Toast the parable of the wedding

Proverbs - is a constant source of wisdom. The bright and accessible formats they explain newlyweds important life lessons. And is this not so necessary to the new, newly formed family? Therefore toast parable of the wedding will be very appropriate. The following are options for toasting parables, which contain the wishes of spouses and life wise advice.

Possible wedding toast in the form of parables

Toast parable "Happiness Men"

It is said that a person's happiness in their own hands! It is believed that the woman will be happy if successful will get married, but how to become a happy man? In this wise answer like this: a man can make himself happy for a day, drinking a good wine for two days - if you meet a good friend, but for life, if it is to respect, to love, to appreciate his wife. My toast to the fact that our dear bride was happy life! Kiss the bride and groom!

Toast the parable "The material to be happy"

Do not know if it's a true story, but it is said thata long time ago lived a skillful sculptor, best of all, who has ever lived on Earth. The works that he created were so good that God, seeing the perfect creation, breathed life into them. Then the master of sculpture created men and women with the best material, and gave them names. Creation was an incredible beauty, they came to life and began to crown his work. But while working on them a little bit left in the master material.

Wanting to please their pets, sculptorand I called them, and asked what gift they would like to receive. Revived sculpture was asked to do for them, "Happiness", because they love each other and want to live together happily. Then the master took the stuff bit and put it into the hands of their creations, because the happiness of the people only in their hands. Let us raise our glasses and drink to the fact that our bride and groom out of his material fashioned beautiful child who will bring them joy and happiness! Bitter newly made husband and wife!

Toast the parable of the "House of Soul"

The man took his wife into a woman. With unrestrained, demanding character, for all the scolding wife, but seeing that she grew sad, I regretted it and asked for forgiveness. His wife gladly accepted her husband's apology, again became a happy, gentle, but her husband forgot her sadness, hurt again because of the little things, and then asked for forgiveness. Every time his wife forgave her husband after an apology, but it becomes a little less joyful than usual, yet completely ceased to be gentle and happy. My husband asked for forgiveness, but nothing has changed, and then completely become a reproach his wife's bad temper.

One day, after learning that the city came to the sage,which gives people good advice, my husband went to him and asked why his wife has ceased to accept an apology, perhaps, it is all proud or spoiled, and good words of her husband she was little? In this wise man he said: "That's imagine a house. First, it is new, beautiful, but what will happen to them if the storm will fly? Glasses of its windows are broken, the shutters - ripped off its hinges. When the storm dies down, broken windows are boarded up, yet again will not be glazed.

And if a hurricane swoops on a daily basis? Repair the house is not completely successful, boards, which have been hammered window, repeatedly breaks wind on, the place where the nails were driven, remained holes. After each hurricane of holes becomes more and more, and the house becomes more dilapidated. The soul of your wife - like this house ... When you insult his wife, a revolution going on in her mind. Your apology, as if the board closed its wounds, but when you offend her again, you're picking them, not allowing them to heal. In place of the unhealed wounds scars are formed as holes from nails, which will be difficult to heal. "

My husband left his wife and spent many years,treating her gently, with love before her wounds had healed completely. Let us drink to the fact that the home of our souls newlyweds did not know the differences and hurricanes have always been new and beautiful, in fact much easier to protect and care for the new, rebuilt what was destroyed and dilapidated. Council and love you, the bride and groom!

Toast parable "Crystal toys"

In one town I lived a puppeteer who was notOnly a master craftsman, but a wise man. Driving around the city, he gave the children toys for free, but they were made of crystal, and the parts are so subtle and refined that and then broke in the hands of restless children. No matter how trying to protect the children toys, but they could not - they did too fragile master. This upset the kids, because the toys were incredibly beautiful. Angry parents came once to the puppeteer, and asked why he gives children toys only crystal, if not evil intent behind it?

Master has answered it, that gives children suchfragile toy, with only good intentions, because soon they will grow, and someone will give them even more fragile thing - your heart, and these toys they will be able to practice a little to take care of him. So let us drink to the fact that the couple were treated with the same awe to the hearts of each other, as if they were made of crystal! Bitter newly made husband and wife!

Toast the parable of "The Power of a compliment"

Let me tell you a parable. There once two decrepit old woman Long-lived. One the other says:

- You know, my dear husband still loves me and compliments! For example, at dinner, he said that I have the same smile as before.

- Is your husband's lying?

- No, I do that now, 100 years old, has no teeth, 60 had gone. But what's still nice to hear it!

A good word expensive gold ingot! So let us drink to the bride and groom, for ensuring that they always found a reason to tell each other something nice!

Video: the original wedding toast parable

Choosing an instructive story asCongratulations to the newlyweds, we must remember that it is important not only to find, to learn a parable of the wedding toast, but also interesting to be able to apply it. Speak instructive story should be clear, with a look, with the understanding of the meaning, placing the emphasis on the important places. Just tell an interesting parable will be demanded from the audience. How to pronounce a toast to the original, see this video:

Toasts parable helpful young family, because theyIt shows how to avoid mistakes that could harm the marriage. Therefore, visitors, telling the parable of the table, not just wish the newlyweds good, but they do contribute to their well-being. If you are looking for a friends wedding couple and simpler in shape toast, then our site is original wedding toasts from friends.