Ideas for Valentine's photo shoot

Loving couple enjoying happymoments of his life, want to capture them, keep your love in photographs. «Love story» - popular form of photography, which is especially popular on the eve of the wedding party, wedding anniversary. A variety of ideas to help make a photo shoot of lovers of original images, the most revealing feelings of young people to each other, their love. Often, a couple wishing to spend a photo session just to please yourself, update your album wonderful photographs.

Idea of ​​a photo shoot for a loving couple

Photoshoot loving couple - a great gift foryoung people, who will certainly give joy, positive emotions, and the result will be even and beautiful pictures. Every professional photographer has their own ideas, scenarios for photographing such pairs, but much depends on the wishes of boys and girls, the season and the capabilities. Before the survey is a preliminary discussion with the photographer all the details of the plot. To the result pleased everyone, loving couple have to go to the shooting in a good mood.

What are the options for shooting are popular with couples:

Photoshoot in nature. Regardless of the weather and time of year, it is realistic to survey the outdoors using her "whim" in their view. In winter, the ideal option - a ride on a sled, skis or stroll along the field covered with snow. During warmer months, the nature pleases with its beauty, the game sunlight. Unique shots taken against the background of open flowers, flowering trees, pond or colored fallen leaves will be for a long time to please lovers.

Photographing nature lovers on

Winter photography lovers

Photos of lovers in the rain

Photo shoot at your favorite cafe or restaurantloving couple. Almost every restaurant has an original, unusual design, which is competent photographer can beat the quality, resulting in beautiful images are obtained. Excellent photos are at home, where everything is dear, his own, enabling you to relax and make the most realistic "live" pictures. Alternatively, to survey possible in the studio.

Shooting lovers in the cafe

Often used for photo shoots diverseaccessories, it can be anything: umbrella, hearts, candles, signs and large letters, frames, and other trifles. Using attributes will help make the unique, romantic, and maybe funny, funny pictures. These details can be used for taking pictures outdoors and indoors.

Shooting loving couple with accessories

Using the play of light, unusual angle, posture,framing. Many lovers are willing to spend a shot at sunset to catch the last rays to take pictures against the backdrop of a flaming sky, illuminated by the setting sun. Unusual posture, unusual angle, crop - all of which help to make unique, interesting pictures that will decorate the album.

Unusual framing for photo lovers

Walk on the hometown. If Valentine's is not possible to get out into nature and spend a photo session in the room there is no desire, the ideal option would be a walk through the city, visits to historical sites, which are primarily relevant for the love of the pair (for example, place an acquaintance of the first meeting, a favorite place for walks). In recent years more and more popular is conducting shooting in abandoned buildings.

Love Story in the city

Photographing considering lovers preferences. This is the most urgent and the idea of ​​working, because during employment favorite business, young people are fully disclosed, reveal feelings, forget about the presence of the camera, so they can relax and truly enjoy the process. For this capture suit any joint hobby: music, reading books, riding bikes or jumping from the bridge.

Photoshoot based hobby lovers

Using picture frames

Unusual props, which often photographersused for shooting "Love Story" or pre-wedding photo shoot are limits. With these seemingly normal attributes, the photographer is able to make the original pictures to remove a story of love. Framework for a photo shoot is not difficult to do yourself, by any chance in the arsenal of the photographer is no such enhancement.

Pre-wedding shoot with picture frame

The images of heroes favorite movie about love

Every girl likes to watch TV shows and moviesbeautiful, sincere love. Often, as an idea for a photo shoot lovers choose the image of your favorite heroes like the film or TV series. Why not introduce yourself briefly a star of the screen, and the beloved protagonist of the film and did not play in front of camera lenses most sincere picture of true love?

Photoshoot in the form of movie heroes

Photoshoot with hearts example

The heart is a symbol of love, so itIt is often used for a photo shoot at weddings or for shooting love stories. Ideas for taking pictures with a lot of hearts, because it can be a pillow in the form of hearts, beautiful balloons, hearts cut from colored (usually red) of the paper, which is decorated with the place taking pictures or garlands. These accessories help to make romantic pictures, filled with love, sensuality and emotion.

Shooting lovers with hearts

The unusual idea with letters or inscriptions

The idea of ​​a photo shoot with various inscriptions andletters long been known to all and is often used on the set of couples. As a label used the word "happiness", "love", "love" and others. Large letters are the initials of loved ones, family name or to act as a form words. Make these attributes alone will not be difficult, especially since they may be useful in the future for a wedding or a wedding photo shoot. Watch the video, which presented a master class on manufacturing of volumetric letters with his own hands:

Against the background of burning candles

For couples in love, radiating love eachcell of your body, your best option would be taking pictures of a romantic, intimate atmosphere with candles. Soft light candles to help create the necessary atmosphere so that images are obtained, filled with love and sincere feelings (the guy can kiss the girl). To carry out such a shooting, it requires not only Sich, but also additional accessories that will help to create the right ambiance, such as hearts, beautiful wine glasses filled with champagne and flowers.

Shooting with candles couple

With rose petals

Rose petals are used to implementdifferent ideas of the photo shoot of lovers. As a rule, they are used as additional props, but in and of themselves petals lovely flowers are able to create the desired romantic atmosphere. Find out onto the pitch is not difficult, they are now sold in almost every florist shop.

Photoshoot loving couple with rose petals

Against the background of bright accessories

For the emotional, extravagant pair approachphotoshoot with bright attributes. If a couple different sense of humor and loves all unusual, colorful and unusual, then this kind of shooting what they need. For this kind of shooting a wide variety of useful little things colorful, colored background, attributes bright colors that are appropriate for the category of shooting. This kind of photo shoot is not difficult to organize indoor or outdoor.

Photo on a background of bright attributes

Photo shoot in the studio

For couples in love, which is not possible toor for any of the reasons they do not want to go for a photo shoot in the city or in the country, perfect option to take a picture of the photographer in the studio. The apparent advantage is the possibility of lighting settings that you want to shoot, no weather conditions do not make change plans. The studio is possible to realize a wide variety of ideas for taking pictures couples in love, it all depends on the imagination of the photographer and wishes of young people.

Photoshoot loving couple in the studio