The attributes for the wedding photo shoot

In our time, no wedding is complete withoutbeautiful scene and staged photographs. Engage professional photographers, video director, and that comes out in the end? At some family browsing wedding album every month, finding more and more subtle details in the photo, in others - and it does not open, covered with dust. So what is the difference? The pictures in the registry office - this is important, but do not neglect the staff love story of the bride and groom. To prevent pictures were nice to look at the attributes for the wedding photo shoot is to think in advance. What can also become such an accessory?

How to choose the right attributes for a photo shoot

First you need to determine what you like, withoutwhich do not represent life as it embody material. Consider an example. If you like to look into the beautiful scenery, they must necessarily be present on the frame, like flowers - floristic composition attributes are correct for your wedding, are fond of sports, music or hobbies - pass it by auxiliary materials.

Decide on a wedding theme, considerwhere you will feel comfortable - in nature, in the studio or the beautiful architectural building. After selecting the main venue for the shooting in more detail you can imagine the scenery and discuss the images with stylists, choose creative accessories. If you are not sure of his decision, go to a wedding magazine upcoming season, check the news and trends in the photo shoots. The more ideas you miss through itself, the sooner will find "their", which embody with unique attributes.

Selecting attributes for a photo shoot

attributes Ideas for the wedding photo shoot

It all depends on the selected topics at the wedding. Offshore, vintage, retro, Provence, rustic styles come across the sea have ideas that come true with the help of desires and golden hands of decorators. Wedding attributes come in different sizes - from small spark to the bulk, decorated with photo zone. Detailed accessories convey subtleties of mood honeymooners: candles, flowers - romance; blankets, bedding, knitwear - warm and cozy; Inscription - the joy; bohemian jewelry - hill. These attributes are used as a wedding studio and in nature.

Flags or plaques with inscriptions

The West has long been used flags and signswith slogans like road signs or symbols guests. We have this wedding idea is popular the last couple of years, and embody it in completely different ways. The main focus of these attributes - fun, fun, fun and entertainment. If you liking this idea, prepare the bridal accessories for a photo shoot. What should I use?

Paper colored mustache, crown, lips becomeexcellent complement bright wedding photos. Romantic phrases in recognition of love in the form of a pop-up will show your cloud daydreaming at a photo shoot. Wooden inscriptions future family, "bride," "groom" will help create a cheerful mood. Playful attributes with quotes: "A nurse will be?" "When in a restaurant?" "I want to marry," not everyone's liking, but they are also often used.

Flags and signs with slogans for svadby


Use wedding paraphernalia in the form of balls,if you want to enjoy the aerial photographs. It is an economical option for honeymooners, but do not think that the background will look cheap and uninteresting. Start your wedding pictures in the morning collecting the bride - in the bedroom place helium balloons on the ceiling, tied to each declaration of love or mental picture. Unique background ready, this moment will be remembered for the bride. Air Wedding attributes use both in the studio and placed them around the ceiling, and on the nature, in the form of a rainbow beam.

Balloons for the wedding photo shoot

Satin ribbons

If you have no idea how to lookare wedding decorations to photography, try these few ideas. Satin ribbons - is not only bows or woven flowers, it is easy to make a full, bright, textured wedding song for the background. No matter where the shooting occurred, you can create one wedding arch, decorated with multi-colored, pleasant fabric. On top place the same attributes - ribbons segments in several rows, fixing them on the line. Surely, your wedding is the main color, use it as a background in the form of satin ribbons.

Satin ribbons as an accessory for a photo shoot

Locks of different shapes and colors

To pair your important wedding symbolsaccessories? You selected as the main theme of the attribute lock and key will herald a strong family life. These signs of general semantics, they are interchangeable, as husband and wife in the future. According to the canons, the newlyweds on their wedding day hang on the famous Castle or private, intimate place (bridge, tree, bench), close the key and throw it. This gesture shows the willingness to be faithful to each other until the end of life. How else beat wedding attribute?

Locks come in different forms - not only standardsquare with the rim but round, two hearts, remelted together. Use them not only during a photo shoot at the wedding, but also as a gift accessories instead of edible candy boxes. Locks, which are carved the names, dates - that will leave a trace in the memory of guests. Do not forget the keys, they will serve as an extraordinary wedding background, if they hang in a row, painted in bright colors. One of them - the key to your heart. So emerges the wedding story.

