Wedding fun 2016

Wedding - a touching day togetherness twoloving hearts, but practice shows that this day can not do without funny moments. Funny things happen just out of the blue, and experienced video and fotooperatory time to capture everything on film. If at the wedding because of the festive bustle notice funny moments difficult, after the triumph, reviewing materials wedding guests and newlyweds find a lot of interesting and often spread it all to the network. Here are some fresh funny videos and photos from the wedding festivities, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

The irony in the wedding photo shoot 2016

Video collection of wedding jokes 2016

In reviewing a videotape from a weddingevent, you can always find something cheerful, but to put it simply - fun. Heroes next few random spots become parties to funny situations - such things can be perceived as bad, but it's fine dilutes the excessive severity of the wedding and gives a reason to laugh heartily.

If you will soon planned wedding day,ask the videographer and professional installation not delete funny moments forever - it's better to assemble all of the comedic moments that were at the wedding, a short film with jokes at the festival. This video will be your favorite, because it will give a reason to laugh once again, be able to easily pick you up at the right time.

Fotokurez wedding 2016

Unsuccessful fun at the wedding

Unsuccessful moments at a wedding can easilyturn into a fun, if you treat them with humor. Laugh failure - means half solve the problem, the more so that all the material - stained dress that fell wedding cake, flying down during painting pants - it's such a little compared to the spiritual marriage of meaning when two loving hearts confirm the strength of their feelings to God, family, and the state. At the wedding, all the fun is considered normal, while a small mistake will be a highlight of the evening.

Funny dancing at a wedding

Dance of the wedding evening - itstorehouse of funny moments, and all because the guests and the couple themselves have had a drink. This can not but affect the coordination of movements, but at the same time uplifting, takes away all stiffness, which is present at the beginning of the celebration. As a result, almost every wedding celebrations there are unique dancers, original movement, posture, falls, which can not fail to amuse observers. The latest dance fun with weddings, you can see in this video:

Funny wedding contests

During competitions there are also funnymoments, but without them all the wedding entertainment from the very beginning are organized so as to amuse the audience, add courage to the wedding. Even with a normal stocking, a man's head so the two women's hands can be carried out very funny competition, which will force all present pretty laugh. See what can happen if you let this set in the case:

Another way to amuse the guests aredressing. The images will be funnier, the more splash produce entertainment, this is often used special humorous masks, glasses, wigs, false noses, and other attributes of the holiday. As with the help of several volunteers and such unusual accessories to organize fun competition, you can see in this video, and in a good mood, you will be provided with:

The most ridiculous photo-fun at the wedding in 2016

Funny are of two types: stage and random. Stage photo - specifically orchestrated original footage with the newlyweds, the guests (often friends of the bride and groom), the purpose of which is to bring a smile from people viewing an album, to show a sense of humor young, fun atmosphere at the wedding. Random is funny - it's unplanned funny moments, especially not caught in the camera lens.

Which of these two kinds of fun wedding photosridiculous - a matter of personal preference, but looking at them, it is impossible not to smile. Therefore, if you want to cheer yourself up, and we consider that it is not necessary to do the wedding, not to see yourself in a curious picture, look at our collection of fresh jokes and photo-hitchings for 2016. They need you to be sure to please.

Funny from a wedding in 2016