Wedding photography bride and groom

Wedding for each pair - a great event. So much happens during the solemn day - a cheerful morning redemption, the official registration of marriage in the registry office, walk together with the guests, and then a magnificent banquet with contests, games and dances. I wish that the day was perfect, and the memory of the event will forever remain in the wedding photos. To get from the wedding album that is completely like newlyweds, and for many years will be pleasing to the eye, heroes of the occasion should find a professional photographer. It will embody their ideas concerning a shooting in life.

Places for wedding photography

The choice of location for the wedding shooting depends onmany factors - Suite preferences, weather, event style, the availability of free time. Some couples can afford a long walk to the feast, but sometimes at the newlyweds a little time to make shots close to the registry office before leaving. This time is required to consider and possibly carve out at least a few hours for a walk, during which experts will make photos in a suitable place. See a great video with the photo shoot.

If you do not have a lot of time in the couple, needspecify the details of the photographer shooting in the vicinity of the Palace of marriage: pre-experiment with the poses, take only the necessary props, to plan the desired images. This saves time and allows the newlyweds to get more high-quality visual memories. If you have several hours to spare, heroes of the occasion can safely look for an environment that they seem ideal. For example, river embankment, old streets of the city, Central Park or commemorative newlyweds.

A popular option for wedding photographypremises are estates, palaces, houses of culture. The rich decor halls, skillful molding on the walls and marble stairs are an excellent backdrop for photos newlyweds. Beautifully will look at the photo of festive comfort timber estates: newly minted spouses may play in a luxurious room, where all the decorated tree. Not so important, what will be the background of wedding photos, the main thing - it is love that will "peep" through all photos of the newlyweds.

The registry office

Even a professional photographer a bit worriedbefore making shots in the registry office, because he has only a few moments. Here the couple standing in front of the registrar of marriage, then exchange rings, kiss happens, congratulate their relatives and friends, open the champagne - all of these events can not be re-shoot, do not be the heroes of the occasion to re-pose, exchanging wedding accessories? The task of wedding photographer - make beautiful photos of these unique moments of touching.

Wedding photo session in a registry office

During the wedding walk

Personnel from the wedding walk normally and touchingromantic - at Suite it is possible to show imagination, embodying all your ideas about the desired images. Photos can be classic and formal, during which the couple make a beautiful festive setting, can be a fun and active, funny, romantic, daring, but even better if there are wedding pictures from all types of newly-married couple. To get the perfect picture, the bride and groom must accurately explain the photographer what results they want to achieve.

Wedding pictures with newlyweds walking

In the banquet hall during the celebration

During the gala banquet on the occasionwedding event, the photographer has to show all their skills to shoot an interesting, fun, high-quality report from the scene. Professionals need to capture the atmosphere that prevails at the festival, possible to make a portrait photograph attending to every guest got a picture with the celebration. Be sure to remove the competitions, fun tasks and games that create a joyful atmosphere. It is impossible to ignore the main highlight of the program - the first dance of newly-married couple.

Shooting at the wedding banquet

The most popular poses to shoot the bride and groom

This season, popular pictures, whereheroes of the festivities appear the most "live" - ​​as if they filmed surreptitiously until they have seen. Pastel treatment without a bright contrast, poses mainly natural. Photographers tend to show the individuality of each pair, its character. However, do not go out of fashion and classic setting that is useful to know for beginners, as well as married couples, not yet knowing how to pose. Here are a few examples of basic items that will make beautiful pictures, so to speak, a classic:

  • Romantic Pose. The couple tenderly embracing each other, lightly touching cheeks, the bride holding a bouquet turned to the camera, eyes focused on the two photos, smiling faces. This touching portrait posing looks good on any photo shoot and will enjoy the most demanding newlyweds. Another variation of it - the photo above.

Pose newlyweds: hug
  • A touching statement. Pose: Newlyweds touching foreheads, heads bowed and eyes closed. Gentle Photo give intimacy between culprits celebrations, talk about their feelings for each other. Another popular variation of it - the groom kisses the forehead newly made husband.

A touching statement of the groom with the bride shooting
  • Shooting from a distance. To make the wedding pictures as much as possible "live", the photographer can make a few frames away moving away from the bride and groom. The main thing - to choose a beautiful backdrop behind. In all the photos it is important to make sure that the hands of the spouses does not "hang out", were closer to the body and to each other (unless otherwise provided the plot), and face were visible.

Shooting newlyweds at a distance
  • Photos from behind. To make a perfect wedding shots from the back, it is necessary to ask the newlyweds leveled shoulders and walk slowly. As a rule, such images shot using personnel to watch out for a good time. Another interesting situation - heroes of the day sitting with his back to the photographer, kissing.

The performances of the newlyweds from the back
  • The sitting posture on the ground. Couple relaxed sitting on the grass looking at the camera and smile. This classic formulation gives the photographer the opportunity to make a nice, romantic photos. Variations wedding pictures with landing infinite set, trust a professional.

Pose the bride and groom sitting on the ground

Photos of the bride and groom in summer

Summer - the favorite time of year for the newlyweds all overworld. At this time, they have a large number of options for the wedding photo shoot. This may be a river, boat, green park, the central square of the city - all the summer photo, especially when the sun shines brightly, obtained excellent. Another great option - to go into the field with flowering plants. This site will help create a unique romantic atmosphere of wedding pictures.

Summer photo of bride and groom

Beautiful winter photos of young

Despite the fact that most of the wedding planningin the warm season, some newlyweds celebrate wonderful winter celebrations. In addition, photos are no less, and sometimes even more interesting: the bride to the groom will look great on a background of snow and bare, "gray" landscape, if pick up bright contrasting accessories.

Winter wedding photography