Toast to the wedding of a witness

The role of the witness usually performs closestfriends of the bride. It is charged not only help the culprit celebration, support at any time, and toasts to the wedding. Monotonous, terrific suggestions boring to listen to. Bridesmaids can independently come up with an original wedding toast, which may contain a fictitious story, anecdote, case of life, quote, an interesting fact.

Not forbidden to recall the school of divination togetherbride, first love, quarrel, touching reconciliation. If you find it difficult to invent a toast that you say as a witness, we offer ready to use. Below are the most original toast, which is not exactly cause boredom among the guests will be pleasantly surprised newlyweds will leave only the most positive emotions.

Options toast to the wedding of a witness

  • Toast with a wish a happy journey together by the witness at the wedding

Dear newlyweds, I had the great honorwitness the connection of two hearts. I heartily wish you a happy journey together, which will consist only of positive emotions, good moments, fun, joy. In order to track ahead of you never met a pothole frustration, anger, resentment, a puddle of tears. Live happily ever after!

  • Toast of the risen star of the wedding witness

They say that when two loving hearts are connectedtogether, the horizon of a new star. I wish you to love your star shine for a long time, very brightly, illuminating your family home, bringing him good, warmth, comfort. Bitterly!

  • Toast of wealth

There are people who think of the wealth of this: you need to drill wells with oil, everything else - is nonsense. But I think otherwise! Wealth - this is a good family and happy children. That's what I wish and you!

  • Toast of the weather in the house of the witness at the wedding

We all know that the weather - the ladycapricious. One minute the sun's rays gently glided over our shoulders, and now for him dripping with cold rain. Somewhere in the world of raging storms, snow squalls. Change of sun and rain may be useful for the crop, but all should be in moderation, otherwise the world facing serious destruction.

I wish the young good weather in the house,the need to open the umbrella advancing extremely rare that the husband basked in the caring eyes of his wife, and the wife felt safe in the strong arms of her lover, when the blizzard raging outside the window. Bitterly!

  • Toast by the witness of harmony

Do you know what is the secretharmonious relations? To keep the love for years to come, you should always try to be attractive, to make diversity in family life, and to express gratitude and respect each other. Try to realize all these moments in your life, then your cup of happiness in the family will always be full!

  • Toast at the wedding of a romantic bliss of a witness

As we know, love can not last the wholea life. It gives way to love, deep affection for each other. This period is extended by virtue of each pair. So, our bride and groom, make your love to last forever, wish you find more common interests and fascinating pastime, to cultivate a beautiful baby!

  • Toast about Cupid by the witness at the wedding

Everyone is familiar with Cupid - a symbol of love born out of Chaos. You know, from what it is? From a mixture of desire and of love! I wish the young to their personal Cupid crammed their desire, sincere feelings every day!

  • Toast about the bonds of love by the witness at the wedding

We often hear a word about the bonds of marriage. What is the essence of this phrase? Node is considered a symbol of eternal love in many cultures. Such love has no end and no beginning. Muslim women their fans send messages using sophisticated units to express feelings. We wish the young to their unit never undone, that every day they find a way to keep the fire at one another, tightening the knot tighter and tighter!

  • Toast of the novelty of the witness

Do you know what keeps the fire of passion in the heartsLovers? Madness novelty! I wish our couple to be able to love the madness, not prestavat look for ways to surprise each other. This will help after many years of marriage experience the drive of love again!

  • Toast of healing the senses to the wedding

Scientists have proved that the feelings have healingproperties. Love soothes the mind, body, improves memory and restores the nervous system. I wish that the feelings of our newlyweds will be particularly strong, then no illness will not be able to break our couple!

  • A little toast to the groom by the witness at the wedding

I want to raise a glass to our hero - the groom,who won the heart of lovely ladies. I want to give a piece of advice: always kiss his beautiful wife in the morning. According to statistics, men kissing in the morning lovers live longer at five years old!

  • Toast with the parable of the witness at the wedding

Once a man asked Mother Nature to donight light, warm to the furnace does not have to drown, but she did not heed the request. Then the man got angry and said that he would not stoke the furnace, so as not to heat the nature, will not light a candle, not to shine my mother. Let her know how cold it is.

Only he did not think that Mother Nature herself aboutI take care of myself, and bask in the severe frosts in the first place should be the man. We wish the young that every day they lit the center of their hearts, the light of his love, when there are dark and cold. That they did not wait until someone else does it, and a light onto yourselves, others, life is filled with kindness and love.

  • Toast is a parable about the wind and the flower from a witness to the wedding

One day the wind fell in love with a beautiful flower. He gently caressed the plant breath, and the flower replied further reciprocate their fragrance. When the wind was not enough, he decided to bestow all their flower power, power. I blew the wind, as I could and broke a flower, because could not bear the tumultuous feelings. The wind tried to revive the fragile creature, but in vain ... He was angry and shouted that it was not in the flower power of love, from the time he broke the power of the senses. But the flower has died. Remember, dear newlyweds, not passion and strength is measured by the love and reverent attitude and tenderness. Bitterly!

Video: toast from a friend of the witness at the wedding

Often the toast of the witness is verytouching, eloquent, full of compliments addressed to the bride. A friend - a very close person in life, because it divides the bride and joy, and sorrow. Therefore, it toasts may contain personal observations, experiences. Such words from a friend will be flattered to hear every bride:

Remember that the focus should be uttered bysoul, because a lack of sincerity immediately noticeable. On our site you will find many new things that will help you to make a toast at a wedding in your own words. Toasts need with an expression that did not sound dry and self congratulation is not necessary to stretch on for 10 minutes. Brevity - the sister of talent, as long as the speech weary guests and the bride and groom.