How to make a wedding menu at home

Prepare for the most solemn day in the lifepair requires a lot of efforts, recoil time. In addition to hundreds of little things that have to take into account the future spouses in question are the highlights of the celebration of the wedding day where the event will take place, how come the guests, how much money you need to invest in the decoration of the hall, ordering dishes to sumptuous banquet? An item organizing events - wedding menu. To liked it all, heroes of the occasion will have to get serious about selecting a festive meal.

What is taken into account when drawing up the menu at home?

Wedding banquet - it's always a feast. If you are not ready to celebrate the event in a restaurant, you want to hold a wedding home with the family and friends, there are a number of practical recommendations on the organization of the meal, the compilation of the grand menu:

  • All the while guests are at the weddingevent, table, usually breaking from all sorts of dishes - delicious appetizers, hearty main dishes, salads. The ideal is considered an option when cooked culinary delights are constantly replaced throughout the celebration, during breaks in the dancing, socializing, competition program. To wedding dishes are not bored guests, calculate the approximate duration of the banquet, time shift and distribute takeaway dishes: if even a small number of recipes will create a sense of diversity.

Elegant wedding feast
  • Surely all the hardships of preparation of dishes from the menuwill fall on the shoulders of the bride's mother or the groom, and it is possible that both of them, so the hostess need to plan in advance to start the cooking. Some items from the wedding list of dishes is better to do in advance, or at least to carry out preparatory work. For example, the day before the event, you can marinate the meat, chop the sausage, cheese, cook sandwich spreads. Semi assembled ingredients are best stored in the refrigerator under a transparent cling film.
  • Meat requires more attention, so it is unlikelyWhether newlyweds parents want to spend on his wedding day stewing, frying or baking. Home cooks can prepare the night before the feast of meat dishes, make cutlets or roast STTS and before the arrival of guests ready to menu items is enough to warm up and pour some delicious cream / tomato / chili sauce - is a feeling of a freshly prepared meal. To learn how to create a menu, see the video:
  • We should think about a wedding themecelebration. If the couple choose a certain style of celebration, we decorated the room, prepared the appropriate attire, the menu should reflect the thematic wedding mood. For the wedding in a nautical theme would be logical to cook a lot of fish dishes and appetizers, light meat dishes, Mediterranean salads. If this Hawaiian event, wedding table menu items to decorate themed islands: chicken with pineapple, shrimp in coconut chips, salad with fish, banana-mango cocktail.
  • An important tip before beginning preparation forWEDDING PARTY: If you've never tried a dish that wish to apply to the table, it is better to do a few trial runs. Perhaps to prepare a wedding feast would be much more difficult than described in the recipe, and will adequately calculate the amount of time spent. It may be that the combination of ingredients will be unpleasant to the taste: you can change the aspect ratio, to replace one product from another menu or eliminate prescription.

Beautiful food for a banquet table

The number of invited people

The number of people who are invited tocelebrating a wedding event - one of the highlights, affecting the number of products, their diversity, frequency shift dishes. If invited to the table no more than ten people closest, of course, that the young family or the bride and groom themselves aware of the tastes of the guests, so prepare a wedding day menu will be much easier. It is quite another thing, if the banquet includes a large number of guests - from twenty and above. We'll have to think about the selection of festive dishes that please everyone.

The correct calculation of the amount of alcohol and meals

Wedding - a celebration that involves largeoutdoor party, dedicated to the unity of the two families. Alcohol at the wedding event flows like water, and the menu includes many items that the guests dazzled. It is not enough just to cook a lot of food according to recipes that you like to culinary forums - purchase of products is subject to clear estimates on the number of liquor, beverages, edible products. What drink at the ceremony:

  • Champagne. This drink is usually poured into the registry office, as well as during the first toast, when guests are greeted young at the banquet. Then present transferred to other alcoholic beverages. The required number of bottles - 1-2 to ten people.
  • Wine. Alcohol medium strength, which is preferred during the holiday girls, women. Better to take 2 dry red, dry white, sweet one. About 4-5 bottles for ten people.
  • Strong vysokogradusnye drinks - vodka, cognac andothers on request. These types of alcohol, usually accrue to men. Given that the wedding party will extend for six hours or more, it will take about 3-4 bottles of spirits for ten people.

