Places for the wedding photo shoot

Wedding celebration - it is a great day inthe life of each pair. It is filled with bright emotions newlyweds and their families, interesting events, smiles, dance, music and laughter. To capture the best moments of the wedding, the future spouses will be able to hire a professional photographer. But not only the expert hand makes beautiful pictures and harmonious - the bride and groom need to choose suitable locations for the wedding photo shoot. About where the bride and groom can make a beautiful shot, it will be explained in detail below.

Beautiful place for a wedding photo shoot

The choice of places will be a photo shoot,due to weather conditions, the wedding style and wishes of the heroes of the occasion. As a background for special photos can approach the area of ​​a football field, river banks or lake, the roof of the building. If the bride and groom are tired of the classic places for photography in their city, you can come up with something more original - for example, to make a series of shots from the road. Newly wife can play a traveling hitchhikers, who are waiting for a ride, and the photographer will prepare the appropriate props.

A good choice for the start of the weddingphoto shoot is a house. Future spouse have to hire of two photographers who will be able to make pictures of their duties, dressing, applying makeup (in the case of the bride). Typically, these photos are touching, allow you to see the excitement of the future spouses before marriage registration. To get beautiful shots and atmospheric, heroes of the occasion can prepare props to the house - to decorate the room with garlands, posters, signs, do it yourself.

Taking young home

Another interesting solution that canlike newlyweds - to hold a photo shoot on the territory of the ancient theater, a theater, a museum or a monument of urban architecture. The special ambiance of these places will give interesting mood images, make time and time again to admire the photos made. Especially interesting is the shooting at the museum, where a certain coverage is observed, and the interior can return honeymoon many years ago. Antique paintings, furniture of the last centuries, the internal architecture of the building will be the backdrop for great shots.

Honeymoon Photography in theater

Original and interesting will lookphotos from the shooting in public transport. To do this, select the old trams, trolley buses with large windows. While traveling through the city center in a motorcade and viewing the sights, the future spouses will not only fun, but also beautiful, romantic images. To organize such a partner can be simple: in some cities there are special tourist trams, which will be rented for an hour or two. Newlyweds can take pictures with guests or just for two.

Photographing the newlyweds on a tram

Shooting newly spouses or caférestaurant for the summer season, when near the entrance to the owners organize a summer terrace. Photos where the couple sitting at a table by the beautiful facade of a restaurant with a cup of coffee, will look romantic and cozy. If the couple want an extreme, then the photographer can go on a photo shoot in a shopping center, where the groom bride ride in the truck - it will be fun, interesting and add frames of life, good mood.

Wedding photos in cafe

The classic place for a photo shoot at the wedding,which does not lose popularity - this green summer, golden autumn and snowy winter city park. This background is perfect for touching, romantic frames in the lap of nature. Perpetrators of celebration may take deeper into the park, find a cozy gazebo, to make it more beautiful pictures or withdraw its lively area - on paths among the passers-by. Another popular location for photo shoots - amusement park.

Taking pictures in the Park Suite

If the couple went to the same university,perfect solution will be conducting a photo shoot inside the school. Well, if it's a memorable place preserved historic façade, there is a large audience and wide staircases - then shots will turn out really magical. If the university a more modern, recording may look "home", it is necessary to consider in the selection of the venue of the photo shoot. However, this need not worry, because the most important thing - a sense of the newlyweds, which they have for their alma mater.

School for young photo

Photo session on the football field

In order to make interesting and original footage,the bride and groom may choose the area of ​​a football field as a place for a beautiful wedding photo shoot. Such images exactly surprise anyone who will look at the family album, will give a lot of positive emotions future spouses. celebration Perpetrators may even be a little "play" in football - it looks cute, funny and touching. If the bride and groom close to sports theme, you need to think about its development - to do a photo session in the gym or in the pool area.

Shoot the bride and groom on the football field

On the beach

Beautiful seascape, foaming waves,golden sand - the background makes romantic Honeymoon photos, creates a sense of freedom, lightness and tenderness. Perpetrators of celebration can go to the wedding photo shoot at dawn - special natural light will help you to frame pictures, but pictures of the sea gets great at any time of the day. Fitted embankment, wooden pier, rocky or sandy beach - every background will bring a special atmosphere, so it is necessary to choose carefully.

