Toasts to his brother's wedding

In families where children and two more between themthere is always a very strong spiritual connection. Often, they understand each other intuitively, perfectly. Children grow up, there comes a time when a brother falls in love. If the feelings are deep and serious, it comes to weddings. There are cases where a selection of his brother younger sister or brother are jealous, afraid of losing forever the invisible bond, going from childhood.

But the older brother made his primary choicelife, his eyes glowing with happiness. This related to the love of his brother's support in this decision. He acknowledged the assistance of a loved one in preparation for the wedding will certainly be grateful if in such a crucial moment, you will be close to him. And at the wedding - your presence and good humor will be moral support for the newlyweds.

Options toasting at his brother's wedding

Sitting at the wedding banquet table, you can notdo without toast. The traditional cries of "Kiss!" - Is not enough. Newlyweds in the day they want to hear in his honor many kind and sincere words. You do not need to say long, abstruse speeches. The main thing - that the words came from the heart. One of the first right to "voice" is given by the groom's brother or sister. Here are a few examples of good compliments. Take them on a note to take on holiday.

  • The first toast to the newlyweds

I wish dear newlyweds, to the first day of their family boat less fell into heavy weather, but always able to approach the shore strong love and understanding.

  • Toast of the brother of the groom

Dear Bride! In the face of my brother, you are considered a man. I am grateful to you for that, and I can vouch that the proud name of "Man with a capital" (groom's name) will carry through all the years of married life. Let's drink to that!

  • Toast to his brother's wedding

Please raise a glass for my brother to 10 and even 20, 30 years old looking at his beautiful wife and his lost love from his head, but did not mind.

  • Toast brother of younger sister

Dear brother! You are a child was my protector and an example in all things. I wish your young family the same sense of security that I have experienced many years of being with you. Be an example for their children and support for his wife. Good luck and mad love for years to come!

  • Toast brother

My beloved brother always wanted to have a bigfriendly family. He - the happiest person, because his dream has come true. From that day my brother and his wife set foot on the first step of their life together. Ahead of a long way. I know that they will pass it with dignity and love.

  • From parents

Souped spouses we wish: live in a warm, cozy home, let the husband will earner and the wife - the guardian of the hearth. Love you, well-being and harmony!

  • Philosophical toast

I wish dear newlyweds, to their family always attended each other Faith, Hope for the best and mutual love.

  • From friends

Dear (name of bride and groom)! Go through life side by side, holding hands! Look into the eyes of each other only with love and affection! And when will live up to the golden wedding, do not forget to invite us for an anniversary!

  • Short wedding toast

On this day, all the friends and relatives of the drink only for you, dear (the names of the bride and groom)! Suppose that for many years has not dried up the source of your love!

  • Toast of children

Dear (name of the bride and groom), I want to drink your health and prosperity! But the main wealth in children are considered life! Let your family does not know poverty, and regularly visits the house stork!

  • Toast marriage

The wedding day is also called the day of marriage. Let's drink to the newlyweds that to their family together, no passing day could not be called defective.

  • People toast

Folk proverb says that his wife - is the neck, and her husband - the head. So let your husband in the family is the primary, but looks only go where it will turn a clever neck.

  • Wise toast

In family life, many advantages - not enumerateIt is, we know them well. But during the passage of life's journey may appear cons. I wish you, dear bride and groom to you, solving difficult problems, together made efforts, and two minus all the same in the amount given plus.

Video: short toast to the wedding in your own words

A miracle happened - the long-awaited day has comewedding. Anyone familiar with this thrill experienced by not only the bride and groom. In order not to be caught unawares, it is better to have a prepared a short text. Not necessarily that they were verses repeated at many weddings. When sincere words come from the heart, and eyes want to say more, this wish the newlyweds will be remembered longer. Short greetings always appropriate as in this video:

Voice wedding toast

p> To make a pleasant surprise, canto congratulate his brother wedding day with the help of a voice message. You can listen to together many times to refresh the memory of a pleasant, exciting moments of a wedding celebration, thinking back on the great holiday - the day of marriage. Here are some examples of voice messages:

"From a legal marriage, brother, you!"

"On the wedding day, bro"

No matter how evolved the fate, but for the groomclosest relatives will be among brothers and sisters. Suppose a child were disputes, joint bumps, but nearer and dearer to their parents only. Therefore toasts uttered brother and / or sister, are perceived as close to the heart. No less important is the character of the witness at the wedding. It is often the ringleader in the wedding day. On this site you will also find a toast at the wedding of the witness.