Toast the bride at the wedding

Wedding - a surprisingly bright holiday of love,which symbolizes the birth of a new strong family. At the grand banquet guests in turn raise their glasses to toast couple in love, wish her a happy marriage, say kind words and wish you endless love, understanding. Traditionally, wedding wishes pronounced as for the newfound family, and for the young alone. Below are the toasts to the bride at the wedding. Many of them will be a great basis for the congratulatory speech.

Variants beautiful toast to the wedding for the bride

Wedding toast - a great opportunity to tellyoung warm words and wishes. At the gala banquet congratulations to the bride should be not only original, but also sincere, from the heart to say. Toast, dedicated to the celebration culprit may be a cheerful, humorous and soulful, soulful. Please find some interesting options for the bride toast.

A toast to the bride at the wedding of the groom

Russian language is infinitely rich, and it has threespecial words: femininity, love and devotion. These definitions are inextricably linked with the words "beloved", "wife", "mother". You, my beloved bride and wife - a true embodiment of beauty, intelligence, loyalty, caring, loving. I am extremely happy and thankful for what she gave me the most wonderful husband.

You are peerless in this snow-white dress. My heart is full to the brim with happiness and love to you, and there are no words that could express the fullness of the senses. I'll always be your reliable support and protection, the most devoted and loving man who will protect you from the ills of life. On the day of our wedding, I propose a toast to the most wonderful girl, a wonderful bride, my beloved wife!

A toast to the bride by the witness

My favorite friend is not enough words toexpress how you're infinitely beautiful in this wonderful day. Your eyes glow with happiness and love. I sincerely wish you to carry this great joy in my heart, filling it for his family. I want to raise this glass to the most ocharovatlnuyu, kind, intelligent, caring bride, loving, and above all his beloved wife. I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday, I want to express my gratitude for what you are with (groom's name) entrusted me to witness this great event.

Wedding toast to the young from a friend

With the bride, we know for a long time, and for manythe years of our friendship became each other sisters. On this wonderful day, my friend takes a step into a new life for her family, yet so unfamiliar, but is very coveted. I'm glad to see the boundless joy in your eyes, filled with love and reverence. Be happy, do not forget every day to inspire her husband. In the wedding day will raise a toast to my best friend, the beauty-bride, beloved wife!

Toast another groom at wedding

Dear guests! I - friend of the bridegroom, therefore, not without regret, I have to state the fact of breaking up with him. Comforting point is that the thief of my friend became a real angel - a charming bride. On this wonderful day we all had the privilege to witness their happiness.

Young bride - angel in the flesh, who leadsmy friend in the family paradise. Therefore, I will not regret the loss of a friend, because with him a terrific, kind, caring, faithful, loving wife. I propose a toast to the beauty-bride, the faithful companion of my friend, for their health, family well-being.

The original toast at a wedding

Some people believe that if a woman beingmarriage, does not wear a wedding ring, neglects beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches, she married for love. I want to sincerely wish our bride to find a place, for love, and for decoration in her life. Let the jewelry are made of precious metals, tender kisses, happy moments of family life and children smiles. I propose this wedding toast to the bride!

Toast of wisdom for a wedding

Family - is now a kingdom that onlywise woman will be able to fill with love, happiness, placing it in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, give your loved genuine concern. Love's wife, like the sun that shines in the morning her husband, making every moment of his life happy, full of meaning. We wish that this queen is always radiating the light of love, caring, joy. And may your kingdom there is a place for us, your friends. Bitterly!

Toast the beauty of another groom at wedding

Once my faithful friend shared with me onethe idea, saying that his wife is sure to be the most beautiful, faithful, intelligent, gentle, caring. The first thing I then came to mind: "Oh, and not just be dealt with at once with five wives." But my friend was always clever and resourceful. He managed to find a bride, which miraculously merged all of these qualities. Look, this remarkable woman has a sharp mind, an indescribable beauty, devoted love, the incredible gentleness, stunning ability to take care of your beloved. For the bride!

Philosophical toast at a wedding

A great philosopher, compared with the worldmirror. If you look at the world of sad-eyed, always frowning, it will be reflected accordingly. But if you have fun with enthusiasm to look at his reflection, the mirror will answer you the same, and the world will be bright and wonderful. I wish our clever, kind, gentle, caring beauty every day to bestow her husband smile in response to seeing the happy eyes of a lover, full of gratitude. For young! Happiness and boundless love them!

Video: wedding toast the bride

In the following video offered an incrediblyheartfelt toast to the bride. Original touching greeting uttered sincerely and from the heart, can affect the most subtle chord of the soul, bring untold joy, give a lot of pleasant emotions. You can take these words as a basis for toast, diluting text thoughts and wishes that you would like to dedicate the culprit celebration.

At the wedding, all the guests would like to say at leasta few kind words to the newlyweds. Toast - this is a unique opportunity not only to drink to the young, to express feelings about the holiday events. On our website you will find interesting, original, touching and funny toasts to the bride and groom. We proposed the workpiece can be an excellent basis for the congratulations.