Toasts of the parents at the wedding

The wedding party will never do withoutfeast. By clinking glasses with sparkling champagne, guests pronounced their wishes, toasts to the young and their parents. Often, the first greeting the bride and groom wish a happy family life. During the wedding toast that sounds repeatedly. In addition, the couple themselves, the guests did not forget to pay attention to fathers and mothers heroes of the occasion, saying in their honor toast to parents at the wedding.

For the father and mother is a very excitingevent, because they release their young out of the nest, allowing them to build their lives, their own family. However, letting go of their child, they get another one. A toast to the parents should be such as to support them and bring joy to the soul of the Suite, so do not stint kind words for moms and dads.

Options for the wedding toast for parents

  • Toast of the father-in-law

I want to raise my glass in honor of their parentsgroom, thank them from the heart for the fact that they have grown a good fellow, brave, strong hero, a real man, in whose hands the fragile, delicate woman. For the health of her father-in-law!

  • For the happiness of parents

Dear friends, let us raise our glasses inhonor those who gave life to the heroes of this celebration. These people have done a great job, beautiful children brought up. This feat is the highest praise. Look at my mother and father. Tides sudden sadness in their faces at the thought of parting with their children are replaced by tears of joy happiness young. So do they wish to make more shadow of sadness never stalked them not!

  • For in-law and mother in law

Look at the bride's parents. It is clear why our bride so shining beauty and splendor. Such parents of another child would not have happened! No wonder the bride persistently sought its location! We wish the father and mother of a young, to the arrival of the family-in-law, their happiness multiplied at least twice!

  • A toast to the parents of the newlyweds with gratitude

The words of the bride: Mom, you're with me holila childhood, nurtured like a real flower. You taught me to be a real woman, a good thing I took over from you. In my life there was a mother in law. I hope that our relationship will be smooth, it will teach me his tricks to cook your favorite dishes of her son.

the groom's words: And you, my father gave me all he had to give. Thanks to you, I - a real man, a defender. You are taught to take care of women, protect. Now I have a second father - in-law. I want to say that your daughter is in good hands.

The groom and the bride say together: and most importantly, our favorite - thank you for life, thank you for the lessons you gave us, thank you for this celebration. A low bow to you!

  • Toast kindness moms

For each of us very much inherent in the word"Mama". Mom - it is life itself. This person experienced with us the joy, sorrow, how much gray hair appears on their head in the process of our upbringing. Lovely, lovely, tender mother! Even in the happiest moment you are a little worried. Good ours! This toast to your kindness, love, of tenderness, of care, of education!

  • A toast to the family parents

Thanks to the parents, the bride and groom sit atholiday table. Some time ago they just met each other, fell in love and the fruit of their light, strong feelings were children. Young should take their cue from their parents, how they cherish each other, what sacrifices are for the sake of children's happiness. Thank you parents that raised these smart, beautiful children. We hope that they will fulfill all your expectations!

  • A symbolic toast to the parents

Our dear parents - is a powerful wisetree on the ground, and buds that appear on it - their kids. Young has long been out of the kidneys stage, the stage of the tender branches. Let's give them advice, to grow stronger with each passing day, further develop wood, giving it new vitality.

  • Toast the parable of the parents at the wedding

I want to tell you a true story. Once found a fellow bride. Yes, so in love with her that he could not imagine his life without beauty, she performed all her whims. After the marriage proposal, bride require her to perform 100 requirements, and only if she would be his wife. There just did not have to fulfill the whims of good fellows: jump into the depths of the sea from a cliff, to tame the furious horse, bring valuables overseas, build a castle made of smooth stones, and more.

With all the tasks handled guy. And the last requirement was such: to forget his father and his mother. This word lad sat on the horse, slapped his whip, sped away from the naughty bride. Let's give the young counsel - do not forget, always check out the mother and father.

  • A toast to the wisdom of parents

We drank in honor of the bride, groom, came thetoast dedicated to young parents. We wish infinite health, strength and happiness. Let them give their wisdom to a young family, so that they have lived a long life, full of happy moments, gave birth to the joy of their fathers and mothers of small granddaughter. For parents!

Video: wedding toast of Toastmasters for parents

Wedding toast in honor of the parents do not sayOnly guests of the celebration and the couple, and toaster - a man who sets the mood of the whole holiday. In the following video toastmaster speaks very moving speech in honor of the father and mother of the bride and groom. Notice how skillfully he does. At the end of the couple cuddling with their loved ones, and all the guests raise their glasses in honor of their parents. You may be using the toast at a wedding.