Ideas and images for photo shoots in the style of Love Story

Many of the couple noticed that theyvirtually no romantic photographs in which they are depicted together. One of the most beautiful events for lovers - a photoshoot Love Story, also called the "love story in pictures". Here lovers should show a strong link between them, passionate feelings, tenderness, deep love. This photo session is very often the future newlyweds spend before the wedding - it helps to rehearse the most romantic moments, using different ideas.

The choice of venue photoshoot Love Story

For this event there is a specific genre. For each case, together with the young photographer will determine not only the nature of the space used for the meeting, but also the most expressive moments. Of great importance is the professionalism of the expert hired by the shooting, he is responsible for the quality of the photos. Lovers offers many original ideas that will give to the photo shoot the depth of their feelings.

Location shooting is selected, based onthe wishes of the bride and groom, creative vision of the photographer, and his ability to reach out to their models. Here is a list of the most common platforms for a photo shoot:

  • picturesque countryside locations, seashores, parks, playgrounds, amusement parks and rides;
  • a professional photo studio, cafes and restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.

Photoshoot newlyweds in autumn

In a studio

Photoshoot "Love Story" you can not spendonly in the nature, but also in the studio. Here, a major role is played properly selected postures - sensuality, expressiveness of the bride and groom. From the photographer takes a lot of imagination for such personnel, as a professional studio - a limited space, where there is only a backdrop, a pair of lovers and props (pieces of furniture, costumes, posters). However, it can be delivered interesting stories, made unique shots, created a beautiful love story of the bride and groom.

Bridal Photoshoot in the studio

In the cafe

Love Story Photographing removed as history,which tells the story of one of the most significant moments of the pair, and can be carried out at the cafe. Cakes and cup of coffee are often a necessary component of the romantic scenes. Produce stunning pictures "behind glass", which create a random effect, a great shot, so these pictures are very popular among lovers.

The plot for the bride and groom photo shoot

In the woods

There are many options for organizinginteresting photography, you only need to choose the right plot and meaningful place for couples in love. For the original, bright photoset is considered as the best option colorful forest: hiking for mushrooms and berries, or a picnic lovers around the campfire. It is important to choose the accessories that must emphasize the idea of ​​the plot. For example, it may be a blanket, dishes, fruit, picnic basket.

The plot for the newlyweds in the forest picture

In the park

If you want to get interesting pictures onmemory, you need a variety of ideas for love story. An unusual photo shoot is not always easy to carry out, you need to come up with an original view, choose the appropriate topic, and to decide on the venue for the shooting. Here are some ideas for shooting love story in the park:

  • poplar fluff creates stunning effects;
  • Dramatize meeting;
  • careful and gentle kiss on the background of blooming lilacs;
  • take cover in the trees from prying eyes;
  • Get in the picture your emotions, be dazzling as the sun;
  • dating and dating on a bench in the park.

Wedding photo shoot in the park


Interesting, beautiful, original photo shoot youYou can spend in nature. Professional photography in a field in Love Story Romantic style will help convey your personality in pictures, and in the background is the boundless expanse. Only the green grass, stalks, flowers, you and a loved one. For this photo shoot, you will need to travel by car, bus or train, do not forget to bring a photographer.

Before shooting, be wellprepare. Think carefully about your image, take care of the props, all in time to deliver to the selected location. To achieve the full and irreversible success, you need to consider poses for a photo shoot. The main objective of Love Story - capture images on your love. It is a beautiful photo story with a romantic plot.

The idea for the wedding scene in nature

On the coast

In the summer there is the opportunity to spend a photo session on thesea. Pre-walk in the surrounding area, to notice all the interesting places, and you will have to note an arsenal of various options to create romantic images:

  • against the backdrop of yachts or boats;
  • a romantic evening by the water;
  • On the Sunset;
  • walk by the sea on horseback;
  • in the boat;
  • photo on the background of the sea, not to be seen as the water smoothly into the sky;
  • on the waterfront;
  • in the alley with a view of the sea;
  • romantic shot from the back.

