Wedding photo shoot with balloons

Wedding photography - the ability to permanentlycapture the magic moment of connection of two loving hearts. An important step in preparation for the wedding is to choose a subject for shooting. Photoshoot with balloons - a colorful event, which will certainly be fun, funny and at the same time romantic and touching. To wedding photography was a success, for it is necessary to think of the script.

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot with balloons

An attribute of a holiday romance and character areair balloons. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes, as well as the use of helium, which allows them to fly, will make any photo session creative, colorful and unique. When used while shooting a large number of balls the effect will be stronger if they will all be the same color (for example, the traditional weddings - white, pink, or red). Just fresh and bright multicolored bundles of fun look.

To the balloons did not look corny,add accessories to them (garlands, ribbons, bows). Successful detail - inscribed lettering or pictures that are printed to order a special paint on the surface of products. A good solution for a wedding shoot will pereklikanie color range balls and hue of the dress or the bride's accessories. Let's take a closer look at the most current ideas for this photo shoot.

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Glowing balloons in the evening

Any wedding is usuallyIt ends up closer to the night. Light show in the final celebration in the evening is very popular, and a photo session with the entourage is nontrivial, romantic and spectacular at the same time. Glowing Balloons are suitable for this ideal, because They have several advantages over the fireworks:

  • security;
  • ease of use;
  • affordability;
  • considerable time (up to 48 hours, the greatest brightness within 8-10 hours).

balloon glow effect gives locatedinside the LED, powered by batteries. There are two versions of such products: flickering (blinking) and constantly glowing. For wedding photos with the launch balloons in the sky, choose the latter. Shimmering perfectly suited for static surroundings. Another nuance - for a photo shoot, select glowing matte products, as pearl or metallic colors mute glow.

Glowing balloons honeymoon photo shoot

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Married with a bunch of colorful balloons

Option with a bunch of balloons in their hands will providestatic pictures that are full of touching tenderness and romance. Add the passion and dynamics will help lighting effects (eg, use as a background sunrise / sunset, evening light lamps / illumination) or unusual scenery (architectural landmarks, the original landscape, city street without people, vintage car). The extraordinary story will give the balls of different sizes in the same bundle.

Honeymoon photoset as a plain suitballs (choice of color depends on the story), and multicolor bright armful. It should be borne in mind that shiny (metallic foil) and matt balls in a heap - a risky combination that is best left to the photographer or stylist. To use unconventional unusual balloons: filled with confetti, words or patterns, fringe or ribbons instead of the traditional yarn.

Wedding photo shoot with an armful of colorful beads

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Discharging into the sky balloons

Mass start in the sky with helium ballswishes during the wedding has long gained popularity in many countries. Do not abandon it because of the seeming banality. This spectacle is always inspiring, memorable event. Photos from discharging the balloons are bright, dynamic and often unpredictable, as well as all the emotion involved in the actions of people.

Wedding photo shoot: the launch balloons in the sky

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Bride and groom jumping

Very popular with honeymooners scriptphoto shoot - "Gone with the Wind." It is a dynamic image, which is a jump: the bride and / or groom, holding a bunch of balloons, high-bounce (or jump to any elevation). The result is a stunning effect, as if the honeymoon takes up. For this story, it is desirable to use a large bunch to give credence to the snapshot. A summer hats helmets with goggles Add photos of humor and enthusiasm.

Wedding photo shoot: Gone with the Wind

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Wedding photos with huge balls

The popular props for wedding photoset -Balloons over half a meter in diameter. Particularly relevant bright (yellow, red, blue, green) or matte pastel jewelry Tassel-garland (a brush) or ribbons. Photos with the entourage looked unusual and fresh. The plot for a photo shoot with large gel balls, as a rule, is plain (walk, kissing). Such props on a par with the newlyweds will be the main hero of the picture, so other accents are not required.

Big balloons for the wedding photo shoot

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Photoshoot with balloons in the form of hearts

Heart - symbol of love, so this attributeIt will always be popular and in demand. For the wedding photo shoot is well suited as a traditional red latex hearts and unusual balls-heart (foil, large or custom colors). Garland in the form of one or two interlocking hearts of balloons - is also an excellent props, which can be different beat in front of the camera (the couple can keep them, or pop-hugging).

Wedding photo shoot with balloons-hearts

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Wedding photo shoot with balloons in the studio

Studio photography has its advantages overoutdoor photo session. It does not depend on the time of year or the weather, indoor photos always turn out high-quality, and the couple can experiment with images and outfits. If we make a survey before the wedding, balloons that are used as props, then it is suitable for decoration of rooms, cars or for the final launch ceremony on the street.

Preparing for a thematic photo session, purchaseone-color balls. The more they have, the more effective will result. If the bride and groom have children, a good idea to bring them to shoot - these photos turn out nice and warm. Not worth saving from the photo shoot for a regular room in the apartment. It smazhet all the solemnity of the event, and lighting can bring. Instead, the studio will suit a good hotel room. Decorate his balls, you get a great surroundings for bright shooting.

Wedding photo shoot with balloons in the studio

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