Sea photo shoot bride and groom

In the countryside

The closer to nature - the more natural, more comfortable andfreedom to receive frames. If the heroes of the occasion lovers of rural life, or want to create a special photo shoot for the entourage, there is nothing better than to go to a nearby suburban village. There they can arrange horseback riding, weigh next to the cute cows, chickens, geese, make themed frames with a cup of the village of milk, a bowl of sour cream, dried vegetables. It is interesting to see the photos taken in the field among the high grass or in stacks of harvested hay in the winter.

Shooting newlyweds in rural areas

At the pond or river

Shiny water surface of a lake or a river rapidflow is always decorated with pictures from the wedding photo shoot. Pictures heroes of the occasion, which stand in an embrace near one of these places, look romantic and touching. The couple can go on a nature outside the city, to make the most natural shots next to a river or lake, overgrown with reeds, or do a photo shoot on the territory of city reservoirs. As a rule, the city landscaped places - there are embankments, bridges, so they are more suitable for the official version of wedding photography.

Pond or river - the background for wedding shooting

On a yacht

For those who appreciate comfort and want to getrefined, elegant and festive shots, perfect wedding photo shoot on a yacht or a boat. Often the couple carried out survey on the territory of the yacht-restaurant, which already planned a banquet, so first photographed together, and then with the guests. Two glasses of champagne in hands of the groom with the bride, summer ground water craft, a beautiful urban background or natural landscape - all these details make wedding photos romantic, interesting and luxurious.

Photos of the bride and groom on a yacht

On the roof of the building

Pictures at an altitude always look special,romantic, air, so a good decision is to choose a roof as a place for wedding photography. The bride and groom may ask the photographer, where there are comfortable places. Better to choose a roof, which is located in the center of the city, because there certainly offers a great view. In addition, it should take into account that not all of the open roof will be perfect for a bride in an elegant dress and the groom in elegant suit - often need to climb to the height of the dirty stairs, and she looks sloppy ground.

Honeymoon Survey on the roof

Unusual locations for photo shoots

If the heroes of the occasion want something moreoriginal than the historic city center or the area of ​​the park, there is always the opportunity to make an unusual photo shoot by attractions. To this end, future spouses can show imagination - together they will certainly be able to come up with a special place for a wedding shoot. Suggest how to spend an unusual photo shoot, the photographer can. Several of the original options for wedding photography:

  • Billiards, bowling. If the bride and groom love these games, a professional can make beautiful pictures, where they are engaged in favorite business. It will not only be an excellent alternative classic wedding photo shoot, but also give a lot of pleasant memories of the future spouses, fun and excitement during the holiday.
  • Railways. The couple can do several original frames during a photo shoot on the territory of a train or go to the countryside, where will be able to stand on the tracks and get some live, interesting, symbolic images.
  • The bustling city street. Signboards cafes, lined pavement street racing somewhere crowd of passers-by - and the bride and groom, who are quietly holding hands in the midst of it all. An unusual idea for the wedding photo shoot.
  • Aerodrome. If the new husband had a passion for flying, why not go for a modern airport, which will be photographed next to the aircraft on the runway, or even inside the cockpit? This wedding photo shoot newlyweds will be remembered accurately.

Options for newlyweds shooting

Wedding photo shoot skating

Many couples give up the template images,to make a living, sincere staff, filled with joyful emotions. Give these wedding photos can photoshoot skating. The bride and groom, fun ride in formal attire on the ice stadium, look funny and touching. They can rent a small rink for two or take a photo in the midst of crowds of people - and he and the other option looks great. However, the future spouses should definitely think about changing clothes in case of holiday apparel tear.

Skating rink - the original place of the wedding shooting

Skiing in the mountains

If the event takes place in the cold seasonor the heroes of the day are sent to register relationship on a winter resort, unusual decision will be holding a wedding photo shoot on skis. The couple are completely transformed, wearing ski suits, and leave only a few details of the dress for the wedding - bridal veil, bridal bouquet, groom's boutonniere, or sports equipment wear under a dress with a suit. Ride will not succeed in the final version of the decoration, but with the wedding photo shoot pictures will turn out amazing.

Photo newlyweds skiing

Photographing in water

Summer wedding photo shoot gives the future spousesthe opportunity to put a variety of ideas. Originally looks aqueous or shooting pictures under water. The couple can make beautiful pictures, if the jump from a pier into the ocean depths, or will stand knee-deep in sea water. This option is a wedding photo session for newlyweds who have spare clothes.

Photos of the newlyweds in the water