Poses for the wedding photo shoot

Bright photo book, romantic presentation,composed of holiday snaps, or unusual collage of memories, collecting together the whole picture of the wedding - a mandatory final chord of the wedding ceremony. Abandon it means to deprive yourself of pleasant emotions, carefully imprinted on touching and tender frames. But it is important to remember that pose for a wedding photo shoot also need to choose a great, otherwise the shooting did not meet expectations, and the long-awaited results disappoint and the groom and the bride.

Turning to face

Honeymoon Photoshoot: posture facing each other

"I can not take my eyes off you" - these wordsYou must clearly be read on your faces during a wedding celebration. Photos where the groom with the bride looks, facing each other, look especially gently. For you, if there is no guest, no relatives, no one in this world - just the two of you in a sea of ​​love. Pose the bride and groom to face is good because it looks the same way softly general and close-up. While in the second case it is better to ask the photographer to take a picture of the bride's shoulder.

So the frame will become touch of "randomness"like touching moment admiring his beloved groom accidentally hit the curious lens. If you prefer the fun photos, ask the photographer to make a wedding picture, where you will look into each other's eyes, forgetting everything in the world, and for you in the background will boil life - run children bother mothers and guests to make noise and fuss around, absolutely not disturbing with their presence the bride and groom. Only for a successful creative frame to try and have all been invited to the celebration.

Pose holding hands

Pose for shooting: the bride and groom holding hands

Often, holding hands, strolling couples whojust started dating - they are young, full of feeling and do not want to let go of each other. Photography, where the groom is the bride's hand, must necessarily appear in the pages of your wedding album, as a reminder that this love story is just beginning. You walk along the avenue of the park or along the beach barefoot, holding shoes in arms, move away into the sunset or the rising sun, looking at each other, holding hands, like a whirling dance - pose for wedding photo shoots are played a lot of options.

Equally touching to see the pictures onwhich can be seen close-up of the couple's hands tightly holding each other, and wedding rings. Wedding pictures are obtained if "out of time": there is no guests, outfits, time of year, only two walking next to lovers. For a good photo you can pick up interesting backgrounds: photo taken on a deserted beach or in the middle of blossoming meadows as if there were only one in the universe. It is interesting to look photo wedding the bride and groom, looking in the opposite direction - where remains of their past life.

The pose of sitting or lying down

Poses sitting and lying honeymoon shooting

The choice depends on the posture of scenery,the disposal of the lovers at their wedding ceremony. They can become the center of an interesting plot of stage where you, as a bride and groom have a little sit or lie down. Small green fields easily transformed into a beautiful decoration for the wedding picnic, where the background of wicker baskets, wine glasses and flowers, you will gently hugging each other while lying on the grass or in the cozy plaid.

Pond or lake have to ensure thatthe couple were able to feed the ducks, sitting on the stairs or the dock. A barn or floor, carpeted with rose petals, inspire more passionate wedding pictures. The main thing - do not forget that they have to look nice and aesthetically pleasing. Should not relax even when you are lying down or standing, but we must remember advantageous angles and poses. More hugs and kisses! They are always appropriate to the wedding photos.


Embrace Suite on the wedding photos

Wedding pose-arms of the bride and groom tooIt is played differently. The main feature of these frames is that we should not forget about the end result, completely surrendering to passion. It is important to not only remember their way, but not to "strangle" the partner in arms. In the picture may be affected all the flaws: ugly wrinkled dress, tousled hair and tiara askew. But the plot and setting key will do the job.

Gently image will look the groom, whotenderly embracing bride from behind, holding her hands with a bouquet in his, or two lovers who are hiding from snow or rain under a small umbrella. The bride can bury his nose in his chin, breathing favorite flavor, and the groom - to burrow into her luxurious hair. The eyes of lovers can be half closed or sent off into the distance, his thoughts "about the eternal".


Kissing newlyweds on the wedding photo

Wedding kiss does not happen much. Kissing you are allowed everywhere, as well as to remove the camera, these pleasant moments. Facing each other, or hugging the bride from behind, sitting on the lap of a loved one or lying "jack" on the grass in a romantic first dance, or on the background of the sky - the ideas are born on this day mass. From your selected plan will change the wedding pictures you take. At the macro people a greater sense of passion and emotion, and in the distance, against the backdrop of beautiful scenery, better manifest tenderness and desire. But your face and eyes must always be visible.

The groom holds his bride in his arms

The bride in the arms of the groom on the photo

Raise your hands, and the bride does not fall - it is not enoughfor an interesting pose. It is important that both of you are looking in the picture is easy, nice and gently. If the groom is not confident in their abilities, it is better to choose other options. After the photo, where the young wife will be too tense facial expression or bent knees, will not be the main decoration of the wedding album. We must achieve the maximum lightness and naturalness.

The groom is his chosen circle dance,pretending that he was going to throw it high above his head, move across the threshold of the church, or to bear against her will, perched right on the shoulder, in his secret hideout. Beautifully produced wedding pictures taken from the top or at the distance. You can ask the photographer to use a common or close-up of individuals, pay their views on the camera or on top of each other.


Pose for a photo shoot: couple jumping

not every bride dare to jump in the frame -too great a risk that will pose unattractive. But it's worth it. After all these wedding photos are not only fun, but bright and impressive. Groom "flies" on an umbrella or a bunch of colorful balloons jumping at an incredible height, trying to catch up with the fleeing darling or exulting with happiness after the official part of the ceremony.

The bride looks at such wedding photographs are notless spectacular - reminding cloud hovering above the ground. The main thing - remember about the expression on their faces. Trying to jump higher, many people forget that they can look at it is not very attractive. Company bride and groom can make a visit. Group posture jumping out particularly interesting and funny, because people keep track of expression of all participants is difficult.

Interesting poses with veil

Pose for a photo shoot with the bride's veil

The special tenderness and mystery of the image of a brideattached veil. This detail seemed reminiscent of a time when not all the lucky could see his chosen before the wedding. It envelops Woman snow-white haze, and your submission may be the main decoration in the arsenal of the photographer. Mysterious games and images, framed by a veil, certainly "poured" into interesting wedding pictures.

After closing the lower face chiffon brideIt turns into a fairy-tale oriental beauty; hidden under the veil of the eye - the mysterious stranger, which should be removed by all means close up to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. Long veil looks advantageous in developing its wind gusts, becoming a luxury train of a wedding gown or weightless. Under it easy to hide not only the bride, but the groom hiding its passionate kiss from prying eyes.