Wedding photo session with horses

Wedding - one of the main events in the life of anycouples in love, so it is important to make this holiday a memorable one. To keep the memory of this magical day for life, the couple invited the photographer. Add a festive event will highlight the original wedding photo session with horses. It can be as young horse ride, and ride in a carriage or a romantic shot in the stables. Horses at the wedding celebration will help to transform into a real fairy tale, where the valiant knight takes away his beloved on his devotional steed.

Tips on preparing for a photo shoot on horseback

Photoshoot with horses requires careful preparation

Before choosing horses for a romantic weddingphoto shoot, it is worth a visit in advance next to the place of painting young stables and riding clubs that provide services to provide horses for a holiday. Be sure to observe the behavior of animals in conditions familiar to them, and also pay attention to the people who care for them. When choosing horses for a photo shoot, check the cleanliness of stables where horses contain.

To arrange a wedding shoot with horses,You will need to sign a contract. Specify in advance the full price, please read all of the items of the contract. Do not be tempted by lucrative offers dubious owners of animals. To avoid unpleasant surprises during the photo shoot for the wedding, you should take a responsible approach to the issue of rent horses.

Young is not superfluous to learn the basics of horsehorse riding in the near equestrian club. Basic skills will help prevent unexpected incidents, which are often associated with the fear of large animals, as well as the lack of adequate knowledge about it. Get help from a professional instructor in horsemanship. Ideal - to learn to ride a horse and take a horse in the same coach.

The horse will turn to shoot in a real fairy tale

When you select should give preference to horsesto calm the animal. Check with the instructor behaviors of different horses. Once the choice is made, meet the future party photo shoot, try to get used to it, ride on top of him. Keep in mind, each horse its own character, which should be considered when choosing a pet.

Beforehand find a place where it will betake wedding photo shoot. At the same time, consider the year, as well as the weather, which promised the day of the shooting. To make spectacular pictures summer should give preference to green spaces, pine forests with glades. Venue of the wedding photo shoot be sure to discuss with the owner of the horse, as you may not be allowed to divert the animal away from its usual location. Please inform the instructor of the date and time to which horses are to be prepared.

script ideas for a wedding photo shoot

Beautiful horse decorate the wedding photo shoot

To date, there is rapidincreasing the number of equestrian clubs, more and more people are addicted to horse riding. Wedding photo session with horses - a real gift for the young, which, looking to the future pictures from your holiday to be with a warm heart to remember stunningly romantic stroll with a beautiful stately horses. Horses help make your wedding day entertaining and memorable. These amazing animals are causing a lot of positive emotions, give a smile and a good mood.

Perform a photo shoot for a wedding with bayor the white horse at any time of the year. You only need to decide on the venue for the shooting, as well as with the plot, which will be disclosed as part of a photo shoot. There are plenty of options for the use of horses. For example, if you rent a luxury coach, wedding trip will turn into a real fairy tale. Photographer will offer you a ride on a horse, to walk with her, holding the animal by the bridle, or just sit next to the handsome handsome.

In addition to a photo shoot for a wedding, a horse willthe perfect complement survey-type love story. This photo session is usually held some time before the wedding celebration. To get a beautiful album with impressive photos, organize pictures with horses. At the same time you have the opportunity to choose the appropriate clothes, dissolve the hair, wear, for example, cowboy boots and denim shorts.

How to conduct a photo shoot in the winter?

The stunning result of the winter session with a horse

With the right approach to the organization of photo shoots,white landscapes in the pictures will look great. Beautiful bride in a wedding dress gentle riding on a beautiful stallion against the backdrop of the old mansions and architectural structures - frame of this winter tale. Snow-carved facades give images a romantic mood. Excellent images are obtained also in parks and forests, where tree branches covered with frost.

The basis for the wedding photo shoot also offertake a traditional Russian stories, such as sleigh rides with bells. The pictures in this way necessarily turn out bright and cheerful. During the photo shoot in the winter should not be neglected colorful bulky accessories. On the white background, such decorations will look spectacular. Use colorful ribbons, flowers, balloons, and other elements of the wedding décor.

In the hayloft in the barn

Wedding photo session in the stable

Many women are afraid to sit on a horse,but to give up the fabulous photo shoot do not wish to. Photographer proposes to organize a walk beside the animal or in the stables. The last option would be the optimal output, if the bride's dress is too, which does not allow it to climb astride a horse or, for example, on the street overcast, snow is wet. Having arranged a session with her lover tender kisses in the barn or in the barn, you will turn out incredibly touching and romantic pictures.

During the photo shoot in the stable must bethink in advance all the details of the shooting. Firstly, you need to find the most clean, well maintained stables. Secondly, it is necessary to understand that this is the place of keeping animals which is not very pleasant smell, and also have a chance to stain your wedding dress. Think carefully about all the nuances associated with the shooting. However, the disadvantages are stunning wedding shots.

In the autumn

Golden Autumn - a great time for a photo shoot

Fall photo shoot with horses -incredibly romantic option. With few exceptions, when the weather is poor, and outside are continuous downpours produced stunning saturated images. Bride with her beloved fiance on a background of golden foliage, leading the reins of a beautiful horse - a wonderful fairy story for wedding photography. This photoshoot will give a huge amount of positive emotions, both young and photographer who will get amazing opportunity to use all the beauty of this wonderful season.

During a walk in the carriage

Luxury coach - perfect for wedding photo shoots attribute

Some clubs offer horse hiregreat coach with a professional coachman. This attribute is required to transform a luxury in a fabulous photo shoot magical adventure. Walking in a carriage pulled by a horse held in the forest, in the presence of a suitable track, and in the park with ancient architectural structures. To quickly find a provider of such services, contact your wedding agency with a good reputation. Some shooting scenarios offer the bride and groom appear in the images of the knight and beautiful princess.

In spring and summer

Summer - the perfect time for shooting horses

Horses help decorate for the wedding photo shoot,turn it into an unforgettable adventure, the memory of which will remain for years to come. Solar spring or summer - a great time for a romantic shooting with these amazing animals, both in the city and in the countryside. Please note that the summer and spring - times when a lot of weddings held. Book a shot from mounts in advance, so that your plans were not disrupted.

Horseback riding in nature

Horse riding bride and groom

There are a large number of variousvariations scenarios summer or spring shooting involving horses. If you feel confident in the stallion, feel free to go for a ride. If you do not want to crush fluffy dress or you do not want to ride a horse, arrange a photo session with the coach, take a walk next to the horse on the background of an old mansion or have a memorable picnic with her beloved horse in the company.

In addition to beautiful shots, shooting to becomeyoung in an inexhaustible source of pleasant emotions and joy. If you are confident to ride, but your partner for whatever reason, has no desire to keep you company - it does not matter. No less spectacular will look the photos that the bride, like a knight, carefully leading his horse by the bridle, and you sat astride like a beautiful princess. For magnificent wedding dress is not superfluous to ask the instructor a special sidesaddle, which will significantly simplify the riding.

Examples of the wedding photo shoot on horseback