Alcohol for the solemn celebration

Calculation of alcoholic drinks spendindependently, given the tastes of guests. Some invitees can use little alcohol, while others on the contrary - to drink without getting drunk all the wedding day, so in the end the number of alcoholic beverages chosen individually. How to calculate the number of appetizers, salads, main dishes in grams per outlet (10 persons), provided a long banquet:

  • Cold fish appetizers, all - on a pound of salted fish salmon and cold smoked, 200 grams of sprats and sardines, canned butter, a kilogram of jellied carp.
  • Salads and vegetables, cold dishes to the menu. Approximately 1200 grams of meat salad, a kilogram of pickled tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, 300 grams of green peas.
  • Meat delicatessen. One pound roll of pork, 700 grams of filler language.
  • Bread snacks, oil. Approximately 200 grams of butter for ten, twenty patties with bacon (2 each), 800 grams of rye bread, 400 grams of wheat.
  • Hot dishes. Sample menu: roast goose kilogram, 400 grams of baked apples and sweet cabbage, roast beef 800 grams, 400 grams of potatoes mashed, baked or jacket.
  • Dessert. 10 people need about 1-2 kgs of cake, a kilogram of fruit, 200 grams of sweets, a pound of cookies.
  • Soft drinks. 3 liters of mineral water lightly carbonated, 2-3 liters of sweet carbonated water, 3-4 liters of juice.

Delicious options for soft drinks

Sequence of serving dishes

Feeding dishes during weddingbanquet has clear rules. That all went well, the guests were happy and fresh new dishes constantly pleasing to the eye, keep regular sequence supplying snacks, hot dishes, desserts. How to make a wedding day menu items - from first course to the last:

  1. When the guests just sit down at the table, they should already be expected from the snack menu - it is usually an acute salted and smoked fish, pickled foods (tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms).
  2. This is followed by a wedding buffet items such as all kinds of hearty salads, fish, canned or marinated in oil, stuffed pike, carp and others.
  3. Natural meats: slicing sausage, boiled tongue with mayonnaise, pork roll, roast beef patties. When snacks poredeyut significantly, owners can shift the leftovers in one or two courses and make first hot dish festive menu.
  4. After the first main course, following the snacks, make a break. If the second dishes are not provided, a slight pause held immediately after the fish, vegetables, meats and salads.
  5. When the guests are fed, and the wedding feastcoming to an end, the time dessert fans. Before a sweet made another break, while guests relax in another room. The hosts take away dirty plates, cutlery, food residues, changing their dessert dishes. On the table there is the first cake, the couple cut into a dish and then served with fruit candy. Wishing treated to tea and coffee.

Great wedding dessert

How to calculate the number of products up to 40 people?

The above calculation was presented dishes for 10 people. To get the approximate number of essential products, performance wedding appetizers, main course, dessert, multiply by 4. So: fish snacks will need about 7 kg; salads, pickled vegetables - 10 kg; meats - about 5 kg; bread and bakery products - up to 6 kg; main courses with side dishes - about 12 kg; cake, fruit, candy, etc. -. to 13 kg.

Sample menu for a wedding banquet

Selection of wedding dishes troublesome in thishelp ready lists dishes. What wedding menu items are appropriate for cold appetizers: olives, pickled tomatoes and mushrooms, Greek salad, chicken salad, slicing sausage, rolls, salted fish, stuffed fish, a dish of cold seafood. The first main dish: baked chicken + potatoes in their skins. The second hot rice and chalagach. As a wedding dessert dish - a multi-tiered cake, candy, fruit.

