How to choose the menu for the wedding?

Ah, this wedding! How much excitement, experiences, concerns falls on the future newlyweds to the forthcoming celebration unforgettable. Choosing dresses, flowers, rings, scenarios for the holiday - all represent important points of the plan as the key to a successful celebration. And if in dealing with these issues is based on the couple's own preferences, the organization of the wedding feast, without which it is difficult to imagine this celebration, will require a different approach. What must be considered when drawing up the banquet menus?

Recommendations regarding the selection menu for the wedding

Proceed to the selection menu for the holiday tablefuture newlyweds will not be earlier than decide on the venue of the celebration. In an institution that specializes in wedding feasts, certainly will recommend what food, drink and how many choose to guests were happy and well-fed. If the bride and groom and family remain in doubt, you should consider several factors in choosing a menu:

  • Tastes differ, for a variety of dishes -this is the main principle, which should be supported in the preparation for a celebration menu. To please each guest, even theoretically impossible, and a variant with different dishes - even small amounts - is suitable as a universal.
  • Decide on the number of guests, whether on a banquet the children and how much? Even if a little younger guests will better provide for their tea table with sweets.
  • Seasonality - is another important factor thatshould definitely be considered when drawing up the menu. Summer will have to increase the amount of soft drinks, and in the winter need to apply for a festive table over hot meals than snacks.
  • The tradition of the wedding feast urgesconsider that feast on salty to sweet lasts at least four hours. Therefore, the wedding menu meals are served to gradually and with pre-specified intervals, resulting in abundance and creates the effect of the festive table.

Appetizers and salads

Cold appetizers and salads to the wedding

The right to open a festive table belongssalads and cold zakuskam.Na this phase diversity principle works best. Laying should be organized prior to the wedding party, and should be based on the approximate calculation in drawing up the menu: 350-400 g 250-300 g of lettuce and cold snacks per person. Fresh vegetables, pickles, meats, cheeses, seafood, caviar, smoked salmon and other snacks - all this, in addition to warm salads served before boarding guests at the table.

Hot appetizers

Hot snacks in a wedding menu

Before the holiday table will be servedmain course with side dish, it makes sense to include in the menu hot snacks. If among those invited to the wedding banquet will be fans of a healthy diet, vegetarians or those who adhere to a diet, then baked vegetables and mushroom julienne, cheese truffles, shrimp tempura, crayfish will be needed. These dishes are served either a la carte or on a large plate, and on time - no earlier than half an hour from the beginning of the banquet.

Hot dishes and side dishes

Hot food for the wedding

In any wedding menu - a main dishholiday table. The best option is considered to be the choice in favor of classic dishes, diversity also plays a role, because not everyone eats meat. Offer guests a choice of several hot meat or fish dishes, and the menu will vary by poultry (chicken, turkey). The calculation should be based on the fact that the weight portion per person should not exceed 300 g of a main dish and side dish 200 g. The meat, fish is recommended to provide the sauce and serve hot meals should be within two hours after the start of the banquet.

Potatoes as a side dish to main coursesalso refers to the best option, since it is served to the table in different forms - from mashed to fries. Roast vegetables - not as a universal version of a side dish like potatoes, but it should provide at least a small amount. By following the sequence of first offer guests the main dishes as a garnish with fish, then take out the meat, and then the game. Hot can be submitted in batches or in whole, if you want to entertain guests newlyweds stuffed pig, goose or sturgeon.


Dessert in a wedding menu

An hour after the main course comesall dessert. Traditionally attributed to him sweet, but actually it is all that is offered to guests after hot. The role of the dessert is designed to perform the wedding cake, the removal of which is a whole ritual. In drawing up the menu expect that dessert accounts for about 200 grams, about the same volume falls and fruit plate.


Drinks at the wedding

And what a wedding feast without drinks ?! General Rules does not exist, we can only assume that, and in what quantities, guests prefer to drink. The time factor, the play not the last role. On a hot summer day, soft drinks will need two times more than for a banquet held in the winter. The choice of alcohol, this factor will have an impact, too, because of strong drinks in the summer will have to submit less.

Decide on the number of drinks easily on the basis of a rough calculation, which provides for two people:

  • 1 bottle of champagne,
  • 1 bottle of wine (red on the share accounted for 70% of preferences, and the rest - white)
  • 0.5 liters of strong alcoholic drink,
  • 2 liters of non-alcoholic drinks (during the hot days of the year it is recommended to multiply the volume doubled).

Terms of ordering a wedding banquet in a restaurant

Wedding receptions in the restaurant wasconvenient tradition for newlyweds. Beautifully decorated room, professional chefs, the partial or full service - all of this at once solves many problems related to the celebration. Ordering rules for each institution will have its own, but there are some general principles:

Restaurant manager
  1. At a meeting with the administrator to ask himimportant to you. Wait until you get a comprehensive answer, before signing the contract. Without it, any oral assurances or arrangements are not effective, so in the interests of both sides, he must necessarily be executed.
  2. Be sure to ask permission to bearown alcohol or products, the ability to use sparklers, candles or other attributes. Learn about the size of the penalty for the broken dishes, broken furniture, tableware paid or not separately.
  3. The duration of the grand event is not infinite, so please specify until what time should complete the holiday.
  4. In most cases, institutions require an advance payment - this is normal, because it is a guarantee that for any development of the situation, spent on preparation time will okupleny.
  5. Many institutions have calculated the average check per guest. Negotiating the menu items in person, be prepared for the fact that the amount of its increase.

Who better to entrust the choice of wedding menus?

Engage in the preparation of the wedding banquetown - too time-consuming and troublesome task. A lot of the nuances that have the power to provide only professional, able to influence the conduct of the celebration, so in the selection of the wedding menu is better to trust the event organizer. Taking into account the wishes of the newlyweds Specialist settle issues with the facility operator or hire a catering company, to the wedding feast turned out perfect.