Examples of registration of wedding photo books

Wedding - one of the main commemorative eventslife couples. It is important to remember every moment lived in the day, so a professional photographer services are in great demand. It must capture the beautiful pictures with the newlyweds to subsequently publish the best of them in the pages of the first family album. This will be a precious memory for the two of you, stay with you until the end of days. That's why care must be taken about the design of this thing and choose the best, for example, high-quality photo book. What are they?

Photobook design - choose the format and cover

Design wedding photo book - the only of itslike decoration pictures, during which you make your direct participation, to implement their original ideas, to be creative designs. You can choose from ready-made options that gives you a studio, and adjust some details to your taste. Wedding photobook will be a unique instance of the copyright that has no analogues. However, to the design of the album you are all arranged, the photographer must negotiate with you the following points:

  1. The first question - is the choice of the size of the book, the format of which may vary, depending on the wishes of the future spouses, ideas and creative approach.
    Possible formats of wedding photobooks
  2. Then we discuss what you choose optionCover: Modern printing capabilities allow it to manufacture and binding of traditional materials, as well as genuine leather, wood, with elements of metal. This makes the wedding album is extremely stylish.
  3. Be sure to make a reservation, how much should be in the pages of the photo book, which pictures you want to place there, in what sequence.
  4. Some customers want to further protect the photobook from damage and asked to put a special protective coating on the pictures.
  5. Also, you will be prompted to select the type of paper on which you will print photos: glossy, matte, using silk or variant Metallic.
    Matte paper type for the album

Stories and scripts for the wedding photo book

To avoid unpleasant surprises, advanceTalk with the photographer, what would you like to see the scenes and scenarios in their wedding photo book. The specialist must prepare ideas and attributes necessary to perform selected scenes in the photographs. Typically, an experienced photographer already has a few ready-made ideas that are easy to implement with the newlyweds during a photo shoot. To imagine how it might look, watch the video below with two different design photo books, which are used to design the traditional style:

Start with a love story

Create a story in his weddingphoto album, you can start you with a love story of two of your hearts. This is a good option to carry through, the memory of those days and moments, then you will tell your children and grandchildren, showing preserved photos. Here are a few ideas to help bring together all the major events that have contributed to the emergence of a sense of light among you:

  1. Remember how it was from the very first day of your meeting, get together photos of the period, try adding them to your love story.
  2. Try to play at a photo shoot love scenes with each other, a first date, declaration of love, special moments that are happening to you then.
  3. Arrange a romantic picnic at sunset candlelight, let the photographer to work on the creation of images, positions and points. We get a very beautiful shots.
  4. Walk around the city, hold hands, take pictures near the fountains, create a maximum of romance and a relaxed atmosphere.

Ideas to create a love story in a photo book

Weddings and Honeymoons

After finishing work on the history of your love,go to the registration section album, which will depict the wedding and honeymoon with travel. Make shared photos with your favorite relatives and friends at the wedding, celebrate with them this solemn day, naschelkat many beautiful frames. After the wedding, go on their honeymoon, taking a camera (brought out photos must enter in the wedding photo book).

Wedding and honeymoon photobook

Add the wishes of visitors

When finished with the filling of the future photo books,Consider extra. As an option, it is interesting to be looked blessing words and congratulations to your guests at a wedding filmed and deposited on the photos. So this album will acquire the ability to speak, carry a positive aura and return you to the day when you become a happy couple. Here are some tips to help simplify difficult, at first glance, the task - to add to the photo book wishes of guests at the wedding:

  1. Use photos to design photo books, where your family say a toast to the young, and the top line enter key words (just two or three words), for example: "Council and love".
  2. Use the wishes of loved ones, using theira catch phrase to the appropriate personnel. For example, if the photograph the groom holds his bride in his arms and looks gentle anxious glance at her, on top of the frame so you can enter the line: "As my grandmother said - the attention of a loved one is worth a lifetime."
  3. Go through cards with the wishes, presented to you at the wedding, and those that you especially liked. Insert them in the photobook as quotations, poems, just beautiful words.

photobook design to guests

Styling for favorite movie

If the two of you have a favorite movie thatassociated with your relationship, you can style the wedding book for him. This is a very original design, which will have a maximum dip into the romantic atmosphere again and again. Use frames with retro motifs, apply interesting pictures from the movie as a background on the pages of the photo book. You can use photomontage and other professional design tricks that will help you to realize this idea.

Styling photobook for favorite movie

Beautiful examples of works on the wedding photo book

In this embodiment, the design of wedding photos,a photo book, you have the opportunity to use all their imagination and work on its pages with beautiful portraits. However, at first the idea is to evaluate the side to see the pros and cons, to determine for themselves the necessary style vector and then put into practice. To be inspired by wonderful and original ideas to design your own wedding photo book, view good examples of already finished works in this direction:

  1. Making major reversal of the wedding photo book. In this embodiment, the couple used their ideas to design album.
    Wedding photo book in black and white
  2. Photobook, which was prepared as a gift for wedding anniversary heroes of the occasion - a vivid example of photomontage with family and friends who were present that day.
    Options spreads wedding photo book
  3. In the following example, a wedding photo book designthe main words used to each other, personally written long before making a decision about marriage. Nothing will be able to relive the feelings, emotions and experiences of those days as a variant design of the wedding photo book.
    Wishes of the hand in the wedding photo book
  4. Do you want a long time to remember those pleasant and wisewords that you want at the wedding moms and dads, friends, family? Then look at this example in which you'll find a sample design text greetings, dates, comments to the photos.
    Turn the wedding photo book with the wishes

Where can I order or buy templates for photo books

To create a self-wedding photo bookMany professional artists provide templates service. You go to the site, step through all the steps that are described there and create your own unique album, inserting all of your favorite photos of his wedding. The next step - is sent to the service provider instance photobooks ready made template. Next, expect the finished work according to the agreed terms.

There are special sites that worka group of experts, but usually, it is a paid service. There are free sites with templates beautifully designed albums, where you can create your own version, but there are rarely original layouts. In this case it is necessary to work independently with what is offered.

The template for the independent production of the wedding photo book

None of the modern man can not do withoutService photographer at his own wedding. Everyone wants to remember this day, applying a beautiful photo shoot, reproduce large format portraits, print photos, make a wedding photo book. All this helps to recreate the impression that you have a time when only just received the official status of husband and wife. It is not necessary to think how it will be expensive - in fact, in the end, you get positive emotions, captured forever.