Photoshoot for young seaside

Accessories for photo shoots Love Story

To love story looks natural, ityour love should be reflected. This is a small story about how you met, and which originated sympathy developed into strong feelings. This event is planned in advance. Select the place and time of the shooting, for stories about the love needed a script statement, invited a professional photographer. It is very important to choose the accessories that accentuate the idea of ​​the plot. For example:

  • for shooting in the field - a wreath of wild flowers;
  • fruit, beautiful rugs, dishes, basket - for a story "a joint picnic";
  • basket - for a hike in the woods for mushrooms and berries.

For a love story in a room accessoriesare important elements of successful shooting. Selection of decorations is huge, and it all depends on the theme of the event, newlyweds and imagination of the photographer. To include accessories for a photo shoot clothing, furniture, pottery, paintings, colors and virtually any object that can convey an idea, an image of a loving couple.

Accessories for photo shoot love story

Examples of beautiful poses for a photo shoot Love Story

Pre-wedding photo shoot Love Story - the bestopportunity to rehearse romantic options before the main celebration. Lovers do not worry, they just need to show that they felt like looking at each other when they met for the first time. There are many beautiful poses for a photo shoot:

  • lovers are face to face, girl holds her hand on his chest Man;
  • closeup - young are very close and look into each other's eyes;
  • Groom hugs bride behind, they can look into the camera, or kissing;
  • girl embraces favorite behind the shoulders;
  • meeting point - a good way to show feelings;
  • will look beautiful silhouette against the sunset;
  • shot a full-length will give quiet, sensual mood;
  • from a distance - a couple walking, holding hands or hugging;
  • bride and groom kissing, sitting in a boat;
  • guy hugging his girlfriend, she was relaxed and at ease wraps her arms around his neck;
  • love looks into the distance, and she hugs him from behind, his head resting on the shoulder of a loved one.

Images for the photoset love story

Ideas for photo shoot, depending on the season - photo

The most beautiful photoshoot for Love Storylovers - this is a romantic story of two. Ideas for shooting can be very diverse. You can decide on a bold, surprising experiments, so get original, unique frames, which will be a source of pride. This survey - a common pre-wedding photo shoot, and sometimes it is carried out even six months before the wedding. Often it requires script setting for the story of a love story. What ideas can you realihovat?

In the winter,

Winter - This time of year, which is idealfor a photo shoot brighter. There is nothing more magical than the creation of the fabulous surroundings in a snowy forest. You can dress up a Christmas tree, prepare gifts for your beloved. Animals will make your photo shoot cute and very easy, especially if you can shoot red deer. This will be the most unusual Christmas photo shoot.

You must select an active partner during thestay outside to stay warm. Snowballs, skates, sleds will make photography fun, will present the magnificent frames. Do not be afraid of brightness and shine before the coming New Year. Invite your loved one to a restaurant, where you will wait for the attributes of a romantic evening (candles, flowers, elegant table, champagne). Photos in a romantic, sensual style, Love Story, you will spend in a restaurant with your loved one will be memorable and special.

Winter photo shoot for the newlyweds: love story

In spring and summer

a burst of energy, new strength and feel the springin summer. At this time of the year more than ever the soul reaches out to nature, where the green grass grows, the birds are singing, murmuring streams. Love knows no boundaries, so you want to remember a young glowing with happiness eyes, happy hugs, love the views. During the spring photo shoot the main character acts the nature and love complement it, entering the atmosphere of a fairy tale. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural, natural background for shooting Love Story style. The beauty of the trees, the sky will be clear colorful background in your photos.

Pre-wedding photo session in the summer of love story

autumn sometimes

There are many options for organizinginteresting shooting. The main thing - to choose the plot, unusual or important for couples in love the place. With the advent of the golden autumn photosession Love Story in nature will be the most successful idea. It is important to choose a dry sunny day, and the endless play of colors of autumn leaves will be a great frame of your love story. For the bright, original footage is pre-beautiful location on the waterfront, in the woods, a city park.

Autumn photoset honeymooners love story