Locks as attributes to take pictures at a wedding

Wooden boat

Romance - a synonym for your couple? Then you suitable attributes for a photo shoot at the wedding - a wooden boat and clear water. The boat looks extreme, so there is greater focus on the romantic setting. Create it simply - the groom, the bride, boat, studded with ornamental and wild flowers, if the weather gives a cool, do not forget the rug. You do not have to spend here the whole wedding photo shoot, but as one of the places - it is an excellent choice.

There are nuances to be aware of if youWe decided to make the wedding pictures in the boat. First, the bride should be the magnificent dress, otherwise it will fill them with all the boat, it will look too pretentious. Second, the guests, buddies, girlfriends better not to interfere with a warm, romantic atmosphere of the newlyweds on a wooden boat, because then the sacrament no shower will be held.

Wedding photo of the newlyweds in a wooden boat

Rose petals

Passionate Bride ready to sing odes to rose petals,because they not only sprinkled the newlyweds after the wedding. So emphasize feelings, using the pitch as an attribute in the wedding photography. If you exit the ceremony, they strew the way to the altar, using monochromatic or multi-colored hues, creating a gradient. From the rose petals draw a heart shape on the beach by the sea, creating gentle geometric compositions. Surely you have decided on the main shade of the wedding. Roses are so versatile, that are suitable for any subject.

We do not often practice a whole stands outfresh flowers, because it is the high cost, but it looks like a luxurious backdrop. Try to find the master manual work, which will give you a wedding photo zone, decorated with rose petals vertically. It will be cheaper than decorate the wall whole buds, but will look dignified and elegant. Use rose petals as accessories in the form of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, buttonholes. Due to the attributes in the wedding photo shoot images of the bride and groom will look complete.

Rose petals on the bride and groom photo shoot

Decorative swing

If the wedding will be held at a poshrestaurant, perhaps near the patio will swing. Fix a couple of romantic frames for a photo shoot on it with her husband, girlfriends, friends, relatives. Excellent photos are when the bride adorned wedding dress, swaying with the breeze on a swing decorative. To attribute a festive look, "dress up" their flowers, silk and satin fabrics add soft cushions, if bench or sofa.

If you are visiting a wedding photo shoot would be desirablespend in nature, it is not necessary to abandon the idea. Swings in the decor make the agency. So even more romantic when the wedding attribute is suspended on a cord for the branches of the trees, and behind you green, lush landscape. Swing decorate with flowers, green leaves, to get a full reunion with nature.

Decorative swing honeymoon photo shoot

What are the attributes for a photo shoot, you can make your own hands

You do not have to rely on servicesdecorators, contributed to the decoration of the wedding photo shoot! So, you can own hands to create a miracle, which will then ask all the guests. Where to begin? With the answers to the standard questions, in which the style of the wedding, which is dominated by shades. Determine that you are more attracted - luxury wedding accessories or creative venture, and proceed.

An interesting example for the fun airphoto shoot - the ceiling of helium balls or paper pompons. Use the stand, dressing table with photos or pictures hung on the drying rope to create an original background for wedding photos. Cosy picnic - a great choice if thought through little things like jugs with flowers, jars of jam, cute cups, floral compositions, warm blanket.

Wedding attributes with their own hands

Video: how to use attributes for the wedding photo shoot

Wedding attributes - a memory for life,which engages in the photos. Do not rush with the choice, decision-support. Before the wedding photoshoot study in detail, in what posture is better to get the newlyweds as advantageous to use accessories. In the video below you will get acquainted with wedding attributes that are not mentioned above, which are used for a variety of shooting.

Photo unusual wedding attributes for a photo shoot

Attributes are quite common, but the way they arehas the right to use many to strike. Push off with your favorite movies, games, sports hobbies, then the photo shoot will send your spirits. If you are enthusiastic about the film adaptation of the painting "The Great Gatsby", the wedding attributes in the form of fabrics with sequins, retro car, champagne glasses, shiny accessories, ornaments on the hair will create a festive mood of the wedding.

Photos like a walk with horses - idealoption for a celebration at the ranch. Horses and decorating it is not necessary, they are by nature have everything you need. If you like parties, trips to the cinema, the wedding photo shoot at the club, the cinema or the beautiful architectural building with crackers, popcorn, luminous ball is suitable for you. Bride and groom are fond of music? Wedding attributes may make guitars, violins, boom microphone.

The attributes for an unusual photo shoots newlyweds