Wedding toasts from parents

The most expensive people in life - our parents. With over a rich life experience, they will support in the difficult moments, rejoice for her child, will warm heat. His accomplishments, successes, achievements of young parents are required. Wedding celebration - a holiday not only newlyweds, but also their parents. Imperceptibly passed year, favorite son or daughter is grown, we have created a new family. Wedding toasts from parents is always imbued with warmth, love, joy. If you are looking for suitable words, use the examples below congratulations.

Variants of toast from his parents at the wedding

At the gala, the wedding day the groom,groom want to get parental blessing to hear the warm, gentle parting words, to share joy of the holiday with family. Heart Suite freeze with delight and a bit of suspense. Endorsing the choice his son, daughter, blessing a long way newly husband and wife, parents pass on experience, trying to warn of the error. What is a favorite wish for children, raising a celebratory glass?

Toasts of the parents of the bride, the groom's love

As the great Omar Khayyam: "Love - it is different." Happiness be with a loved one close, the pain of separation, the desire to help and support, understanding, tenderness, concern about health - just do not count. On the day when you marry, you want to wish to love each other brings only joy was easy, as patience - iron. Let this anxious feeling burning in your hearts forever! We wish that after going through years of distance, separation, meetings, your family has kept the best that joined you together! We raise our glasses to our children! "Bitterly!"

Looking at the sun splashes of champagne in the glass,we hasten to congratulate our young! We wish only to get drunk with happiness, let the tears of joy to intercept the spirit of delight. Be each other's best friends, which is always good and interesting together. And let the world wait. Be reliable support for their halves, because life presents us with obstacles, surprises by checking the senses fortress. Let your heart and soul always sounded in unison, love will overcome adversity. For our Honeymoon, "Kiss!"

Bridal congratulate blessed in this hour.

I wholeheartedly wish them happy eyes shine.

May the life of newlyweds

Sparkled like fireworks,

There will be days: heavy, gloomy,

Let it be near a century.

Let them raise their children together,

Trees are thrown, build a house,

Let the bride lives happily

With its prominent suitor.

Let it be a cup of their house full,

And guiding star

They shine silent angel -

All my life, all year long!

Toast of the pope any daughter to

Pip is my favorite! You grew up and turned into a beautiful flower. Such exotic and beautiful, that delight the heart stops. But neither wind nor rain did not break his proud character. I wish that your husband takes care of you, both for the most precious orchid, spoiled, as the most capricious violet, blew a speck of dust. Thanks for the care, love, attention will be joyful kids laughter in the house, a cozy fireplace, warmth and harmony in the family. "Bitterly!"

Toast by the bride's parents

We are very pleased in this blessed daycongratulate our young. More recently, you, my daughter, studying to take the first steps, first words to say. Imperceptibly passed years. You grew up and one day invited to visit (groom's name). Your eyes are shining like stars, you told us a lot. It is time for you to build a family. Let the heart be light, the soul - pure feelings - immortal. We wish more healthy children, because the child's laughter - the main value in life. And for our part we promise to pamper, protect, love grandchildren. Bitterly!

As a symbol of marriage - engagement ring, so yourlet love be infinite. Golden character of his wife, nerves of steel, an excerpt of her husband - unbeaten alloy. No storm, no hardship Disconnect your heart. Let your soul, is connected in a bizarre dance, keep it warm and energy to the Golden Jubilee. Raise a toast to the eternal love of the young!

Toast by the groom's parents

Son! Now in addition to our family - we had a daughter with her mother. As you have noticed, beautiful, skillful, fun, playful and intelligent. Take care of her little girl, because you're the real man. We wish to be bold and courageous, affectionate and gentle. Let rush years, the kids are growing up, and your family reigns harmony and grace. We raise our glasses to our children, love, peace, well-being of your family! "Bitterly!"

Video: The original toasts by parent

Wedding - a young family holiday. Parents, relatives, friends: they all want to congratulate the bride and groom. What are the original toasts come up with? Warm, sweet words of love, support and attention - a special gift to the newlyweds. Original wedding toast from parents will be comic congratulation souped wife with her husband in the verse, read in rap style. And how much delight trigger artistic talent father and mother! After all, as a joke, a laugh hidden thing: admiration, love of children, the wishes of a long happy married life in peace and harmony. See more in the video.

Parents conservative? They prefer the classics, give a tribute to tradition? Then a lovely greeting from parents will toast to dear children, spoken from the heart. Take a look at the video below, how many tender words for his beloved little daughter Dad in store, as a strict mother suddenly burst into tears, confusing words. Emotions overwhelmed parents: a new stage in life for their children. And let the young will remember that in the parental home always will warm, fed, give advice, provide support.

Wedding toast - not only a reason to raise a glass andshout "Kiss!" These are the key words that the young will remember for a lifetime. Humorous or serious, in verse, prose - parent greetings are filled with the most sincere feelings, warmth and affection. Choose the right words to help express the palette of emotions, will help our website, which presents the best toasts and congratulations from his parents at the wedding.