Photos in a wedding dress

Shooting in a wedding dress of the bride - itresponsible action, both for the honeymooners as well as for the photographer. After all, it is necessary to find such places, accessories and postures in which the bride would look at its best. But this - is half the battle. It is important that she looked at pictures full of feelings and relaxed. All these factors require a thoughtful script that pre-drawn pictures along with the newlyweds. To have your photo shoot turned out great, check out original ideas that you can offer the photographer in preparation for the event.

Ideas for a photo shoot in her wedding dress

We always find some photographersprepared scenarios that might be interested in the newlyweds. But you can offer an alternative vision photoset. Do not hesitate, this will facilitate the selection of places to take pictures of the bride in a dress. Creative approach to wedding photography helps to create a bright, colorful picture with an interesting plot that will entertain you for a long time and loved for its originality.

Standard walking route runs for filmingthrough memorable, well-known places. For example, to the eternal fire, arbor meetings, bridge of love, the city's attractions. Often the scenario includes a photo session at the observation deck. But if you want your photos were not similar to the same type of newlyweds pictures, take more time for shooting (at least two hours) and think in detail her every step. The ideas discussed below will help you.

The idea for a photo shoot: Bride with friends

On the beach

Photo shoot on the beach with dhows- Unusual wedding shooting conditions. Splashes of oars. Willow branches, hanging in a boat. Berth. Sandy beach, the wind caresses the hair. What a pleasure to walk along the beach together, clinging to each other. Imagine warm sand - is a big canvas: draw, write, stay in small children. Build a medieval castle, a blind sand outlandish monster. Run on coast. Water spray, imprinted on the photo, give pictures the atmosphere of genuine joy from what is happening, and this I wish you happiness.

Photo shoot on the beach

Photos on the background of beautiful nature

Experiencing joyful emotions from communicating withanimals, like horses? Stables is a great place to take pictures. Saddle horse riding or ride in a carriage prehistoric. No Tsarskoye stagecoach? Find rural cart with hay, keep romantic wedding photo shoot in a beautiful dress. In summer and autumn are good scenic shooting, for example, in the warm sun field of blooming sunflowers or ripe wheat. In the spring - on the blue "sea" of flowering flax or lawn early snowdrops. In winter, the best place to take pictures with the horses will be snow-covered forest.

Wedding Bride shooting in the woods

Shooting in studio

Part of the wedding the bride in a wedding shootingdress can be a studio photo shoot. This photoset requires a lot of time and lack of haste, so it is better to hold the ceremony. This is an ideal opportunity to "try on" the image of the entire wedding, including make-up, hairstyle and accessories. The original story for a photo shoot in the studio - scene "Morning of the bride." In it a girl can appear not only in dress but also in a lovely dressing gown, a silk robe or even a luxury lingerie. Pre-negotiate with the photographer details of the scenario, to avoid awkward moments when shooting.

Studio photo shoot of the bride in a dress

Staged shooting

This type of photo shoot (reportage) differs fromothers carefully constructed staging scenario often includes a lot of details and participants. This may be a wedding photo shoot bride in a dress, which will last for the entire wedding day, from the moment of preparation of the bride for redemption, ending with a farewell to the guests, and sent to the room for the young. One of the episodes of this survey (especially themed weddings) often becomes a photoset with friends, guests, which includes comic pictures with inscriptions, letters, more props.

Staged photography Bride in wedding dress

in winter

Snowy expanses on the wedding photo shootexpand the studio wall to gigantic proportions. Organize a battle with snowballs, floundering in the snow. Only in the winter you can in a wedding dress, arms, lie down on the snow-white fluffy bed. Feel like a queen fairy tale. Or, imagine the following scene: there is snowfall, drifting snow is blowing, you - in a wedding dress, it is - in black and white snow close to you, and sparkling snowflakes gently fall on the black umbrella. Gorgeous images are obtained on a background of snow-covered forest with its fabulous scenery.

Winter photo shoot bride in her wedding dress

In the woods

Wedding photo shoot in the woods - an ideal choice fornewlyweds. It provides many ideas for shooting at any time of the year. In view of the scene photo shoot, natural scenery create a magical, romantic, fairy-tale atmosphere. The photographer can capture the bride in a forest nymph, walking on a blossoming valley, or a meeting of lovers on the edge of the forest. Tenderness and feminity of the bride shrouded pictures in a wedding dress made in a birch grove. Fotoset on a sunny day at the lake or stream to add photos calmness, serenity and lots of light.

Forest shooting lovers newlyweds

On the sea

The mass scenes for the wedding photo shoot can bethink of the sea in the summer: from uncomplicated to risk. This swimming, volleyball, picnic on the beach vacation under an umbrella, a romantic evening at sunset, a walk on a water bike. Rent a sailboat. You will have a romantic picture and the reason for making a boat trip. How charming girl in a wedding dress with a beautiful hairstyle on background of the aspirant to the clouds sail! Lifebuoy, steering wheel captain, ropes will be wonderful attributes. No boat? Use a photo shoot for a raft boat.

Photoshoot newlyweds on the sea