Toast a wedding in verse

Wedding Celebration - happy, bright dayyoung. Friends, family and colleagues during this holiday rush to congratulate the couple and wish you a long and happy life together, infinite love, patience and strength to overcome all obstacles on the path of life. What to wish the two loving hearts? What are the toast at a wedding in verse delight, delight the newlyweds?

Options toast at a wedding in verse

Vows of eternal love, the shining eyes of the bride,groom, beautiful wedding ceremony: The beginning of a fairy tale called "Family Life". With all my heart I want to wish the newlyweds, that miracles never ended, and all event gave strength and desire to continue their loving spouses easy way hand in hand. We offer options for wedding toasts in the verses from relatives, friends and witnesses.

  • Toast parents

Bridal congratulate blessed in this hour.

I wholeheartedly wish them happy eyes shine.

May the life of newlyweds

Sparkled like fireworks,

There will be days: heavy, gloomy,

Let it be near a century.

Let them raise their children together,

Trees are thrown, build a house,

Let live happily Bride

With its prominent suitor.

Let it be a cup of their house full,

And guiding star

They shine silent angel -

All my life, all year long.

There was a cry bitterly, foaming glass of wine.

Let love not only extinguished,

She - the beginning of all beginnings!

Wedding toast from grandparents

The bride and groom! We heartily congratulate you,

To happiness lasted forever, we wish you.

Your health, so, my friends, there was always an iron,

And the best years have passed is not useless.

To the sun from the sky shone you have fun,

And life is full of miracles, richer, brighter began.

For children you have given birth to wait for grandchildren,

To love each other, you never know boredom.

The mood is always to have been excellent,

To you we raise a glass, for the happiness in your personal life!

  • Toast bridal mother of the groom

Bridal now with soul I congratulate.

In this moment of grace wish I wish

To them obey all the new distances,

All cases that were for them on the shoulder.

Fate, I ask young luck

To "happiness" sounded like a master password.

That will certainly solve your problem,

Her allotted role performed.

And the fate of the soul to their awards:

By grace, health, love big,

To them she gave strength to survive,

Even when only dream of peace.

And so they did not break the test,

To could they forget quickly -

The pain and hurt, empty of suffering,

Do not forgot how to love with all my heart.

To have given birth to healthy children,

Life continued to go strong,

And stuffed to smaller cones

In life very difficult path.

Wedding toasts in the verses of the witnesses (groomsman)

The newlyweds, congratulations!

Oh you a lot of luck, I wish,

Stamina, wisdom, patience,

Happiness huge - so it's no edge.

Good health, preferably steel.

I love big, crazy and without measure,

And a blue moon, so certainly gold,

And never good to have not lost faith.

Gave birth to you lovely kids,

To cultivate a garden, they built their beautiful home.

And life lived exciting, as in the book,

And the sun was shining over you to clear.

  • Toasts from home for the bride and groom

I cordially congratulate the newlyweds!

On the long road we bless you!

To happily and amicably life lived,

All they conquered new heights.

Let your life be full of discoveries

Happy, the most joyful events.

Successful will let your every day,

And let your faces not grieve shadow

Doubts, sadness, disappointment.

May God does not send you to the ordeal,

And only good health, grace -

So that every day you can flourish

Flowers marvelous among the native people.

To your souls sang like a nightingale!

Fun, happiness, peace and luck,

Cute kids, wish fulfillment!

Greeting toasts from friends

Newlywed congratulations!

Love you want tenderness,

Health, happiness, mood,

Everyone desires fulfilled.

Caring relatives, all the relatives,

Kiddies glorious, "gold".

Family friendly will let your

Dear people!

  • Toast in honor of the newlyweds from colleagues

Stay healthy, get rich!

Be lucky, maybe not once,

And now let you settled luck.

Let it be always cheerful mood,

Do not let your worries exasperate,

Salary let pleases most work,

To each other we have always loved you,

And in general - to be happy.

Wedding toasts of godparents

For bridal glass lift,

And as godfathers, the soul they wish:

Eternal love and his short debate,

Healthy children, fewer pangs,

A little more cheerful, happy trouble,

Tenderness, happiness, good all year round!

  • Toast the bride from her mother - daughter

My daughter dear!

That is now married you go ...

The road far without boundary

You go away from their parents.

I wish you happiness,

Love and life without sorrow.

With her husband did not know had bad weather,

We did not forget his father.

To live in friendship you in abundance,

To each other have rear,

Life was always easy to you,

A "Kiss!" Only at the wedding it was!

  • Toast the bride from her father for newlyweds

At the wedding of my daughter now!

She and her husband young - in the spotlight.

Wishing the young: happiness, love eternal,

Let their joint road will be infinite.

And in order not to hurt his son-polovinochku,

Holil, cherished, I respected my krovinochku it.

Wedding toast in verse by the groom's mother

Sonny boy, my favorite!

You wedding day congratulations!

His wife was so indispensable,

And the most fit - I wish!

To you the sun always shone,

That happiness was infinite,

To have enough wisdom

Together overcome bad weather.

  • A toast to the wedding of the groom's father in honor of his son

You - my pride, my dear son!

You get married, I heartily congratulate you!

After all, now you're not alone in this life,

And with the wonderful little wife. I wish you:

Live together for many years,

Pretty grandchildren, we the people,

Not to leave, and do not quarrel ever

And we often come to visit.

Lyrical toasts from friends, parting fromparents - any wishes, greetings from the heart will warm the hearts of the young. Let the worries and problems do not grieve Suite, and love helps to overcome any obstacles on the thorny path of life. A humorous toast to the wedding, presented on our site, cheer up, delight, cheer.