Toasts to the bride

Being invited to the wedding only fromone of the newlyweds, the guests are paying more attention to his "friend Suite". It would not be surprising if those who have been invited by the newly made husband, among others congratulated the newlyweds utter a wish addressed directly to him. Toast to the bride in these cases should not exclude indirect compliment the bride wishes her happiness, health, and can also be made in comic form. Write your own greeting, or use ready-made ideas suggested below.

Options toast to the bride wedding day

Toast "most-most"

Nature is never wrong! How does life in the wilderness, and God intended! Here's a look at the wild animals: the female of any species goes only to the strong, bold, beautiful, clever, healthy male to get the best offspring. The most prominent suitors fight for the most deserving brides.

And now look at the groom - (groom's name)managed to win the hand and heart of a beauty because it has many advantages: beautiful, bold, strong, successful, caring, has a great sense of humor and natural charm (here any quality suitable specific Suite can be listed). Other contenders simply fade in comparison with him! Let us drink our groom, which has managed to become the best among the others and win the favor of a beautiful bride!

Toast "Jeweler"

Looking at our bride, groom, we respectedWe can be seen as a jeweler. Among other gems, he found the best, my dear, a perfect diamond, which has a special beauty that shines more than any other, iridescent. Our guy saw the depth of the soul and the bride just reflexes, offering her his hand and heart. So let us drink for the road to the groom did not forget that every gem is needed not less worthy setting! Bitterly!

Toast "Guess the Groom"

Just imagine the situation: a distant relative of the bride arrives at the wedding. How to guess who's the groom? The answer to this question is simple:

Aware of the bad temper of the bride, the groom of all men will need to look at who is quiet and puzzled. Those who will be happy and satisfied - the father of the young.

Knowing that the future wife - the good girl, the guest easily guess the groom in the happiest man at the wedding, confused, full of doubt as to the father of the young.

Look also for our bride who sits atthis table. We all know that it has dignity. She's smart, kind, beautiful, compassionate, wonderful hostess, a talented person - a real treasure! And because her husband is now cheerful, happy as ever! Raise a toast to the groom, let this mood does not leave our lucky entire life! Love you Kiss!

Toast-edification of the groom

Let's answer the question of whether we treat equalto all people or their parents still little better? This is because they are our relatives, people close to us. Do we take a little better to their brothers and sisters than to random passers-by? They are important for us. So why often, taking a wife, men begin to treat her less favorably than other women, vzvalivaya it an impossible job and an exorbitant charge?

I want to remember the bride, the wife - especiallyimportant, loved one! Therefore, polite and ethically communicating with their colleagues, friends, neighbors, female, let the bridegroom puts this communication as a plank, and his wife refers to five times better than them: more ethical, carefully, polite, carefully. Only then will the family harmony and love! Let us drink to the groom, who found in this day of the new, important, dear heart relative!

A toast to the head of the family

Men believe that the main house - a husband andonly for him to decide how to live the family. Women feel that they are more important in family matters, as are the household, and they know best how to solve family problems. And I want to wish you to your newly created young family did not sway her husband, not the wife, not a child, and common sense, along with morality, truth and justice. Only in this case, the family will live well, well, it will present the Lord's blessing, and what difficulties it will not be affected! Let us drink to the head of the family!

Toast "The Flower and the sun"

Just as our loved his dear fiancebride, so once the sun loved the beautiful flower, but because shone gently, caressing his beautiful petals of its rays. Flower of liked it, and he was revealed to the sun, fragrant smelling. But shining doubted, and to check whether it is loved, it was hidden from sight, then returned again. Flower of it was cold, but he was looking forward to when the sun look out, and happily turned to light his bud. "I Love - Think light - then I will give the flower its light 100 times more, even feels the fullness of my love!".

The sun was shining jealously, so bright,piping that flower was too hot, he began to fade. But luminary thought it was from lack of love, and therefore tried to warm even more. As a result, the flower died from overexposure to the sun head. So I want to wish our groom not forget that love - a tender, caring about your neighbor, not suspicion, coldness and jealousy! To love is withered and grew and became strong, the groom must be understanding, empathetic, courteous, gentle and caring! Let us drink to that!

Voice toast at a wedding

p> If being invited to a wedding, you do notWe were able to visit it, send greeting toast to the newlyweds phone. These small voice tracks is useful in preparing for the performance, because with their help it is easy to train the pronunciation with the wishes of expression and enthusiasm. Here are funny and witty voice toasts to the bride, who will cheer up all the participants of the celebration.


"Dear bride!"

"Happy wedding, my friend"

If you are invited to the wedding and are looking for interesting,witty, funny toasts to the bride, that on our website you will find a great variety of after-dinner greetings. If you want to congratulate the bride and her lover during a wedding celebration, pick up a beautiful bride groom toast - this selection is also prepared for you.