Photo zone for a wedding

The idea of ​​installing a wedding photo zone came to us withWest. It is a sector area on the territory of the celebration, where every guest can make a beautiful picture. To this space was harmonious, should use the same texture, color, elements, which are used for the decoration of the main ceremony. This rule is especially important to keep in theme weddings. Photo zone can become a real hit among the guests, and interesting accessories will make unforgettable images.

Where is the best place photo zone at the wedding?

Accommodation for wedding photo zone helps to solveseveral problems. Newlyweds and guest can make great shots. Once decided on the question of originality, as correctly made wedding photo zone contributes to obtaining exclusive images. In addition, this part of the territory of the ceremony becomes an ornament in itself, helps to avoid platitudes when shooting outdoors and entertain guests.

Wedding photo zone on the nature

As a rule, post wedding photo zone betteraway from the main venue of the fun. So it does not occlude the main actions will not distract, but will relax the guests who experience a feeling of tightness. The ideal place for a wedding photo zone is considered to be nature, where there is a forest, the fresh air and natural greenery. If you fail to place there space for a photo, you can come up with a lot of other options. The main thing - to adhere to the following rules:

  • Space for photo zone should be as convenient and comfortable at the wedding. The minimum area of ​​2 sq.m.
  • Model and photographer should not experience discomfort when moving in a designated space for a photo shoot. This section shall not prevent the visitors routes obstructing passages.
  • If framed photo zone separate from the room, a café, a restaurant, where the banquet, you should take care of the signs for the invited publicize the existence of such a space.

Creative ideas for the design of photo zone

Any wedding photo zone requires an appropriateregistration. You can do without the help of the designer and do-it-yourselfers. The background is the most important focus in the photo zone: here will be useful bright draperies, beautiful wallpapers, different designs, garlands, etc. Making a wedding photo zone - this is the case, you can enable creative, make fun, to experiment. Add more accessories: crowns, hats, mustaches, balls, pads, tablets with inscriptions, frames - all in handy. With such a variety of guests will want to make funny pictures.

Do not forget to take into account the general orientation of the celebration, because it will help to emphasize the style and arrange the necessary accents:

  • If the wedding is classic, the photo zone shall be in the form of a wall with beautiful paintings, frames. Excellent fit area with sofa and simulated burning fireplace.
  • For retro-style decorate the wedding photo zone with beads, sequins, fabrics, muted tones. Fortunately fit imitation retro car, printed or painted on cardboard.
  • For the wedding of the sea choose style photo zone with the image of the ship's cabins, sea, ship accessories such as rescue boats, rope, helm, captain caps, fishing nets.
  • Very popular celebrations Shabby-chic style, rustic, which involve the use of pastel colors, natural materials, floral ornaments, aged subjects with scuffed and cracked.
  • For the fairy-tale motifs suitable costumes and pieces of favorite characters in the wedding photo zone.

In the shape of antique frames

Vintage frame with monograms - an excellent ideafor registration of a wedding photo zone. You can organize an entire art gallery or a framework to manage different formats, but in any case this area will look very interesting and unusual. Frames guests can keep fooling around with them - will be released as a result of photos with different emotions and moods. The background has to create a contrast with the framework, which are ideal for lighter shades.

Wedding photo zone with vintage frame

Layouts with comic design

Portable models with comic design -interesting and fun idea for a wedding photo zone. This figure may be famous people, fantasy characters, the bride and groom, fictional characters and others. In each layout should be cut out holes for the face. Such props will give guests a success to have fun, improvise in full at the wedding.

Wedding photo zone with comic layouts

Decorative screens and curtains

An excellent backdrop for wedding photo zone mayserve as decorative curtains and screens made from various fabrics and materials. If you are in the bins there is nothing suitable, look at the fabric store - there you are sure to find something interesting. Curtains and screens for a wedding can be installed outdoors and indoors, they can be self-colored, multi-colored, with patterns, all kinds of prints and drawings.

Decorative screens for the wedding photo shoot

Bright background of the tapes of different texture

Belt decor perfect for any photo zoneorientation. Options design photo zone with the help of a lot of bands, but the easiest - to pull the rope on which to string ribbons of different textures. They can be of several shades of one color, three colors, or all colors. You can play not only with shades, but also the texture, using different patterns, matter. If there is wind, the ends of the ribbons will need to weight. These weights can be a part of the concept design photo zone - small pictures, pompoms, cards, etc..

Belt background for the wedding photo shoot

Banner with a large inscription

Banner with a large inscription - an excellent thing fordesign a wedding photo zone. It can be ordered and installed outdoors, in a restaurant, anywhere else, which will host the celebration. This is an excellent way to make the wedding memorable and interesting images. The inscription can do what you want, but in most cases, these banners have a romantic wedding trend.

Banners for the wedding photo zone

Interesting props for photography

Very popular wedding trend such asuse all kinds of props and accessories at a photo shoot in the photo zone. It can be a crown, lips, mustache, glasses, butterflies, attached to a stick. Other current direction - "talking" props for the type of wedding garlands with inscriptions, volumetric letters wooden, cardboard flags, slates, paper clouds with the words.

For example, blackboards provide sea spacefor imagination, the Vedas they photographed each guest can write a wish to draw a cartoon or a huge heart. In order to have more opportunities, it is to stock up a couple of packs of white and colored chalks. For the photo shoot is better to choose several different sizes of boards, so the pictures will be more interesting in terms of composition.

Props for the shooting at the wedding in the photo zone

You can not restrict guests one kind of accessories. Instead, ask for a wedding photo zone in the whole assortment for every taste:

  • huge sunglasses, three-dimensional multi-colored wigs, sombreros;
  • ladies wreaths, hats, fans, carnival masks, ribbons, tiaras for wedding;
  • men theme for the wedding - tube, pistols, captain caps, water bottles;
  • musical instruments - the balalaika, bandura, saxophone, guitar, harp, accordion;
  • wedding accessory - boas, umbrellas, bags, hats, pens, glasses;
  • edibles - coconuts, oranges, pumpkin, apples, grapes, watermelon, chili peppers, sunflowers, strawberries;
  • transport for the wedding - a scooter, bicycle, roller skates, motorcycles;
  • Toys - swords, guns, chess, three-dimensional soft toys, dolls;
  • items for fun at the wedding - an easel, paper, soap bubbles, fishing rods, candles, crayons, hammocks, books;
  • Sports Equipment - boxing gloves, helmets, hula-hoop, jump rope, rope, tennis balls, golf clubs.

How do fotostenu of flowers with his own hands

Wedding Photo Wall with flowers

In this master class do offera special wall of artificial flowers for a wedding photo zone - it will serve as an excellent area for holiday photos. Remember that the more colors you make, the more colorful and brighter will look Photo Wall. To create a floral background for a wedding will need:

  • single-colored wall;
  • thin corrugated paper;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • double-sided adhesive tape decorative;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • The paper was cut into pieces the size of 50h25 cm. Fold accordion, round off one end.
  • Spread accordion, connect the ends of the double-sided tape.
  • We spread the resulting flower. We make the required number of buds.
  • Fasten the flowers on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape decorative.

Photo examples of colorful wedding photo zone

Photo zone - this additional layer of emotion, a placeintresno for action ideas for newlyweds images and invited to the wedding guests. The very existence of this corner - an event for which react without exception. Fun and light sadness, views, conversations - are components of the chronology of your ceremony, imprints in the memory of the newlyweds and the guests who will be sealed by photographer at the wedding.

Ideas wedding photo zone