This bride's wedding

This is a special day in the life of every girl,which consists entirely of exciting moments. First, a ransom, then painted in the registry office, the newlyweds first dance, etc. We are the bride at the wedding -. Important part of the festival, which brings to an end banquet. It is necessary to thank the guests who came to share the celebration, present their gifts. It is also important to say thank you to their parents and the latter-day husband. This is a very important moment, which must be carefully prepared in advance, so it is useful to know the basic requirements on the subject.

Tips for speech for the bride

Bride speech

The future bride should think in advance of the speechI am beginning to end. You will need a variety of options for ready-words that you can use as a backbone. However, this is not enough and you have to try, because there are certain rules you need to make it turned out at the same time beautiful and concise. Below you will find the main recommendations that effectively help in this difficult matter.

  • Divide the beginning his speech into two parts: the introduction, the story, the ending. All these three sections must be joined smoothly with one another to get a nice toast or a wish.
  • Not go too into detail so as not to tire the audience with his performance. Take just three or four sentences for each part of speech of the bride.
  • If you want to make perfect toast, use the beautiful turns. However, do not insert them in every sentence: one or two is enough.
  • You want to convey to all those invited to it did not come out too long, consider the basic idea. Gradually move the audience to the chief said.

The bride groom speech
  • Be sure to thank all the guests and relatives for coming to share this wonderful moment of your life and make the holidays unforgettable, fun, beautiful.
  • Do not forget to remember the names of the groom's parents, turning to him with words of sincere joy to be a part of this family.
  • This speech gently hinting at the end of the evening, so cute say goodbye to the guests, and if you have planned a second wedding day - be sure to remind everyone that you expect them tomorrow.
  • Your toast does not have to consist only ofwords alone. You might want to sing a song, or show a slide show with photos about the history of your relationship with the groom. This variant of speech will have to look like a gift to his beloved, so dedicate his words only to him, but in the end laconically Express gratitude to others.
  • Decide what message you want to reveal and to whom will be addressed your words.

Variants of the bride wedding speech in verse and prose

This bride

Your speech, depends entirely on the idea that youYou want to convey and can be addressed to different people: parents, groom, guests, etc. Therefore, there are many variations of the words of the bride.. Additionally, use the verses, if ordinary prose will seem boring and banal. It is wonderful that you have a nice rhyming abilities for this purpose. If this is not possible - get ready a poem, for example, the Internet. Below you will find a variety of options for the wedding the bride speech, that can inspire and push on the desired point.

Parents of the groom

Mom and Dad lover - this is the most importantPeople present at the wedding among the other guests. On the day of marriage, they become your second family, you want to read, love and respect. Therefore, it is fine if, in his speech, you contact the parents of the groom. Think of it as the first significant contribution to the good relations with the mother-in-law and.

parents of the groom's words


Your husband is held - is the most important person inthis day and future life. Therefore, surround it with their attention, talk about their feelings in the presence of all invitees. Dedicate the future father of her children to start speech wedding night. It can be words written in prose you personally or poetry. They can try to compose itself or take a ready option. An example is shown below.

It groom in verse

Word for future husband

Thankyou guests

She says thanks

Be sure to thank the dear guestsWe came to congratulate you. If not for them - this magnificent holiday failed. Guests not only raised their glasses and shouted "Kiss!", These people are carefully prepared for this event, endowed you with gifts. Express your appreciation and sincere love, dedicating it to his own wedding to these wonderful people.

it offers

We are guests of the bride

The witness and the witness

Bride giving a speech at a wedding

Pal with the other sisters deserve special attentionat the wedding - they worked hard all day to assist the main characters and entertain guests. Witnesses have provided invaluable assistance on a day they bear a lot of responsibility holiday moments. It's closest friends newlyweds, so you should not forget to devote his oration and him.


"My dear friend! I want to thank you for this day with all my heart. You were the man who officially witnessed the birth of my happy family. Support me in this moment - is to make the most valuable contribution to the joint friendship. You - one of the closest people to our family and we are always happy to see you in our house. "


"Our dear (name of witness)! I gained another faithful person in my life who will always help. You proved my sincere friendship with my husband and I really see how strong it is. You're always there when you need your support and understanding. I want it to be so, and further, because from now on you - (name of witness), the most welcome guest in our home. "

Video: gratitude to mothers from daughters

To compose beautiful words - a very difficult task,which is not everyone's strength. Must think is not always in your head: for that you need a certain amount of time, the right mood and well planned idea. You will have to search through heaps of material before the ideal place to lie down. To a little easier to write the speech of the bride at the wedding, check out the video attached below. Here you will find the beautiful words of gratitude to the two mothers. Let this idea will inspire you: