arches. If it contains colored versions use in the design of the entire palette of spring colors.

Non-standard solutions for the May photo shootwill red wedding dress or jewelery elements (belt, corset with embroidery) made in this color. If you close the traditional image of a bride in a white dress, but a photo shoot in a red dress on a background of tulips - your long-cherished dream, beat the situation by arranging filming the day before the wedding. Small Love-story becomes a touching memory to your pair.

Wedding photo session in the alley with tulips

Wedding photo session in Macs

The main color of the photographs will be red. Make it the focus - use it in decorating the premises, wedding accessories. Consider the original performance. For example, the bride in the dress so be embroidered with poppies, the groom - boutonniere, the children's celebration - a basket with these flowers, the guests - red accessories (clutches, ties, blouses, shirts). And then at the May wedding photo session all participants will look harmonious.

Wedding photos in the poppy field

Details for the wedding photo shoot

Create a non-transferable, quivering, delicatethe atmosphere at the May wedding photo shoot will help you: thematic furniture, accessories, decor, floristry. Photos of the bride and groom without supplements are unlikely to look bright. Take plenty of time and money searching for unusual ideas for photo shoot your wedding to be truly unique. Consider attributes in more detail.

Having defined the venue for the weddingphoto shoot with photographer stipulate in what time period to better organize the May survey. On the bright midday sun in the open photos are not as warm as at dusk or in the spring morning. The shadow areas are located thematic furniture - wooden bench with cutouts in the shape of hearts, a small table. If possible, use a small soft chair or sofa. In the garden under the trees it will look quite appropriate. But in an open glade play better the wedding photo shoot on a picnic mat.

Accessories and decor - the flight of your imagination. If with this you have not, ask the help of wedding photographer. If he loves his work and creative approach to work, it will be a lot of interesting ideas. Use jars of fruit, wood fixtures cells, jars with flowers desired ratsvetki baskets with berries. Mini-garden will be a great addition to the wedding background. Additional decoration for a romantic photo session will serve as a candle, plaid, glasses.

Floristry not only revive the May weddingphoto composition, but also gives the brightness, tenderness, delicacy. To create a background using flowers (poppies, tulips, lilac, dandelions). The original decor will be Invitation, nursery cards, numbering tables with images of selected colors. Even on such subtleties pleasure to watch many years after the wedding.

Details for May wedding photo shoot