How to find and choose a wedding photographer

Wedding - a significant moment in the life of anycouples, the memory of which I would like to keep for life. For this reason, it is important to carefully approach the issue of the choice of a professional wedding photographer. A wide range of specialists often complicates the decision. How to choose a wedding photographer? There are a number of simple recommendations that will find the responsible professional, able to capture such a beautiful and important moment in your life, like a wedding.

Where to look for a wedding photographer?

Internet - the main source to search for the photographer

The process of preparing for the wedding, along with a selectionrestaurants and holiday outfits usually involves finding a good wedding photographer. These days, endless possibilities of the Internet significantly simplify this procedure. Type in the search box "wedding photographer", and your attention will appear countless interesting proposals from private masters of photographic art, and from the studio.

How to choose a wedding photographer? The variety of offerings on the Internet on the one hand provides the ability to choose the right person, and with another - significantly complicates the task. To examine the portfolio of each master, offering its services through a network will require a huge amount of time that most of the young do not have.

Recommendations friends - the best way to find a photographer

As practice shows, reliable andmost truthful advertising for any photographer at a wedding is the so-called "word of mouth". Ask your friends and relatives if they know a good wedding photographers. Choose among the recommended professionals will be much easier. In addition, if the experts advise people that you trust, is already greatly minimized the risk to choose an irresponsible employee.

Apprehensive should apply to photographers onwedding, whose advertising appears on the first positions in the search engines. Too obsessive offer their services in some cases suggests that the photographer of "word of mouth" is weak, and the main stream of orders he takes from the Internet. Perhaps the artist works not qualitatively or recently. Listen to your feedback, opinions and recommendations to customers who are already lucky enough to choose a wedding photographer.

What should know and be able to seasoned professional?

Creativity - one of the main qualities of the modern photographer

Portfolio - the main indicator of professionalism,on the basis of which to choose a wedding photographer. In the search should carefully review the work of different artists, to compare them with each other. Virtually every professional these days is if a full website, then at least a page on social networks with photos and examples of their work, a virtual shooting gallery from different weddings.

How to choose a wedding photographer? His work in the first place should be of good quality, like you, is genuine emotions. It is understood that each specialist chooses for its portfolio of images that are considered successful. In other words, there is a real possibility that after the wedding, you get a little bit worse than the photos that have seen on the website.

In studying the portfolio is worth paying attention torepetition of scenes, poses and backgrounds. In a highly competitive modern professional should be as creative and try to avoid the "worn-out" pattern. Portfolio gives the opportunity to assess what images the photographer prefers to do at the wedding - staged or reportage. It is better to avoid the professionals who take a unilateral position and make only a certain type of photography.

Key Selection Criteria

There are some basic criteria for the selection of a professional standing

If you like a certain job,contact with their creator, set the date and time of the meeting to discuss the details. Photographer is to evaluate not only as a professional but also as a person. Note the appearance of a specialist, the manner of its communication, the intellectual and cultural level. This person will be entrusted to capture the most important event in your life. With it should be nice and comfortable to communicate.

When the meeting is to ask the photographer to showyou more of his work. As noted above, one skilled in the art will choose the best photos for your portfolio. After studying the advanced version of the portfolio, you can get a better idea of ​​the vision of the author's photos. The pictures should not be too much photoshop evolved computer effects. Image processing should only enhance the quality of pictures, but did not become the main mode of transmission of ideas.

When you choose a photographer, pleaseattention to the subjects of his works. Internet is full of comical wedding photos, on which tens of thousands of people are laughing. It is unlikely that you will want to join the ranks of those unhappy couples who have been victims too "creative" photographers. Staged footage of the bride on the palm of the groom or husband under the thumb of his beloved wife, look ridiculous and frankly ridiculous.

Cost - another important criterion thatshould be considered when choosing a wedding photographer. In a highly competitive, ever-changing market can not be called a universal price. Much of the cost is based on your city and type of wedding. Talk with several experts, whose work you like and then compare the price tags. Regardless of the budget it is clear that a cheap photographer - a risky option.

Treaty - is another important point, which isconsider when choosing a photographer. Well, if the contract is concluded not only verbally but also in writing. In this case, it will become guarantor of the photographer with their obligations, as well as give you peace of mind that the money is not paid for nothing. However, it is recognized that the item is optional. Many professionals are working unofficially, that does not diminish the quality and beauty of their images.

From what is best photographers to give up?

Wedding photographer must be a nice person

Being late for an appointment - the first signincreased likelihood that an irresponsible specialist. If a person looks messy, think about what it would take part in the solemn event that could spoil their appearance. For you must be a wake-up call, if the master refuses to show at the meeting of the album with your photos from other photo shoots. Arrogant person with boorish manner of communication - obviously not an option.

As mentioned above, you should not choosemaster, in whose portfolio photos from the series "the bride on the palm." At the same time pay close attention to the quality of image processing. Bluish tint on the bride's face against the red foliage at first it is likely be impressed, but after the third viewing starts frankly annoying. These days, all kinds of hearts, angels, labels and rings do not look just corny, but even matter.

Do not choose a master who promises to givepictures on the next day after the gala event, or even at the end of the week. To efficiently handle photographs need a long period of time. The mandatory minimum includes brightness correction, color contrast. It is better to suffer a little bit, but in the end get a really high-quality images.

Video - tips on how to choose the right photographer for your wedding

In the video below professionalwedding photographer will tell in detail about how to choose a good professional and not fall for the bait charlatan. Master share some uncomplicated guidelines, the use of which in practice allows you to select a true professional in their field, to distinguish an experienced photographer from the arrogant newcomer.