Photo Wall for wedding

Wedding - is a significant event not only for thehoneymooners, but for all the others. Going to the event, the guests certainly expect to get positive emotions and interesting impressions of the wedding celebration. In addition, close relatives and friends of the couple is newly nice to see yourself on the beautiful, high-quality pictures from the wedding, whether it is reportage photos or staged shots. To everyone who attended the event, he managed to take a picture and fill up a family album, the bride and groom can set the original fotostenu.

Options photo wall for the wedding photo shoot

Photo Wall - is not only an excellent background forwedding pictures, but also a full-fledged part of the interior design, so heroes of the occasion to take care of this element perfectly fits your wedding theme. Do not make fotostenu too bright or colorful, it is better to choose neutral colors that are beneficial to shade guests outfits. And if the style of the event dictates the use of colorful decorative details, they will be well-positioned on the edges. Ideal for photo wall cream, black and white, white, sand, pale pink background.

It is worth noting that the "Photo Wall" - this is only athe code name for the place at the wedding, where guests are taking photos. Sometimes this piece is a large picture frame. Sometimes, especially on country themed wedding, this canvas fabric with drawings or wooden blinds, a garland with a variety of elements (butterflies, petals, buds dried flowers). Perpetrators of celebration can give full play to their imagination, decorating fotostenu. Watch the video with examples of correct registration of the wedding photo zone:

Press par at the entrance to the hall

Press Wall at the wedding - the ideal solution forelegant event. If the couple wants to make guests feel like Hollywood stars, is carpeted path leading to the hall and the entrance set fotostenu, where everyone will be able to spend a few minutes to shoot. All this time, there has to be a professional photographer, who will make a few shots, and then select and process the best for everyone who came. Press par with the threshold will provide everyone in a good mood, you will feel welcome at the wedding event.

This wedding element, acting as aphoto wall can be decorated with the initials of the newlyweds, the wedding date, what some phrases that reflect the nature of their relationship, photographs heroes of the occasion or painted silhouettes of the bride and groom. Decorate press Wall may flowers, artificial birds or other details appropriate to the theme of the wedding. Interesting idea - to find funny pictures of the guests, make them black and white, create a collage on the computer, and then print out the canvas for this item. This Photo Wall will not leave anyone indifferent.

Press for the Wall photo wall

Corner costume photo shoot

If the couple want to get reallyunusual frames, they can arrange a wedding fotostenu a thematic corner, where guests will be able to try on different costumes and accessories. Ideas how to implement such a space, weight: Corner background can serve as a French street, and on the floor will stand the typical Parisian cafe table with chairs, Handstitched lantern flower beds. As will be performing props hats for men, berets and scarves for women, umbrellas, fine attributes - cigar, cigarette holders, cups, candy.

Designated costume photo shoot at the wedding

Large Picture Frame

Large picture frame, set asphoto wall wedding - original and unusual solution. Guests can decorously standing in the heart of the "picture" or fun waving a photograph outside the frame - it all depends on their imagination. Photographs on the background of this decorative element obtained fun and interesting, they will be pleased to review. Also, the couple may hire a photographer that will have all tools for instant printing, while everyone present will be able to get pictures immediately after shooting, or later in the evening - it will be a pleasant surprise.

Photo Wall of a large picture frame

Wall of flowers

Marriage - a solemn occasion,that many couples want to arrange accordingly. For example, the bride and groom at a wedding can set fotostenu fully executed with fresh flowers. The cost of this pleasure rather big, but guests with newly minted spouses receive delightful shots that definitely want to put in a special photo album. To decorate the photo wall wedding heroes of the occasion can use lovely wild flowers, elegant roses, peonies air, exotic lilies, green leaves and vines.

Photo Wall with fresh flowers

Ideas for props photo wall

Every season there are new wedding fashiontrends regarding the props that are used for a photo shoot. In 2016, to replace the three-dimensional letters and speech clouds came various types of garlands, floral decorations, wooden plates. Newlyweds can put next to fotostenoy box, where guests will be taking accessories or other attributes of the photo shoot: hats, colorful scarves, funny glasses, umbrellas, cups, toys, jewelry. Near the place for shooting can be arranged guitar and other instruments, picture frame, books, fruits and vegetables.

Examples of props to fotostene

How do fotostenu to the wedding with his own hands

To memorabilia from the wedding photos turned outbeautiful, and Photo Wall caused the desire to make more shots on her background, you need to beautifully decorate it. Master class below will help the newlyweds to make a decorative item for your wedding or event forest outside the city. Interesting photo wall decoration will make guests feel as heroes of old fairy tales.

What is needed to create a wedding photo wall:

  • Self-hardening polymer clay light shade (or any other, depending on the style of the wedding).
  • Needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Strong nylon thread.

Materials for the production of photo wall

How do magic fotostenu for the wedding:

  1. Take polymer clay, roll it into smallbeads which diameter will not exceed the diameter of the coin dvuhrublevoy. If the balls are larger, there is a risk that the thread will not sustain the composition, in addition they take too much material.
  2. Gently press down on the ball with your thumb while holding it in his hands, so he has come to resemble the rounded petals.
  3. The same fast do with all the other balls. Note that the self-hardening polymer clay can dry quickly, so do not delay production of "petals" process.
  4. Not allowing the clay to dry completely, the resulting string blank to nylon thread of different lengths.
  5. To "petals" quickly dried, the resulting tie garlands to a wooden stick - and it will be the basis of photo wall frame. A beautiful place for a photo shoot at the wedding is ready!

Finished wedding photo zone