Toast to the wedding of a witness

If you are invited to a wedding in the honorable rolewitness, remember that in addition to all the responsibilities you have to prepare a wedding speech. It is not only a beautiful wish of the couple, who decided to become a married couple, and toast for their love, a strong marriage bond. Your best friend will be in awe waiting for words of support from you, and therefore to the toasts should prepare responsibly.

Toast to the wedding of witnesses differ fromothers in that they, in addition to the wishes of the sincere words of wisdom, there is humor. However, care should be taken that it does not become a satire was not obscene or wounding the feelings of one or both of the newlyweds. Toast witness - a kind of a masterpiece of expression, to come up and say that everyone can.

Options for the wedding toast from a witness

  • A toast to the wedding of the glasses of love

Dear newlyweds and guests, I want to saytoast! Among other gifts, I would like this day to give you another - these glasses love (friend of the bridegroom gets two metal mugs or cups). I wish that family life was as strong as these "glasses", which fears neither fall nor heat family quarrels, no changes in external conditions. To them no matter what happens, they will never be broken!

Let the relationship between you (groom's names names of the bride) will be as strong as your family, no matter what the vicissitudes of life, remains as strong, unbreakable! Vivat!

  • A toast to the wedding of the "sweet"

At the wedding, we often hear the "bitter, bitter!"But the couple can interpret it incorrectly. All wish them only good, and shout the opposite. However, it is not! Personally, I wish you - and I think everyone will support me - to life in the bad moments were not there. Let there be a solid honeymoon and eternal love! So, you have to get used to show their feelings, care for each other in joy when the "sweet" and not "bitter"! Offer the newlyweds to start training now, "Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! "

  • A toast to the wedding of wine

Suggest the presence of guests at the wedding,especially my esteemed friend (witness names the Suite), pour into glasses of wine, because the farther we go about it as well. They poured? Then look at the wine - unusual, sweet and bitter at the same time. It is drunk and dizzy, even the most daring, and over the years it only gets better, stronger, more valuable!

I want your love was like a goodguilt that it every year and more than intoxicated you become stronger. I congratulate you (groom's names names of the bride) wedding day, I wish happiness, strong love!

  • A toast to the wedding of the doors and purpose

We are born to become one withthe man who designed us. It is a perfect fit for us. But the thing is that as long as we meet with them, to know whether it is our people, we can not, because the feeling of true love, no matter how loving the excitement does not. And we walk through the corridors of our lives, we go to different doors, to meet your soul mate, this or that unique, that we are ordained.

And some went into the next door, thinking thatwhere they were waiting for the elected people, which is ahead of the other rooms do not have, and therefore remain there. Others go on their way, going to the other doors. Happy is he who has reached the desired room. I see and believe in what you have just married, love this! I wish everything in life was fine, that there was a joy, joy! And that nothing has terminated these sacred bonds! Take care of yourself (called the groom names of the bride), their health, harmony in the family, live a long, happy, love pass your unborn baby!

  • Toast is a parable for the wedding "On the Lake, River and change"

I want to tell you a parable about Lake and boldRiver, which has always been half-empty, and nepolnovodnoy located behind low hills. The lake is more like a pond whose water is well established and is at rest. But the unexpected happened - torrential rain made the river overflowing, so much so that she easily jumped over small hills, rapids and fell into a lake basin.

The lake was not pleased this neighborhood, because the riverIt disturbs their fresh currents. And so in every way to resist change, reluctantly noting that the water in it has also become cleaner and fresher. Lake dreamed that life has returned to normal, and those dreams have come true: Rivers lost deepness and returned to its bed. Lake exulted at first, but then began to notice that silence does not bring joy, and the water becomes stale. It has already missed the unrestrained flow of the river, but could not do anything.

That pair - change each other's lives, but thesechanges only seem to be an obstacle in the formation of the flow. Truly, it is a breath of fresh air, a fresh breath of air, a ray of light! I want you (groom's name) remembered that when a young wife takes all the shelves in your closet, and you (bride's name) perceived bachelor lair of her husband, as a place for creativity. Your unity - your strength!

Video: short toast to the wedding in your own words

Uttering beautiful wishes in your own words,the witness can say a lot of newlyweds important, because these are expressed sincere greetings from the heart, from the soul, and it is more beautiful memorized phrases, lines of poetry. To toast through express good attitude to their fellow newlyweds, friend of the groom should feel the sense of the moment, the importance of events for these two dear people, remember that they do not have to be completely happy. Look how beautiful sound in the video at the wedding toast from witnesses and friends of the groom, uttered in his own words.

Video: beautiful wedding toast from a witness

Toast to the wedding of a witness - it's alwaysshowy, witty, friendly, beautiful wishes of both newlyweds, listen to that - a special pleasure. Each one makes your wedding speech in particular, original, memorable performances, because in his congratulatory speech should not be platitudes and uncertainty. Perfect greetings from the witness combines humor and dialogue with the public, optimistic, sincere wishes expressed succinctly and beautifully. Illustrative can be considered here is a beautiful wish from each other in the video suite:

If the witness - the best friend of the couple, his toastfor it will always be a valuable and beautiful words only complement the impression will add originality and color. On this site you can not only find interesting suggestions from a friend of the groom, and the wedding toast your own words, which will help to make a congratulatory speech relaxed, memorable.