Signs for the wedding photo shoot with his own hands

Funny pictures from the wedding to help savein memory of the joyful moments of solemn day. The traditional photo session in the classical style is no surprise. Today the couple are trying to bring to your wedding event notes extravagance and outrageous. Vivid images with fun accessories that everyone can make their own hands, will make your photos unique and individual.

Wedding props for photo shoots

Master class for creating labels with the faces with their hands

Unusually look for wedding decorationsphoto session in the form of tablets with faces. When taking photographs, the couple or guests triumph to his face tray icon portrait celebrity or another character. So, get fun staging the photo, where the bridesmaids will be sealed with a sign, person, or friends of the bride to the groom portraits. For the youth of the wedding photo shoot suit plates with portraits of popular cartoon characters (Winnie the Pooh, Cheburashka, The Simpsons).

Tablets persons for the wedding photo shoot with his own hands

Necessary materials

  • Portrait of a large size (A3);
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Materials for creating a wedding signs

Stages of Development

  • Locate the network you like the portrait of the heroor else make the desired picture of the bride and groom. Print out the selected image. If you do not use a ready template and create it themselves, then by cutting the picture, giving it the shape of tennis rackets so. That is, the layout must handle and an oval.

Cut layout for tablets with a face
  • In draw a cardboard cut-out photo layout. Liberally lubricate it with glue.

Smeared with glue layout from the reverse side plates
  • Stick to the cardboard blank photo.

Glue on a cardboard photo props
  • Irregularities cut off. Allow the plate to dry. The original props for the wedding photo shoot done.

Homemade face plate with the photo session for newlyweds

The tablet-index with an inscription for the wedding photo shoot

The original props for the wedding photo shoot -Inscription. These accessories not only complement the survey, but also raise the mood of everyone present. On tablets, indexes can be written as a humorous phrases and traditional labels (Happiness, Love, Vows, Ceremony). They are made of boards, which are then installed on the territory of the event.

Panels designed for the wedding photo shoot

Necessary materials

  • the required size of the board;
  • inkjet printer for printing out blank labels;
  • wax paper;
  • sheet of cardboard;
  • adhesive tape;
  • artistic, paint brushes;
  • Acrylic paint favorite colors;
  • White Spirit;
  • sandpaper;
  • plastic card (old unnecessary credit card).

Make a sign-pointer with his own hands: Materials

Stages of Development

  • Before decorating and inscribingwood must be prepared. The selected planks to shape: Saw them as a pointer arrow (or buy ready-made blanks in the art salon, shop for crafts). Treat the surfaces with sandpaper to smooth out all the bumps. Degrease the wood with white spirit.

Wedding plate-pointer: preparation of wood
  • Next, print the selected label (in mirror image). All graphics editor has a function.

Wedding pointers: print template
  • Print the label is not recommended on plainplain paper, and wax. Because it is too thin and may wrinkle in the printer, it is first necessary to fix on a cardboard sheet by gluing the edges with duct tape.

Prepare for an inscription plate-pointer for the wedding photo shoot
  • Paint brush, apply a little bit of water on the surface of the wood. Then attach it to the printed blank labels. Make sure that it is located right in the middle plank.

Applies the blank with the words to the wood
  • The paper with the inscription we have made to the board of the inkdown. Then you need a plastic card (or back of a spoon) carefully to hold on waxed paper so that the timber etched outlines of the word.

The initial view of the translated inscriptions on tree
  • But since when printing black ink, the inscription is difficult to read on board were used. Therefore, with the help of an art brush acrylic paint draw around the outline of the letters.

The inscription on the wedding pointer, circled acrylic paint
  • Completely fill in the letters paint the selected color.

Painted painted inscription on the index for shooting

Ready-made templates labels for a photo shoot

It's funny and fun to look photos on whichheroes are holding speech clouds. Make a prop with his own hands is not difficult. To do this, use Word. Navigate to the "Insert" - "Shapes", you will find the right template outlines. Choose your favorite picture and enter the text into it. In such speech clouds comic placed phrases, a declaration of love, cries of joy and happiness. Use the props to shoot the couple and the guests while walking and at the banquet. Ready-made templates below will help you to quickly create such labels.

Templates tablets for a photo shoot at the wedding

Photo plates with funny inscriptions for the wedding photo shoot

Anchored on a stick Inscriptiongive your wedding pictures fun and originality. The process of shooting turns into an exciting game in which they want to participate all those present at the ceremony guests. Make up of bright and funny images, use the comic props, and then your shots will receive individual and unique. Participants shooting should interact with each other, to express vivid emotions. Successful receive only those photos, which will be supplemented by the comic props sincere emotions.

Homemade signs for wedding shooting