Toasts on pearl wedding

Behind remained silver wedding ... I do not have timelook, and family life 30 years flashed before his eyes? Adult children, grandchildren growing up, work, life - whirled life eternal carnival. Only my own hand, gentle heart, lover tender held with you through all these years, do not give to lose the thread of fate. Thirty anniversary of living together - a great cause for celebration. As a symbol of this date, pearls, and the love of the spouses sparkles, shimmers like a rainbow.

Want to flag a little pearl wedding"Reception" and invite family, friends, remember that happy day when it all began? Great idea! Fill around the world with joy, love, share with guests. And may sound great on toast wedding pearl, crystal glasses emit a chime, not fall silent cries of "Kiss!"

Options toast 30 years of marriage

Royal award to expect "just married"marks the 30th anniversary of a joint life. Pearls - a symbol of purity and nobility of feelings, sincere relations, mutual respect. In gratitude for the years of love, harmony, joy, husband presents his wife a snow-white bouquet and necklace composed of 30 pearls. Evening reception hosted spouses will be bright, memorable event in family life. Contests, entertainment, toasts and congratulations in verses remind "young" that distant day when they joined their destinies.

Toast of children

And here you are thirty years together as a

With the wedding day, when you were the groom with the bride.

And in life you become each other very fit,

And together before marriage have lived up to the pearl you.

So be always beloved spouses,

The only each other and unique,

The best spirit among women and men.

And never have found reasons not to

Upset much, very worried,

Angry at each other, cursing loudly.

Good health will let your usual

To happiness shone like a star to the moon.

Shining brightly in the night sky,

And to complete the cup was always your home,

To loving care has been warmed by your marriage,

And in any age so that you have not seen trouble.

We raise our glass to the warmth of the heart,

So that you have lived in love to the golden wedding!

Toast of friends

Amazing beauty, which does not requirefurther cut playing shades of pink, yellow, blue pearls! Black tears catchers-slaves, or snow-pearl, as the veil of the bride ... So long married life of 30 years is fraught with a huge number of shades of tenderness, the beauty of his wife; the nobility of the soul of her husband; challenges, obstacles fate.

And the white endless happiness, mutualtrust, respect, great love. So we wish "young", the fate gave them joy magic pearls, selfless devotion, happiness and prosperity every day! And collect only the most valuable in the thread "memories", weaving pearl necklace to your marriage! Raise a glass to "married"! Bitterly!

Toasts of children

To live in harmony and happiness of 30 years! Pearl loose last year, and your feelings are not extinguished! Let this precious gift does not go away ever. Health good, wonderful mood, lots of happy moments in life want to wish you! We raise a glass to the closest, for the parents! Let pearl wedding day your eyes shine with love as the stars!

As anciently considered blessed pearlsgod of stone, so your marriage approved by heaven. According to legend, the twelve gates of the heavenly city of Jerusalem made from twelve beautiful pearls. Thirty your union went through trials care problems, jealousy, arrogance, lack of money and pain. Love is overcome, life painted the colors of the rainbow. Family your union worthy of at least a great award - the thirty most beautiful pearls that adorn the keeper of the hearth, our mother. We raise this glass to you, dear parents!

Toast of the grandchildren

Favorite grandparents! Congratulations on your Pearl Wedding Anniversary! You have lived together for 30 years, flown as one instant. Our mom and dads, and we came up. Thank you for your tenderness, love and kindness. After all, we always know who to run, when you feel sad. Grandmother, delicious pies and pancakes than you cook, it is impossible to imagine. Grandpa, shoes of my dreams, that you gave to the New Year, the steepest in the world! Let the vivid emotions and impressions will save you a gentle, warm love for each other. With the pearl anniversary!

Toast of the spouses

My favorite! Thank you for years of happiness for the care, affection and attention. Ancient Slavic legend has it that drops of water flower dew fall from its corolla, and getting into the sink, turned into pearls. Go through many decades, and the world presents a wonderful creation of nature - pink, white, bluish pearls. So my love for you, thirty years later, continues to shine, shimmering in the light of your eyes. Thank you, my dear, for every moment of joy, boundless happiness. With a Pearl Anniversary!

Toast of husband

Sweetheart, darling! You are the most beautiful in the world. Your soul is pure, gentle, air, like an angel! Let sometimes you discard wings, flying on a broomstick. The unity of opposites is born the most extraordinary piece of jewelery. Love to you all dash of character, it's you! A broom is decorated with these very pearls, it turns into an exclusive vehicle. Thank you for years of patience, understanding, and support. I raise a glass to your silvery laughter, joy, joy that you give me all these years! This toast to you, my dear!

Video: examples to pearl wedding toast

What can I wish you know, native people in 30the anniversary of living together? Pearl will let the fate of the thread through the problems and sorrows, the heart will be filled with happiness and joy. As a pair of white swans, stay for each other only, unique, the most expensive in the world. In the video below see a few examples of good toast.

Love warmed your soul thirty years ago. A wonderful age! Much is left behind, but no vicissitudes could not blow out the flame of love burning in their hearts. Let pearl wedding will chime glasses in your honor; joy, happiness, good mood for many years. All toasts, congratulations to let come true, and the noble pearl stores and protects you!