A rich homemade meal

The second option is a home wedding table menu

What is suitable for wedding cold appetizers: Fish rolls with cream cheese, ham, smoked fish, meat pies, small sandwiches with several types namazok, meat salad, seafood salad "Winter" with pickled vegetables. The first hot wedding meal: chicken cutlets, baked with cheese and pineapple, garnished with mashed potatoes. The second hot pudding: fried pork steaks + rice. On the wedding dessert owners can submit homemade cakes, sweets and fruits.

Recipes of dishes with wedding photos

Choosing between the home and the celebration of the weddingorder meals in the cafe, many knowingly prefer family holiday, in fact delicious recipes will be prepared with the finest ingredients with loving hands of close relatives or friends. Here are some interesting recipes of dishes wedding, which perfectly fit into the grand menu:

  • Summer snack "Fish rolls." What is needed for 7-8 pieces of portioned dishes, two fresh cucumber without skin, 200 grams of salted salmon, "Philadelphia" cream cheese or other. How to prepare: Put the fish on the table, brush with cream cheese, departing from the edge 0.5 cm, in the middle of the place brusochek cucumber, as in the photo. Wrap the roll, cut into pieces. Wedding meal ready for summer!

Fish rolls with cream cheese
  • Hawaiian salad. For this wedding dishes (yield - more than a kilogram) will need: chicken 600-700 grams, 300 grams of cheese to taste, Bank of pickled pineapple in its own juice. To cook a dish, you need to boil the fillet, chop, cheese cut into cubes or small strips, pineapple cut into small pieces. All the mix, add mayonnaise, pineapple marinade - here and ready to wedding appetizer. If desired, the dish can be refueled corn, croutons, lettuce.

Options Hawaiian wedding meals
  • Chicken baked with mustard. This wedding dish requires the following components: one chicken, mustard, salt, pepper, lemon. Cut a lemon into four parts is thrust into the chicken, then the skin is sutured or thread tightly sealed toothpicks top poultry seasoning rub, anoint mustard. Bake for half an hour at 180 degrees. For a side dish to a wedding hot dish fit the usual mashed potatoes.

A simple recipe for a delicious chicken
  • Pork fried with cheese - a good optionmain dish. What is needed for 7-8 meatballs: 700 grams of fillet, 100 grams of grated cheese and crackers, two eggs, salt, pepper, vegetable oil. How to cook the pudding wedding: pork chop layers (thickness 1 cm), bread crumbs mixed with cheese, eggs, whisk with condiments. A piece of meat first obmoknut in eggs, then roll in bread crumbs and cheese. On low heat to cook a wedding dish on readiness - about seven minutes on each side. Meats can be served with rice, potatoes.

Pork with cheese and breadcrumbs - wedding meal
  • Wedding dessert - homemade candy. For meals you will need: the form of candy, 150 grams of milk chocolate, condensed milk, nuts. Melt the chocolate using the water bath, pour molds, turning them so that the chocolate covered walls, send frozen for half an hour. Then for a wedding dessert put in sweet condensed milk, nut, fill the molds, melt more chocolate, sprinkle on top, removing the excess. The dish is placed in the freezer for five hours. Wedding pudding is ready!

Homemade candy for dessert
  • Interesting wedding feast - cherryApelsinka. You will need for food, five oranges, cherry compote (half a liter), 100 grams of sugar, 25 grams of gelatin, 150 ml of pure water. Gelatin, leave for an hour, fruit cut in half, remove the flesh from the peel. Compote pour into a saucepan, add sugar, bring to a boil, then add the gelatin-water mixture, again boil and immediately remove from heat. After cooling the liquid, pour it into the cleaned skins, leave in the fridge for seven hours. Simple wedding meal will not leave guests indifferent.

Orange peel with cherry jelly

Think over your own wedding menu and thenwithout assistance to prepare meals for the festive table - a difficult task. To cope with it, pre-plan the stages of cooking - only then will be able to cook dishes wedding on time, please the guests, please honeymooners, in other words - to organize a feast for the audience. Delicious dishes you!