Props for the wedding photo shoot

An excellent opportunity for capturing firsthappy hours life of the couple gives props for the wedding photo shoot. Almost every house there is a family album, a special place where the wedding photographs reserved. What are the photos of the most beautiful moments of this happy day? Funny, funny, romantic, full of emotions and at the same time original, showy, bright.

Options props for the wedding photo shoot

In the first minutes of shooting the wedding the bride and groomI feel a little awkward, so the photos may be somewhat ridiculous. Come to this event to share creative, use a variety of accessories to become a photo shoot colorful, original, fun. This is not just stylish and beautiful props, in most cases, these little things are funny subtext to all participants of the celebration were able to give the image Funny notes. Stylish sunglasses, retro mustache, full lips are perfect for gay scenes. Speech cloud will help clearly convey thoughts.

To use props for weddingphotoshoot spectacularly decorated holiday, it should be chosen carefully. According to the color execution and the nature of things should be in harmony with the style of the ceremony. For example, a retro-style mustache suit ladies' man, a fantastic glasses, red lips secular beauty. To make a reality of the most unusual, bold, interesting ideas, you need a large variety of fotobutaforii.

  • Speech clouds with humorous sayings on wedding photo shoot will create a cheerful mood.
  • Stylized ties, mustaches, butterflies help bring spectacular retro fototeatr.
  • Use multi-colored wind turbine as the props will be a bright accent in photographs and make romance, ease.
  • Garlands with the wedding date, names of the newlyweds, other inscriptions give an individual, for illustration photographs.
  • Props in the form of clouds with the words will present at the wedding photo shoot people to become participants in the comics.
  • Inventory with the words "husband" and "wife" gives the young couple clearly apply the new statuses in the photo shoot, saying it all around.

Balloons and kite

Photoshoot with balloons doomed to success. Several cheerful multi-colored balls, or elegant monochrome give your new sound a walk. Especially effectively looks like a prop in the rays of the setting sun. Another romantic attribute considered kites. Think of how much joy, excitement brought his start as a child? Until now, the kites cause children's emotions, when you lift your head and you see them in the sky. You will get an unforgettable experience when using such props along with the groom.

Wedding photography with balloons and snakes

Bright fruit and vegetables

If the wedding photo shoot planned for nature,when the sun shines brightly, bring a picnic basket filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to take an umbrella tracery, a book, a beautiful veil, the other props. Fruits are also used in a joking manner, for example, from tangerine bride and groom make the eyes. The couple can feed each other grapes and berries. For autumn shooting relevant traditional at this time of fruit: pumpkins, apples. They allow you to recreate a lot of great stories.

Shooting a wedding with fruits and vegetables

Bicycles, roller skates and ice skates

Such sports attributes like rollers, skates,bicycles have many pairs of lovers. This photo shoot props to easily rent, hire, borrow from friends. The vehicles are opening unprecedented scope for wedding photo cards. You can bike ride together to take a spectacular position, leaning in for a kiss. Very interesting to see this props for photo shoots, decorated with a vintage. Decorate it with flowers basket, so the pictures will look more attractive.

Photoshoot newlyweds rollerblading, skating, cycling

Large letters and boxes

The trend of using check boxes and letters asprops for wedding shooting came to us from the West, and has caused a real boom. Today it is one of the most fashionable, the latest trends to create a festive surroundings. Made of foam, wood, painted in different colors, decorated in an unpredictable way, the inscription will be an excellent complement to the photo shoot. This props not only brings diversity decorates shooting, but also creates a unique decoration of the hall, sets the mood of the holiday.

On the wedding photo shoot as propsoften used wooden letter. To shoot you have to pre-order them in a special workshop. It would be more often they look at nature in the end turn out unforgettable photographs. Next props - boxes with inscriptions, drawings - looks spectacular, if make him a garland. This attribute is suspended on the hood of the car, a door, a tree, holding hands in the process of shooting.

The letters and boxes for the wedding photo shoot

Satin ribbons, ropes and pieces of cloth

Late fall and early spring can not pleaseits colors: foliage else on so thick as you would like, or it is not. To decorate the outdoor photo shoots place different pieces of bright cloth, ribbons, ropes. This will help you to recreate a festive extravaganza. Ribbons hang on trees, poles, hand in hand for guests spouses. Multicolored strips of fabric to create a suitable background: densely hung them on a rope, attach the two trees, and colorful atmosphere, you will be guaranteed.

For photo shoots often use large piecesmaterial of different colors, which are beautifully developed in the wind. Choose silk, tulle, organza for props. The matter can be roll up, lie down on it, do it all, what your heart desires - it is a lot of room for creativity. Fatin, translucent, light, volatile, attached photograph romance bloom. Color props choose, based on the principle of harmony or contrast with the attire newlyweds.

The use of tissue in the wedding photo shoot


From vial with soap bubbles, no one canrefuse - even the most dour man not resist the urge to inflate and burst them. Give the newlyweds and read this toy, fun wedding photographs that you are almost ready. In this scenario, you must provide a pair of complete freedom of action in the photo shoot and does not detract from the lesson. They will behave easy, easy, relaxed, like children, to give sunny smile. Each frame will reflect their warmth and joy.

Photoshoot at the wedding with soap bubbles

Frames of paintings

To create a unique wedding photoswe advise you to look in the attic of an old frame for pictures. If you can not find, do not despair, in baguette workshops easily order original props for every taste. The shooting with frames can participate newlyweds, their friends and parents. From theme celebration depends on the style of the wedding photo shoot props: retro, Provence, rustic romance.

Frames like props for wedding shooting


To shoot weddings in the style of the country, in the kraftas props suitable turntable on a stick. This is a bright, naive thing, which creates a light, cheerful mood. Beautiful windmills, which sets in motion the slightest breath of wind, looked tenderly romantic. Experiment with these props to get the most out of a photo shoot. Turntables easy to make your own hands.

Photo newlyweds with turntables

Examples of wedding photo sessions with the details

Tasteful props helps to create induring a wedding photo shoot enchanting, festive mood. With it the guests and the couple easily get used to the different roles. Use of accessories makes shooting in theatrical, exciting creative process. Look, what beautiful, spectacular photos are the result of a photo shoot at the wedding with original props:

Examples of wedding photos with props