Wedding lumps of dough

When approaching the long-awaited wedding day, toit prepared the newlyweds and their parents. Ordered a banquet hall, bought clothes, wedding rings, we can not forget about the tradition of the groom's parents stove festive cakes - wedding cones. What is this ritual cakes, which she carries the symbolism and what place is given to bumps at the wedding? Let's find out.

What does the wedding tradition of handing out lumps guests?

Wedding cones reached even with contemporariesancient times, when the bride and groom boyar or girlfriend was invited to a wedding of people not using the card, and handed over a special sweet pastries future guests. Each person who receives the invitation, the couple could not resist and had to be sure to come to the wedding. There is another story: every guest who proclaimed in the old wedding toast in honor of the young, received as a gift a sweet wedding cakes, a kind of attribute.

Now muffins bumps are directly related towedding loaf. These little buns and a piece of loaf newly married according to the custom handed out to guests at the time of delivery of gifts. It is believed that during this ritual, the bride and groom pass the visitor a piece of his own happiness, and love, so invited shall apply to such gifts very seriously. And that was lucky, according to legend delicious cone to eat before the end of the wedding.

Sweet baked cones for each guest at the wedding

When and how to hand made cones at the wedding?

Often, such a ceremony is beatenmaster of ceremonies at the wedding. But if it is done by the couple themselves, they are awarded a lump baked into the hands of every guest after he presented his gift. However, there is a moment that requires attention: pine cone sweet, and to the hands of the guest does not remain sticky, better:

  1. Do not give bumps without packaging. People dirty hands, festive clothes and rolls at the end of the fun may simply dry up.
  2. Do not wrap the cones on return. Using a banal plastic bag, so it looks like this is not for a holiday, but more like a sale.

If you want the wedding to make everything nice - atyou elegant decoration of the banquet hall, luxury wedding dresses, ordered the most delicious dishes - the wedding and every bump is packaged nicely. You can wrap it in transparent paper, tie a satin ribbon or add a lovely wedding accessories, for example, a small heart or angel.

Some give directly to all guests, and bumpscandy boxes, turning off the light in the room, and each bun decorated with a candle and lit it. All guests are asked to get up from the table, gather in the center of the room. Guests delighted: room covered with romance, great atmosphere: candles are lit at the same time 40-80 and plays a quiet romantic melody. Do not forget after the extinguish a candle, offer each guest a beautiful bag for baking.

The wedding cakes better pack nicely

How to bake a sugar cone - recipe with photos

Fashion wedding sweet rollsIt spreads rapidly, but not all housewives know how to bake and decorate knobs that she liked, and adult and child at a wedding. In order not to spend money on your baking pastry, we offer a step by step recipe for how to bake a sugar bun. So, we need the ingredients:

  • margarine - 300 g;
  • milk - 600 ml;
  • Eggs - 4 pcs .;
  • oil - 100 g;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • turmeric - 1 tsp .;
  • yeast - 100 g;
  • Flour - 3 kg;
  • vanilla sugar - 1.5 bags;
  • Salt - 1 tsp .;
  • baking powder - 1 packet.

Cooking method:

  • Make a brew: combine the yeast and salt, then add the warm milk, sugar, mix well. Opara cover with a towel, put in a warm place for 30 minutes.
  • Then slowly add in the weight of the flour, rubbingit with the softened margarine to the dough was not heavy. To the resulting mass add the melted butter, whipped into the egg foam, saffron, baking powder, stirring again.
  • The amount of flour should be regulated, because it has a different gluten and dough should be soft and in any case not a rubber.
  • From the above ingredients should get 4300 g of the dough. The weight of the rolls is about 100 g If necessary portions reduced or enlarged.
  • For the formation of the wedding bun dough divide into equal pieces, rolling them into long sausages.
  • We turn to the form of the cochlea, and then use scissors along the length of the harness making incisions.
  • Baking grease with vegetable oil, laying our buns at a great distance from each other. Put the pan in a warm place to come products.
  • Before you put the cakes in a preheated 200 degree oven, grease it with a mixture of sugar, milk, egg yolks to provide sweetness appetizing crust.
  • After 7 minutes of baking, reduce the oven temperature to 160 degrees, leaving the buns there until the formation of a golden color.
  • Another hot candy sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Video - recipe rolls of pastry

Wedding muffins prepared in different ways,therefore leave them something big, something small. We offer a look at another video recipe with which you can easily cook at home delicious pastries for the wedding: